Why Finding a Mentor is Boon for Blogging

Who will guide to build a Blog ?

How to design best business card?

Who will show you right path at the time of restlessness of Blogging?

Ever wondered what happens when numerous question come to your mind starting a blog or being in Blogging world. Off and on help required while running blog and untimely occurrence can mislead your career. In that condition only finding a mentor is a solution. A right mentor can be boon for any career. A mentor cannot only hold your hand to step you further but also stand strongly as a pillar to screen your pitfalls.

mentor2What is Mentor?

Monitoring the responsibility of strengthening the track of inexperienced person into experienced or learned is named as Mentor. A mentor is a ray of hope and a guiding factor from beginning to last stage of your career growth. He/She is one who can direct your life with the increasing graph of the career or blogging.

Why do you need a mentor in blogging?

In Blogging, Mentor is like an icing in the cake. Mentor is invaluable for various reasons. Blogging is a passion at the same breath very challenging job. You can be tapped in wrong dealing of your business therefore at that time your mentor could not only guide you step by step but also his elementary suggestion can stop you from misleading your way.

If you have a good and selfless mentor then you have a secret weapon who can easily overcome all hurdles hassle-free. Mentor can foresee anything wrong, his experience is his sixth sense which saves you from falling in traps.

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Can you run your blog with zero skill?

Not at all. There are many people who jump into blogging world but do not know to handle the response and the issues like gaining traffic, building your own stand in the crowd of bloggers etc. Your one misstep can spoil your goals to be successful as a blogger.

In cricket, players need Coach to mentor and shape his goals in an appropriate way. Without his guidance cricketers performance will not come out perfectly. Similarly without mentor how can any bloggers deliver his best. Finding a mentor in blogging is like finding a Godfather of your life. He can provide a spark or can push you to take the first step in accomplishing your destination.

How can you find a mentor in this suspicious rush of bloggers.

Nothing is hard and fast in this world. This world is surrounded by good people and bad people both. Finding a mentor for you is not a baby step in this envious job. Trustworthy mentor can enrich your life while the distrustful mentor can make good use by taking advantage of your lack of knowledge.

How can you find a perfect mentor for your good blogging career? Blogging career is always a lengthy career path and anyone can be easily misguided through wrong information through your mentor. In that case few attentive step and tricks with which you can shun misleading.

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Training program can give you knowledge about blogging but mentor can help you in adverse situation or in other difficult aspects of blogging. As I am having a great mentor the one who is mentor of many one and only Atish brother. The idea he shared with me during my initial time and off and on come forward to aid me.  I want to share here now to register the truth of benefits to find mentor. Therefore I think few ideas through my experience can impart you finding a mentor is boon for blogging. Take a look to all points deeply.

mentor1. How daily Reading and Writing is important.

It is a widespread assumption that Reading and Writing is the most prominent and healthy way to stay connected with your caliber. Living in the company of reading and writing always give you without asking anything in return. I have cracked a good deal in life due to this habit.

Read more about reading and writing

2. How to improve the technical aspects of your blog.

I think without mentor, how you come to know about the basic aspect and can open the path of your knowledge. The word like SEO, WordPress, Keywords Planner, Webmaster, Google Page Rank, Different source of Traffic, Widgets, Themes etc and other technical aspect can be taught properly only through mentor.

3. How to take up the challenges of different monetization method of blogging.

Many people say that blogging is their passion and I have seen many people are blogging without any lust of making money. But not all people think similarly. There are different monetization of blogging like Membership Programs, Author the product yourself, Product Sales, Affiliate Programs, Direct Ad Sales, Banner Advertising, Paid Posts etc are the factor which can be learned from either training program or through mentor guideline.

There are many points which I may did not cover appropriately but experience never goes waste. This description is perhaps sufficient to structure your knowledge for the importance of finding a mentor.

