Why I choose blogging

Why I choose blogging as my career

About three or four years ago, I was working with one of the leading companies  Muthoot Group. But when I got to know that I was expecting then I did not think even twice to give up my career for the sake of expected baby. As many mother I was so protective about my baby.

During pregnancy I preferred to stay home for the healthy care of my expected baby. Remembering while writing with bit of emotion, the most beautiful moment of my life when I hold my softer than soft baby. I was going through the overwhelming experience of motherhood.

Why I choose blogging

Prefer motherhood

My Son shubh

On that point I was just mom. Subsisting my maternity to my best possible way. While looking after my only kid boy, could not think to restart my career through going out. Not because I was all alone with my husband and my boy. But it was almost impossible for me to loose touch with son. I could think to take step ahead for my career by leaving my kid to daycare school but it was beyond my motherhood.

I know how hard for any mom craving the connection entirely for almost nine to eight hours from child for the sake of shaping the career path. I wanted to inhale each and every steps of parenting like watching babies careless activities, seeing him growing doing mistakes and so on and on.

Its very tough to build healthy balance between working out and at the same breath, nursing your baby properly, attentively and effectively. Now my son is three years old. He is smarter than before in grasping activities.It is surprisingly true that my boy assist me in some of the household work. He is mature enough now busy to go to pre-school.

ME & Shubh
Me with my Son “shubh”

Somehow, somewhere deep within me I had a hidden regret feeling to give up my career. But the fact of life: You cannot experience all your wish come true altogether.

How I started

Of and on I used to write tiny post on the eve of friendship day, women’s day and also write on the few of the festivals on the facebook. My family, particularly siblings, cousins and all my friends appreciating my post. My siblings were keep encouraging me simultaneously for my writing skill and push me further to pen my views over certain issues.

But had no clue where to write and where I get exposure except one medium that is book. One day I was typing on google, “how to make career through writing”. Then ‘blogging’ word first time heard. In many of the sites blogging is a good working option from home but nothing I read how to start, where to go and who will guide.

 Then I heard from aunt that one of my younger cousin brother working online. That is Atish Ranjanwho is recognized face in the internet marketing. I was so pleased to get his contact back after so long. How the little boy turned into, indeed the blogger, was surprising news for me. Now continuously helping me out in the field of blogging. Needless to add, he is striving to bring out the best of me as a blogger. I must say his unexpected helping nature and full support overcoming my fear.

Every women dreamt of being superwomen but for it you need not to join corporates but within four walls with the comfort and luxury, you can make a mark and be successful in the form of blogging.

Presently, I learned little, on the other hand yet to learn lot. Its not the end of my post but the beginning of my journey as a blogger. I have a long way to go in the world of blogging. I have to play around words more and more.

Hope all dear readers will adore my expression and voice! Waiting for your comments and views!

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Its good to read your inspiring story Shiwangi 🙂

    Glad to hear that Atish have helped you to start the new blog.

    He is such a talented blogger and well known in the Blogoshpere with his helping nature.

    I am here with good status because of his support and guidance.

    Will support your tech blog, keep writing 🙂

    1. hello Nirmala, I often read about you lot. Your positive words for me amazingly astonished experience. Looking forward to some more response in future as well.

  2. Hello Di, Good to know your story. Hope you will do good in blogging and Thanks for mentioning my name here. Means a lot to me.

    1. Its indeed generous atish, you are supporting me step by step. Without you it was not possible even you are aware of that. I used to think that blogs were solo effort. I was wrong. I do like to thanks you and some important people who have been such blessings to me in the initial stage.

      1. Atish has helped many newbies previously no worries. You have a very good mentor there. You will get to learn from your younger cousin brother and master all his blogging skills in no time 🙂

        Welcome to the Blogosphere, Shiwangi! I wish your blog all the best.

        1. Thanks, I enjoyed always reading your blog. Particularly your blog for candy crush is awesome. These days I am busy playing candy crush.

  3. Hello Shiwangi Di.
    Nice Life Story and What should I say about Atish bro, He is always supportive guy I ever found.

    Wish you best in life.

    Vaibhav Mule

    1. Thanks Vaibhav for your kind word. I have been learning infact from all of you as well. Its really very nice feeling my brother Atish doing so well in this even very helping for you all as well.

      1. Yes, He is.

        Welcome in Blogging World,
        Happy Blogging.

