What is cooking up in Kapil Dev’s mind

The fever of IPL is in every blood and in this situation there is one more excitement which Kapil Dev has included. What he is up to? Is there any way out you are finding with his video and any sort of hint. No, nothing then who will discover what is going to be in limelight.

pensitdownNothing has been finalized and we are left with few vague hint and we have to guess what will be there in sleeve. We were busy in cheering up the team and the new invention of Kapil Dev has added more spice into our excitement. We people are still in thinking mode what we are getting in the form of entertainment.

Our fishy condition will not lead us anywhere so it is better for us to open our thinking cap and our guess should reach very close to the Kapil Dev venture.

There could be anything and one thing is sure if Kapil Dev is coming then there must be something reasonable and wonderful. If you are not getting any idea then I will help you in finding out the exact notification of narration.

In one video he is mentioning that playing with heart will not lead you anywhere so you should always play with your mind. Secondly, Kapil Dev is happy with the comeback of Yuvraj Singh and he got selected for the IPL team in 16 crore for t-20. This is really wow.

I personally hope that there would be any sports show which will broaden our general awareness about sports as we are crazy for the sports and particularly for the IPL and India and Pakistan matches. So Kapil may have press the button of our address of happiness and fun i.e none other than cricket and sports. As we Indian are excessively crazy for the cricket and huge number fan we have for this. So needless to mention as I am going right this is for sure going to happen.

If my guessing power will turn wrong then there must be one more thing that there would be one star may be from Bollywood or from Cricket star for the interview and his or her description for letting people know more about the stars.

Whatever it would that be we are heading over something very super exciting stuff which will have unlimited fun and joy.

The combination of one Bollywood star and cricket star per episode may come to have some game fun and quiz. There could be anything but we are happy that we would get something good from Kapil Paaji’s side.

Over to you

What do you think all people. We are giving our final thought and may be possible my guess will turn true and I may win 1 lakh. But yet to know the final thing. It is going to rock.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Kapil Pa G is coming in business? 🙂

    1. Hi,

      I do not think so but there is possibility he will host the show in near future.

  2. Thanks for sharing valuable information. This post really helpful for me and other also too. Thanks Alot

    1. Hi Asad,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

  3. Good and interesting post about kapil sir.
    He is a great cricketer , sport person and great human.

    1. Hi Pritam,

      Thanks for your wonderful ideas and appreciation.
      I am expecting to see you always there for your comments.

  4. As your other posts this post is also really awesome. From the ipl time i was figuring what was their in kapil dev’s mind and you posted this. I got my answer. Thank You Shiwangi. Keep writing

    1. Hi Atulit,

      Thanks if you find this post fun and exciting. Love to see you on board again as some more useful info is yet to publish.

  5. Really interesting post about great person kapil Dev. We all feel proud about him . Thanks for sharing your information for us.

    1. Hey Sanjeev,

      I am glad that you liked the post. Keep coming..

  6. If it is positive you will win. Hope for the best.


    1. Hi Ken,

      Thanks for coming.

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