Ultimate Lines for you

Finding a mentor means establishing a worthwhile career in blogging. Mentor is here to provide you aid on taking your blogging career or your business to next level. Blogging is the biggest challenge and mentor is changing the perception of challenge through making it easier.

I want to thanks all mentors who is guiding and contributing selflessly with joint hands shaping the career of newbies.



Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Having a mentor reduces a lot of work. whenever you face any issue you can ask to your mentor. Sadly when I had started I didn’t have any mentor so I had to learn on my own. It took years to be perfect in the stuffs I started but yes it was a good experience of learning on my own.

    Thanks for mentioning me here. Keep blogging!

    1. Hi Atish bro,

      I am glad that I have mentor cum brother like you. The eveready to help wholeheartedly not only in relation but also for others.

      Its very tough to get along with blogging if you would have not been there for me I know I could not able to take simple step. You are the best. Thanks for being tolerant with me.

    2. I agree with you there Atish – I wish we had mentors in our times too, things would have been so much easier for us 🙂

  2. everybody wants to have a mentor, but everyone is not as lucky as you 😛
    because nothing is free in this world….

    1. Hi Ashu,

      Nice to see you in my blog. I must say I am lucky to have mentor like Atish bro who is not good for his family only but also equally good for others inspite of having a busy schedule.

      I am sure in blogging there are so many who come forward to help others without asking anything in return.

      Thanks for coming and do always come to share your views.

      1. There are people who surely help each other. This is the best thing about blogging that people tend to help each other rather than making there own way to success like the corporate world.
        But as per my experience none of the best bloggers share there secrets. If you are getting my point.
        Every body share the knowledge in their own way but the secret of their success is still hidden 😛

        1. Hey Ashu,

          Nice to see you indulging in discussion. Yup there are many blogger who come to help but you also cannot shun the little facts. You know it is your experience which is coming out. I am sure someday you will get mentor for sure. Even experts needs to have guidelines.

          Hopefully my finger is crossed. I have best mentor ever. Thanks for long comment.

  3. Hello Di,

    Yes, you are absolutely right!

    Having a mentor really makes our journey more easier.

    Though I had an experience in blogging, after getting unexpected thing in my blogging journey, I had decided to quit blogging. I don’t know how and when I came across Atish bhai, who not only encouraged me to continue to blog from scratch but also guided me very well at every stage.

    Thank you Atish bhai. Thank you very much. 🙂

    1. Hi Shiv,

      Amazed again to see you in my blog. I know your story it embarressed me and how could anyone think of
      cheating on. But now I am happy for you as I think you overcome your bad phase.
      Our best part of blogging is that we two have Atish.
      No blogger can ever demotivated in the shade of Atish. He is the best. Thnanks to you for your views.

  4. Even i m also here now because i got an amazing mentor who taught me each and every thing about blogging and even i have learned many major things from my mistake that i have done in my blogging life

    1. Hi Suprabhat,

      Nice to see in my blog first time. Hey why did not you mention your mentor name. I want to know a person who believes in helping is really a good hearted like my mentor.

      Its good na everytime you trap in problem there is someone who can take you out from. Is not it great.

      Thanks for coming and keep coming.

      1. ya sure

        I have many mentors like Iftekhar Ahmed He had helped me every time then after IMRAN UDDIN , Shivam Mahajan and even Vinay gaud has also helped me

        1. Hi Suprabhat,

          I am glad that you have mentor like Iftekhar, Imran, Shivam and Vinay who always stand by you.

          Yup true you are more fortunate that you long list of mentors.

          Thanks for coming.

  5. hii Mam…
    I am in search of mentor who can guide me through but seriously no one is ready to help.

    1. Hi Vijay,

      Happy to see you in my blog. I really want to be mentor (lol). But due to lack of knowledge I cannot be.

      Eveready to help others in need. There are so many skilled people in blogosphere you can remain in touch with them. Try to increase your PR (rappot) with them. May be from their hectic schedule they will spare sometime for the help.