        Vaibhav Mule

  4. Hi Shiwangi,
    impressive story.Glad to see you choose blogging as career.Have happy Blogging life ahead..!
    sameer recently posted…Google Drive Tips and TricksMy Profile

    1. Thanks a lot. The moment I am getting viable comment compelling me to write more with enhancement.

  5. Hello Deedee,

    Welcome aboard, since you are cousin of Atish which makes you my cousin as well, feel free to contact any of us for any help.
    Durgesh Chaudhary recently posted…Connect SQL Server in .Net using C#My Profile

    1. Definitely I will, I am very sure you all will be there for me. Your blog is also helpful for me as I am weak in technical.

    2. Thanks Durgesh bhai for saying that. :-).

  6. Hi Shiwangi Di,
    First of All Welcome to Blogosphere. I really Feel Glad after Reading Your Story. 🙂
    Atish Bhai is really a Good Guy I have ever met very helpful, very humble and yes he is really Talented as well. 🙂
    I wish You all the Good Luck for your future and Yeah Your baby is too cute as like his mom! 🙂
    Sugandha Agarwal recently posted…New Add up for SonyMobiles : Sony Xperia Z1My Profile

    1. Thanks a ton! So nice of you for saying good thing about me and my baby.

  7. Well done…..i am really proud to be your brother….no doubt about it…its an immense pleasure to say that the little girl has grown up and found a voice in the form of blogging to share her opinion….she always had her viewpoint on many subjects which i think will get a shape in her further writings….keep going…..keep writing

    1. I even feel proud of you what you stated. Proud word is indeed very precious word, being my elder brother, denoting it for me is priceless. For the first time ever in my life this word is being linked with me. I like to add with your support in shaping up my base I am here today.

  8. Hi Shiwangi!

    Welcome to the new world of blogosphere! 🙂
    I am sure that ur blog will rock, as u r having Atish with u! 🙂 🙂

    Good luck for all ur future endeavors @ blogosphere! 🙂

    1. I agree that with Atish support I enter into blogosphere. Gone through your blogs which I liked.

  9. And that’s what motherhood is all about. All the best to you and your wonderful family.
    Christopher James recently posted…The Tao of BadassMy Profile

    1. thanks and keep coming.

  10. HI Shiwangi,

    Well thank you for sharing your story with us and how you got started. I’m sure you’ll do really well especially with Atish on your site. I didn’t know he was your cousin, how cool is that. I learned something new today.

    By the way, your son is adorable and I don’t know how mothers can go back to work and leave them after they’ve had their children. I would want to be there for every single thing they do. I think it’s wonderful that you have the opportunity to work from home and be there with your son. Congratulations and I know you’ll do well.

    Adrienne recently posted…Thankful Thursday: Blogging, Speed, Listly, Tweets, Old ContentMy Profile

    1. Hi, Thanks yours such a commendable comment means a lot to me. I came in blogging not only to blog but also learn little and big things from you and all seniours in blogosphere. You are favourite of many among them I am also one. Hope you will keep coming to me and inspire me to excel in blogging. Said often saying again you stand as an inspiration to other women.

  11. From one blogger to another, that’s a great career choice!
    Shaun Hoobler recently posted…recipe secrets couponMy Profile

    1. Yes, very true so much bloggers are emerging. Good career option with lot of competition and very tough to survive in blogosphere. I am trying my hand in it lets see what happen next.

      1. After a few months, you’ll get the hang of it. it’s fun!
        Shaun Hoobler recently posted…web app devMy Profile

        1. yes may be possible.

  12. Hi Shivangi,

    I am the first time visitor of your blog and liked the overall look and feel along with the content. 🙂

    Welcome to the world of blogosphere.

    It is good to read your story about starting your own blog. I believe, it is one of the most promising ways to be creative and help others with your own expertise. All of us are unique and good in something, thus it becomes more important for us to share our thoughts worldwide.

    After all, we humans are social animals and there couldn’t be a better way to get social using our own blogs. I had an interest in creative writing, used to blog as hobby way back in 2006, but never gave it a professional touch.

    Things changed early this year, when I one day I thought to quit my full time employment and take blogging as a full time career. Now, I am happy that I did made my decision and moving ahead on this exciting blogging journey. It is so much fun and never feels like work. I am sure, you will also get addicted to blogging in no time.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it was so refreshing.
    Ashutosh recently posted…Real and Active Twitter Followers Help Businesses In SMM ActivitiesMy Profile

    1. I truly agree with you sir what you stated. Blogosphere is not only money making platform for me. If you will view from my eyes it rejuvenates and heal your mind also. I love to play around words it builds my inner strength. If I will ever be employed through blogging then that will be the best thing of my life. I am here also to learn from a senior like you. Going through your blog always works as a guideline for me and provoke me to write more and more with excellence. Thanks for coming.

