Why Sony Xperia Z4 going special for Smartphone Geeks?

Guest post by Sunny Gandhi

Sony Xperia handsets have been around since 2008. These phones are continuously improved and are keeping up with time. Things that set them apart is quality enhanced features and individuality. The XperiaZ3 phone was just introduced and it labeled the world’s best camcorder and camera in a waterproof Smartphone.


At present, it is not officially announced thatXperia Z series next member is soon going to be released. But leaked information confirming the release in the month of March. It is expected that XperiaZ4 is also going to be a big hit in the market.In this age technology is constantly being updated andto compete with rival, Smartphone companies should remain consistent. Sony handsets have commercially been huge successful and later their phablet was released and now Sony is focusing completely on their smart phones. Sony is the 4th best selling Smartphone manufacturer in the United Kingdom and more and more Samsung users are switching toSony in United States.

Leaked specifications

According to the leaked informationZ4 is going to have a 2K display (5.5 inch), thickness is going to be near about 6.5mm, OS latest 5.0 Android, 3700mAh battery, octa-core 2.5Ghz CPU, 3GB RAM, micro USB 3.0. The phone is also going to have Wi-Fi dual band for more convenient wireless connection and usage anywhere. This is going to be a great feature for multiple usages and also going to provide you with faster performance. In Z4 there are some unique and better innovations integrated. It is also going to have much more space as compared to Z3.

It is also expected to have newest Quad processor for catering to games and multi tasking. For gamers it is going to be an enjoyable and faster experience, unlike dual core. These are assumptions from the leaked review of XperiaZ4. There might be more information available within few months to come.

Convincing design

Sony XperiaZ3 has just made its entry in the different countries and its reviews are pretty convincing and now similar is expected from the big broth Sony XperiaZ4. The design of the Z3phone is not just convincing. Thefeatures of the phone are also amazing and are great deal for customers from the company.As per the expectations, XperiaZ4 is going to have dual SIM support and the design of the phone would be bit more advanced than the basic design of the Xperia series. But at present, there is not much info available for the phone. Let’s wait and watch the real play that Sony will bring next year. Hope upcoming MWC 2015 would be damn interesting for all the smartphone geek and Sony would hold secret gadget for the event.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Sony Xperia Z4 seems to be a good smartphone..I’m going to wait for this smartphone and see how much success it will get..Some of my friends just love Xperia series smartphones and that’s why when this smartphone will get launched I’ll definitely inform them about this smartphone..

    1. Mohit yes, Xperia Z4 would be the star smartphone of 2015. Let’s wait and watch for upcoming World Mobile Congress 2015, Cheers!

  2. The phone is all good. But what concerns me is its sluggish display and yes… i find camera quality not such amazing as propagated…

    All the above, great info indeed. waiting for lenovo vibe x2 review here.

    1. Xperia Z4 would be first Sony’s phone to get 2K resolution display and no doubt there would be any flaws in display. Moreover, Sony Xperia Z3 camera sensor is itself great and another change would be also in favours, who knows if Sony will bring the ultra low light sensitivity sensor in next Z series member and it would be revolution 😀


      1. Hi Sunny,

        Yea with every next launch sony is surprising us with new invention. May be this time it will great to see new including stuff which will turn the customer on.

        Thanks for coming and for giving me your ideas.

  3. Hello,

    Awesome review about Z4, already using z3 and I must say its a great smartphone.


    1. Hey Samir,

      Thanks for letting me know that you are using Z3 so can diffrentiate more properly what Z4 is lacking or adds on.
      Keep coming.

  4. Hello Sunny,

    Welcome to Madam Shiwangi’s blog. Just like you, this is my first time here and this is my first comment here as well and interestingly this first comment is on your post.

    That was a great review. It was a great thing knowing Sony’s smartphone is the 4th in United States and UK. These countries are the hub of technology of late and course India is also showing some prominence.

    1. Hi KABIE,

      Thanks for enriching my blog with your first comment. Yes India is really becoming more tech freak gradually.

      Indian Market will go higher in near future. I am glad that you liked the review.

      Do come as there is lot more to come..

  5. Sony always giving their best service. Ilike sony company dust and water resistant features. And sony smartphones camera also good. So for my thinking Sony is A superb company.

    1. Hi Suresh,

      Lovely to see you here. Sony is a great brand it always surprises us with its new venture and its sound is drastically amazing at such rate.

      Keep coming.

  6. Hello,

    This post s very useful for the people. Now a days people like smart phone .As we know that sony is a great brand.Every advance features which is important for the user is also available in sony xperia z4. I would love to see some more such interesting post from your side.

    Thanks for writing and I hope that you’ll have a happy weekend.

    Keep up your great work!

    Mohd arif

    1. Hi Arif,

      Thanks for your next coming to my blog. yep my latest post is also about smartphones you can check.

      Keep coming..

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