      Thanks for sharing your feeling. Keep coming.

      1. hope for the best !!

        1. Hi Vijay,

          I really hope for the best things to happen.
          Keep coming.

  6. Hello, mentorship is very good, it guides one from not falling into the pit of failure. You are lucky tho, because many people will like to mentor others for what they really want to eat. I believe you will not do that.

    It is true that it is through mentorship one can know all the points mentioned above but are people really ready to do that.?

    Anyway thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Miracle,

      I am pleasured to see you in my blog first time.
      You right for the mentorship everyone cannot be ready. It requires a heart also apart from knowledge to help others.

      I feel that may everybody be lucky like me as I have mentor to guide me through my thick and thin.

      My lack of knowledge cannot let me reach to the place where I want to but with mentor I can overcome all hurdles.

      Thanks for coming and hope to see you again in my blog.

  7. Of course finding a mentor for blogging is really important which saves lot of time and also saves our money too. So finding a time and following this tips is very recommended.

    1. Hi Samir,

      Nice to know your idea about finding a mentor. Indeed It does save your money as well as lot of motivation you get. All good things are here if you have a good mentor.

      I see the great change in me with mentor and other people who is without mentor. There is a day and night difference between these aspects. I really pray all blogger should have someone to guide them.

      Thanks for coming.

  8. Well to be honest I never tried this idea of finding a mentor for my projects or you can say I worked alone sine begging. I know how hard it was to learn and also implement thing on our own.

    BTW I don’t say that I haven’t took help of web. Some of top likes like shoutmeloud, problogger.net and etc are of great help and it was the resources to learn some starting things.

    So for any newbie finding a mentor to jump into blogging is always a good choice.

    1. Hi Sameer,

      Yes I don’t think there are everyone who look for the mentor. But for me mentor is something you cannot live without. Yes learning is very tough at the time of beginning particularly.

      I am pleased to know that the some blogger come forward to help you.
      And are someone like good mentor is not easy thing for you.

      Literally for the newbie finding a good and potential mentor is vital.

      Tha ks for coming and sharing ideas.

  9. That is really a interesting post.. I never thought of this concept of having a mentor for blogging…I never had one and frankly faced many difficulties to start with but with time i learnt things and improved myself…But important is how to find a suitable mentor…

    1. Hi Karnal,

      Yup I bet various people around in this profession who does not required mentor.

      But I do not feel the same as without mentor guidance I cannot run my blog. I am glad you learned with time and suitable is hard to find for prospective.

      Thanks for coming and throwing your ideas.

      1. Help, I’ve been informed and I can’t become iganront.

        1. Hey Alex,
          I did not get you..

  10. Finding a mentor is something smarter,but surviving them to achieve better result with style of their blogging along will change course of their action as an best ever mentor.. 🙂

    1. Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for your first time visit. Yup I agree leading our way according to our mentor is directly proportional to the way to success.

      They are experienced and can see the loop false of blogging world.

      Thanks for coming and do come to share your views.

      1. 🙂 Sure SHiwangi

        1. Yup Rahul..

  11. I still remember the days of my beginning and how a person helped me in getting or learning each and everything in a simple manner. So I think finding a mentor is really a boom

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Right you are Vicky. Without my mentor I don’t think I ever would have achieved whatever I have now.

      I am glad that you had also good experience of learning otherwise there are many people came and said that nobody came forward to help them.

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your views.

  12. Hi Shiwangi,

    Just as I was telling Atish above, as what he mentioned related to me too, or perhaps way back when we started blogging (though it’s just been 3 years for me), but perhaps I was a write and not a blogger, so I didn’t know of anyone when I started my blog.