      1. You are so right Shivangi, blogging is a way of healing too by offering us a rich platform to share our thoughts with the world.

        It is not tough to take blogging as a career with the right plans and right energy. Although, I agree competition is tough, but at the same time, if we harness our real talent and write about what we are good at and what we love to, then there isn’t any competition around.

        Please don’t address me as Sir, I am also a learner like you and this is the best part of blogging. We all are learners, learning from each other and moving on this wonderful journey of blogging. Learning is an unending process and there is too much to learn. Looking forward to learn certain things from you too.

        Thanks for writing in such a good way, but no Sir please. 🙂
        Ashutosh recently posted…Real and Active Twitter Followers Help Businesses In SMM ActivitiesMy Profile

        1. Hi Ashutosh, Is it sounding right. I am seeing number of bloggers who is very proficient that is the reason why I am apprehensive about my blogging. My mediocrity will be acknowledged or not. But one thing is very sure that I am learning a lot from you and many more. Thanks for being there.

  13. When I saw your comment on my blog I didn’t knew that you are cousin of Atish Ranjan…More than a famous blogger, he is a very nice person and a good friend of mine. He always helps out bloggers even if he has busy schedule due to job and certain other things…..I am happy to hear that you have started blogging after leaving job in a good company….I am saying this because many successful bloggers have started blogging after leaving their job ….Harleena Singh is one of the bloggers from whom you should learn a lot…Stay connected Shiwangi..Looking forward to read your stories on your blog…
    Mohit recently posted…Get Your Food Order And Delivery Easily With The FoodpandaMy Profile

    1. I agree with you that Harleena Singh is one who stand as an inspiration for other women like me and why only she, I always try to learn from every bloggers who are bizarre in their own way.

  14. Hey Shiwangi, good to know you and your blog. Thanks for choosing blogging as your career.

    1. Hey Sarah, its my pleasure to be here in blogosphere. Thanks a ton for your kind word.

  15. Hiii Shiwangi,
    Thanks for sharing a short view of your interest in Blogging. it is really very nice to know that why you chosen blogging as your career. you most welcome in the field of blogging.
    Amit Kumar recently posted…How to Import Your Emails and Contacts from Gmail to Outlook.comMy Profile

  16. That’s perfect, hope you will inspire other moms too who are interested on Tech stuffs love to write 🙂
    aashish recently posted…How to create ringtone for iPhone using iTunesMy Profile

    1. Thanks for coming and encouraging me through your kind word.

  17. Hi mam,

    Good to hear your story and how you come up with the blogging ideas.
    Like Adrienne mam mentioned it’s for sure you’ll do well, I hope so.

    Lastly one simple suggestion, I don’t know when you started this blog, but
    i’m not seeing many posts.

    Just keep writing, that is what actually required for a blogger. Writing is
    required to keep us alive in this networking world, otherwise we will get
    buried or hid underneath.

    Writing has no limits !

    Bhanu Chander recently posted…How to add Flipkart affiliate ads to your Blog | Indian bloggersMy Profile

    1. Hi Bhanu,

      First of all thanks for visiting my blog first time with nice comment.

      Yes you are right I should write more and more but due to freelance content writing I left with erratic post.

      But by your saying I think that I should concentrate my blog and should update atleast three post in a week.

      Since beginning I am not taking a note in posting more which is unpleasant.
      Hope I can be more productive and can take content writing and blog posting altogether perfectly.

      Thanks for your views. Keep coming.

      1. Hi mam,

        Thank you for taking my views seriously, It’s great that you accepted it, only few does !

        But it’s not mandatory for you to keep a schedule like ‘daily’, ‘once in two days’ or something like this. Whenever some good ideas pop up, put that in the form of post. Remember one can get ideas only when we go through similar posts of others (for whatever niche).

        Let me give a link to make you ease with this concept Content making Facts | best practice

        Hope this helps you as well as users. Thanks again 🙂
        Bhanu Chander recently posted…How to add Flipkart affiliate ads to your Blog | Indian bloggersMy Profile

        1. Hi Bhanu,

          You know whatever I will learn that will be for my good only the reason why I take up ideas.
          Its not so difficult to implement only I need to learn some tricks to do multi work with time management.

