Yahoo Aviate Launchers- New way to go Android

There are various launchers present here for Android in the Google Play Store. As such apps like Nova Launcher, Go and Apex Launcher is also in the queue in performance.

images.If you really want to make your Android more functional and multi-tasking then I have something introduce to you. Yahoo Aviator Launcher is an home screen curation app which allows the users with more options like context and the trek the current location.

The instances will reveal its function properly. Suppose when you are in the running vehicle then the app will present mapping option and other activities. It allows you to work more efficiently and effectively to enhance your productivity when you are at workplace. Aviate will show you the app and gather information for you in your phone. Before accessing to other details I want to disclose its key features which will clarify this apps function appropriately.

  • This app will let you know about different apps which is based on the current context and the time.
  • It is based on function therefore it will categorizes to apps into collections.
  • You can remain in touch with your wanted friend list by only one swipe up and you do not need to search for your contacts.
  • You need to create Shortcuts to edit the apps in the Collections. You also have to select between the two themes and need to install Icon Packs. If you have to create your Aviate then you just have to change your Home Image by adding Widgets.

If there is still rolling in your mind and still you are vague with this above explanation then I will mention more description regarding this, out of this world app.

How to use Yahoo Aviate in day to day life

  •  It keeps the record of the weather, duration of sleep and alsopresent news of the day.
  • It gives privilege to all apps function appropriately at your workplace. You can devote yourself to calendar features from one-tap calling to conference calls and also you can involve yourself in emailing to meeting and lot more.
  • Aviate also work like GPS as it guides you about the traffic situation and the way to home directions.
  • Aviate also give information regarding music details like artist, band and also about the concerts if it is going to happen if you plug it in your headphones.

 Few Facts

  • Yahoo Aviate Launcher is such a smart app ever. It gives special feel to your homescreen with better performance. It soothes your pleasure.
  • It gives higher exposure to your phone by simplifying your life.

It is really great suitability for all the Android user which will be major transformation with the trendy Yahoo Aviate Launcher as it provides all sort of services which people look for. As technology is picking heights similarly new invention is making life easier and fun to live. This Yahoo properties will certainly win the heart of million.

How to download Yahoo Aviate Launcher app

It is so easy to download this app as no other tool you have to use to support this app because you are downloading it on Android. You just have to jump to the Play Store and type Yahoo Aviate Launcher App. If you are done with the installation process then you need to set up Aviate. Now you all set to use app.

Final Words:

Yahoo’s Aviate Launcher will be most targeted apps ever we had. It serves the multiple purpose and helps you to find out the apps you use in daily lives. It allows you to stay productive and stretch your reach widely. This You can download it in your Android but only to the 4.0 or above version. How the experience you gain after downloading it in your Android and will this app turn out to be a great medium to its users, do let me know via comment.    

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hello Shiwangi !!

    From your review of this very application, I guess it sounds interesting and worth checking out. I would go ahead and download it for myself !!Thanks for the share ..

    DOK Simon

    1. Hey DOK,

      Your often visit is good factor for me. Yeah for sure this app named Yahoo Aviate Launcher is amazingly good app as it can manage different apps and many more features are around here into one.

      Thanks for sharing and do keep coming.

  2. Hi Shiwangi,

    Nice article. It’s interesting and good to use it once. I never use it before but after reading you article, I’ll try to use this on my android phone.

    Thanks for sharing:)

    1. Hi Shailesh,

      Thanks for coming and expressing your views regarding the post. yeah try out this app and surely you will compliment its usability.

      Thanks for coming and do keep coming.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for introducing this app. It seems a killer app. I will check it definitely.

    1. Hi Avinash,

      Thanks for your appreciation and hoping that Yahoo aviate launcher app will be known through my blog.
      Keep coming to drop your ideas.

  4. Hi Shiwangi, First of all, thank you so much for sharing this useful article. I have got a clear guideline about “Yahoo Aviator Launcher” from your blog. Thank you once again 🙂

    1. Hi Moumita,

      Nice to see you on my blog. Yahoo aviate launchers are awesome app around and I am using it now so I can relate more deeply with its versatility. That made to keep my pen down over this app.

      Keep coming to share your valuable ideas.

  5. Hiee,

    While reading one of the article on your blog I saw ‘yahoo aviate launchers’ and I failed to stop myself to check this article since I have downloaded this app and currently I am using it.

    Overall graphical design is awesome and almost all the functionality is fantastic but I am facing a serious issue due to this app and the issue is sometime this app lags and its sucking my battery like anything… I have to search for charger twice in a day. 🙁

    I have decided to remove this app from my cell.

    >SK Lohar

    1. Hi Shiv,

      Lol. I must say various people are coming across the same issue. But this app yahoo Aviate launcher is out of this world.

      Haha and you are thinking of deleting this app. But I would suggest in todays life with multi-tasking smartphone you have to go for charging your mobile twice a day. Removing the app is bad idea:(. See for other alternatives.

      Keep coming to share your views.

  6. Thanks for sharing this post.It is really very helpful for me
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    1. Hi Navita,

      Its lovely to see you here again. I hope I will keep impressing you dear with my post.

  7. Am going to check out this application. After that I will write my opinion

  8. I tried this app. Am work on a around half hour. I frankly say that I don’t like this app bcz itz not eye catching at all. Now I like Google launcher

    1. Hi Subeer,
      Yeah everything cannot impress everyone. Hope Google launcher is working well with you.

      Thanks for your ideas and keep coming…

  9. Good article on yahoo aviate and the author explained the app very well.

    1. Thanks keep coming to share your thought about my blog

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