    I wish I knew some bloggers, which isn’t the case with bloggers nowadays who enter the blogosphere with a good knowledge of blogging, so it’s easy for them to reach out and connect with others as most of them open blogs seeing each other too. What we knew way back then were brand names like Darren, Brian etc, but they aren’t people you can relate to or ask for help, so they are people you can just follow and learn from. A mentor needs to be with you and be there to help out when required, and such people were tough to find way back then.

    But as they say, if you are determined, nothing is impossible. My mentor was good old Google – each and everything that I’ve learned has been on my own by reading blogs and picking up stuff from probloggers and I’m glad I’ve reached some place now, though I agree that had I found someone who had the time to teach me things, it might have gone faster, provided such a person had the goodwill, time, and patience to teach too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena mam,

      Literally that is why I feel that I am blessed to have Atish as bro cum mentor. Though Atish has not much time to make me learn every single aspects. But he always try his best to exrtact a good from me. I am thankful to him. Not only Atish is the person I am thankful even I am thankful to you and few bloggers who stand as an inspiration for others.

      That things always remind me during my journey to blogging that I have to reach to that place where my seniours are now in.

      Oh mam lovely to see your reasonable focus for my subject. But my determination and zing inside me has come out from Atish timely help and seeing other bloggers achievements.

      I owe that your journey to blogging was very peculiar because there were nobody to guide you all. I salute you for that without backup you have achieved in your life which many people still thinking of.

      Thanks for the lovely and enlarged comment. Keep coming.

  13. I suppose that having a mentor will ease our work to a greater extent. The advantages are exact like you mentioned.

    Well, let me look into other side of this issue, and share the benefits of having “NO MENTOR”

    1. Self analysis – matters a lot than knowledge obtained by someone feeding us. It’s by making mistakes – we find the loop holes and other possible disadvantages of doing so. I can say this is the real knowledge or learning

    2. Experience – Without a mentor, it takes a lot of time to understand the situation and this is the actual time for advancement. Even if we are directed by a mentor, we still need time and experience to understand the process/tricks on what to do and what not to do !

    3. Exposure – Like I said it take times to learn the process and so; during this process – in order to learn it, we will be searching for as many resources as possible from all around the web. This way we come to understand about co-bloggers and realize –
    a. what they are doing/upto ?
    b. How they are acting ?
    c. Insight on their content
    d. Whom they are linked to ?
    e. What type of content is moving fast ? and lot more to mention

    4. No False guide – Well this may or may not happen, let us think – what happens if some of the strategies framed by our mentor were wrong and not fruitful for our blogs ? Everybody lives with different perception. My rules won’t apply to you and same with others !

    I can list more here, but time is not permitting me to comment more. Of course there are some dis-advantages of not having mentor. The following MUST be the features of those whom are not having mentors

    1. CONSISTENCY – having patience. Wait and watch how your sown seed reaps and turns big to give you sweet fruits !
    2. Risk taking – one should be ready to face the risk of getting slowed. Sometimes your own framed strategies might fail, but just swallow the risk and wait for the turn !
    3. Involvement – Definitely blogging without mentor is a time consuming process and you need to really involve to understand and analyze the process

    Well, I just want to clear that “WE CAN RUN BLOG WITH ZERO SKILL”. Our passion might drive us to reach anywhere, just one should assume patience like I said above

    Well, Mentor is absolutely required in the following situations

    1. When we expect immediate sales/results or likes to get highlighted instantly !
    2. Our focus is only on writing and you are not interested in designing a blog from scratch (instead you wish blog designers to make that for you)
    3. Don’t want to wait and take the risk of experimenting
    4. Want to monetize our blog badly

    And lot more. Well, I guess I should wrap up this lengthy comment by saying that ‘continuous writing and reading articles is one definite requirement (like Shiwangi ji mentioned) to master the writing talents’ !

    That’s it 🙂


    1. Hi Bhanu,
      Again I am thankful to you for writing such a huge along with nice words. Keep commenting I am loving your every views.

      And frankly I have no guts to write that much long comments. Total admiration to your focus. Thanks..

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