          Thanks and keep coming.

  18. that will surely inspire a lot of girls and women to choose this path

    1. Hi Ashu,

      Thanks for coming and share your inspirational thought. Yep I truly believe that blogging is a good career option for any. Yes thanks for first time visit also.

      1. i 2nd that 🙂
        btw your welcome, though it wasn’t my first visit 😉

        1. Hi Ashu,

          Sorry I didn’t notice.

  19. I feel really good when I see that our Indian girl are also becoming active on such kind of blog thing.BTW dear keep motivating us by your writing
    Shahnawaz Sadique recently posted…Novak Djokovic Defeated Roger Federer At BNP Paribas Open Tennis Tournament 2014My Profile

    1. Hi shahnawaz.

      Yep even I love to be associated with that feeling that Indian women are making their mark through realizing their dream. And please do encourage me also with your presence in my blog.

      Thanks for coming and sharing your views.

  20. Hi Shiwangi !!

    That is such an inspiring story, i must confess , i was a bit moved by your story of how you started the path of blogging !!
    DOK Simon recently posted…How to Correctly Upload Images to Posts in BloggerMy Profile

    1. Hi DOK,

      Nice to see you on my blog. I am incredibly happy that you liked my most close to my heart post.
      Thanks for letting me know your ideas. keep coming.

  21. Once again well written and useful post. Keep writing similar posts to entertain us 🙂
    Nandkishor Barve recently posted…Current Affairs April 2014My Profile

  22. Its a fact and truth that, after marriage its difficult to manage between family and job.

    I have seen the same situation with my cousin sis.your point is “You are your own boss” its an awesome point to appreciate.

    I totally agree with you that doing job or work from your home can manage your family and makes you self dependent.

    I would like to continue my job or work after marriage. You are definitely a inspiring women for those who have children and family pressure but apart from that they are able to create their own identity and dignity.

    Minakshi Srivastava
    Minakshi Srivastava recently posted…Top 10 richest people in India 2014My Profile

    1. Hi Minakshi,

      Thanks for taking up your look at my previous or first post and also for the nice words for me.. yeah dignity is something we should never compromise on. We should awake and keep doing good for others and for yourself.

      Post marriage it is difficult to manage both professional and personal life. But you need to cope with both which will come out with time and practice.

      Working online is a best option for women who can enjoy both life without compromise.

      Thanks for coming and do share your thoughts.

  23. Great Story Mam. I wish all the best for your Carrier in Blogging. Blogging is awesome. keep working hard.
    Shane Williams recently posted…Women Training Institutes in DelhiMy Profile

    1. Hi Shane,

      Nice to see you in my blog. I am so glad you liked my story.

      Blogging is world to me and I am here to stay.

      Keep coming.

  24. Seems like its an old post but the listed tips and the comments are very useful to learn some new things.

    Christy recently posted…5 Top Reasons That You Should Host Your Website with HostGatorMy Profile

    1. Hi Christy,

      Thanks for the appreciation. I will write more to be loyal readers od my blog.

      Keep coming

  25. Hi Shiwangi,
    you will be glad to hear that my story is resembles to your story to some extent… anyway best of luck for your further career..
    Sofia recently posted…BoostSpeed 8 Crack & License Key [Windows] Full FreeMy Profile

    1. Thanks keep coming

  26. Hi Shivangi,

    I am landing on your blog for the first time and it looks pretty decent with great content 🙂

    Good to know you and your story and how you have started blogging and chose it as your career. I have enjoyed reading this post and happy to connect with you.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it was so refreshing.
    Gurunath recently posted…Temok Hosting Review: Affordable Premium Web Hosting and DomainsMy Profile

    1. Hey Gurunath,

      It is lovely to connect to you. Thanks I love that you like my site. Keep coming.

  27. Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thank you Nevertheless I am experiencing subject with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anyone getting similar rss drawback? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx http://pcslotsonline.ru

    1. Thanks for the response. You can subscribe by putting your email id. It is so simple..

  28. Hi shiwangi ma’am,

    first of all, congrats for you got awesome respond your first post. I come to first time here.

    I read your interview at wpblogging360,it was awesome.

    Thnks for sharing your story

    1. Hey Amar,
      I am glad my interview has made you jump to my blog. Keep coming as there are lot more to come.

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