What I Have Learnt From My List Post

List post work incredibly well for widening your audience. List post though look like a normal post it has got lot of potential in driving huge traffic and easily getting indexed by search engine.


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What made me to write list post

You know few considerable points compelled me to zero in on list post. My latest last post was also based on list post. Frankly speaking I wanted to pull the maximum reader like blogging star of today into my post who never visited. That made me to keep the attractive title “My favourite Top 15 Indian men’s Tech blog”. Unknowingly I put few of the site over there which was not tech blog but that was my favourite surely. I failed to justify the title completely.

I discussed Atish brother before writing such a challenging topic. He  encouraged me by saying only, “trust your gut di, do follow your instinct and last sentence he added whatever will be the responses from reader you will learn and gain from it”.

His those words instilled on my mind and I jumped to take up that challenge. I guess his statement was so true as he is so experienced so he can predict what can happen next. But never deter me to be myself  because he wanted me to learn from my mistakes.

Tell me and I forget, teach

me and I may remember,

involve me and I learn

 The responses I encountered

I encountered first time sarcastic comment and hear the frustration in their voices. I was feeling like my lists are totally overdone and should be given up. I was little bit upset with the responses but Atish’s words simultaneusly boosting me up and I was also feeling that I am learning,  also few friends like Nirmala, Mohit, Himanshu, Ravi and so on came forward and raise their voice for my defend. I respect their favour.

But it doesn’t mean that I did not like the comment which was not in my favour. As you must be knowing mother always love her all children equally similarly I embrace all sort of comment be it good or bad. How can I disown the comment which is not in my favour. Infact be it positive or negative I adore all with open arms because excuses are embarrassing when you are not completely right. I also feel that a unpraiseworthy comment extract a good from you whereas praiseworthy comment extract more good from you.

images (8)However few advices was tall order. As with most advice, as I get older.

There are three powerful points I would like to maintain which I have learnt from my mistake for list post. That will also be helpful for others.

1. Exercise more in research

Try your best to indulge yourself in research so that your list will be more visible and acceptable to all readers. Your enlistment should be error-free. Don’t spare chance for others to pinpoint your work. List post usually generate plenty of comments and share so the expectations are very high among readers for the quality and correction. Be good in executing your research doubtless and make sure something you are not missing out which you come to know through the reader.

2.  Establish your authority and expertise

Mistake after mistake always killing for everyone. I am stating through my experience. One thing is sure you learn from your mistakes and that establish your expertise in a subject area. You should curating information and packing it up so that it is more easily digested.

3. Content should not lack its meaty

List post works well for drawing the attention but it doesn’t meant we should miss the quality content. Generally I particularly noticed from my side I don’t take care of the quality of the content while writing list post. It will be magical if you will switching between the perceptive of the list and story post formats where you have more opportunity to drive and engage your reader. Strong list post often incorporate stories as well. You should be tricky enough to combine them in same post.

Live as if you were to die

tomorrow. Learn as if you

were to live forever.

Final words

Eventually, list are obviously fantastic to make a post and easy to navigate and also attracts people to get you click. By far I have explained my learning experience which I gain through my last post. I consider myself a empty vessel, and quite literally landing myself out of the knowledge. I land in this world with the purpose of learning more than making other learn. I am thankful to all for determining my errors and made me more progressive.

I love to hear from you as your comments encourage me all the way.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Very nice post! Never feel down because of criticism and mistakes. Mistakes and criticism makes you more robust and gradually you will notice that you are doing less mistakes.
    There is a saying “Experience is the collection of mistakes” so do mistakes to gain experience. Keep writing!

    1. Hi Atish,

      Thanks for the appreciation. You know my confidence was shaking but you build it up through your worthy consolation. Now I am back once again with confidence. No regrets.
      Whatever happen, happens for good. We human being not designed only to do perfect things but learning from the mistakes is the key factor for healthy life.

      Doing repeated mistakes is also not pardonable but I feel I have learnt from my flaws.
      You plays vital role in it and I must say you are not my younger brother but the elder one in blogosphere. Keep up the good work forever.
      Keep coming and share your feedback forever.

  2. Hi Shiwanghi,

    Another great post, I always love list posts as it add more value in the post that readers get enough details. They love to comment, share and whatever ways they use to share their feelings.

    I especially like 3 points that you’ve well explained.

    Thanking you.

    1. Hi Naveen,
      I am glad that you liked three points particularly.
      Yes list post is easy to digest and quick to read.

      Various people don’t have much time to read whole post so
      it is essential to enlist the stuff which will be easier for the readers atleast to go through points .

      Keep coming and share your appreciable feedback.

  3. No one is perfect in this world. Every living being learns it step by step and making mistakes again and again. Every failure and mistake will teach you a new thing, Shiwangi 🙂

    Coming to the list post article, I have less experience with it. I often write story posts formats. However, sometimes I include such posts. But after reading this article, i have decided to attention towards them too.

    You are right at the conclusions. The very first thing before writing a list post is the good research about it. I had seen someone was blaming not for including a blog in the list, but it was about favorites. So no one has rights to interfere with that.

    Well I am glad to know you have learnt something great and shared with us.
    Good luck for future MITSAKES and lessons 😉


    1. Hi Ravi,

      Nice to see you again. I agree with your ideas we in this world here, to learn from mistakes.
      I was not feeling satisfied without unfolding my mistakes as it lighten me up from inside.

      But you know I did mistake one thing that was all were not tech blog. True that was my favourites, here I am right. Period.

      As all well wishers suggested me not to be despair. I also believe whatever happen, happens for the reason.

      Yep, when it comes to the post I think list post is more effective which can garner attention.

      If many are in haste not have much time can get the idea from the enlisted points. But I always support list give people that quick, accessible information that they are all looking for and stories play to the human element. What will happen if both combined together. May be that invention manage to beckon lot more readers to your blog.

      Thanks for wonderful response and keep sharing your views.

  4. Yes, I agree that researching is important but hey, we are humans and we are bound to make mistakes. But mistakes help us learn new things, isn’t it? There’s always a scope of learning from the mistakes we make. Keep up the good work, let the +ve energy flow 😀

    1. Hi,

      I am glad with your visit. Mistakes are made to be done as in life you cannot shun good part also you cannot shun the bad phase. It is really bounded to be here in life to keep up the spice.

      I love to see your response again and again. keep visiting.

  5. Hiii Shiwangi,

    At first I would like to thank you for sharing this self experienced post with all of us. I think, most of the Bloggers love to read this type of post (when a Blogger share his experiences through the post).

    No doubt, List Post is a effective and useful way of attracting lovely readers. I also love to read How to posts and list post very much. Thanks again Shiwangi for this excellent post….!!

    1. Hi Amit,

      I am loving your often visit to my blog.

      Really list post is effective and I discovered when few of my post I write.

      The number of readers and commentators increased that’s encourage me to focus such post also.
      Hopefully I will be coming up always with interesting subject which allows you to say good thing for me.

      Thanks for sharing your feedback, keep coming.

  6. Very nice post Shiwangi 🙂

    I wholly agree with your concepts and glad to know that you’ve learned a lot with your previous post.

    Yes, list posts always do wonder. Not only list posts, round-up posts, interviews and posts mentioning influential bloggers will work fine in driving traffic to a blog. I experienced all and so insisting you to try with them.

    Atish is truly inspiring, i would say that his followers never give up/quit blogging. You might be surprised if I say that I’ve decided to stop blogging due to some reasons, he was the one who encouraged me a lot with his magical words. I don’t have even words to write about him coz my life has turned good with his great support. I don’t know how to do returns for all his timely help and replies, so supporting his blogs greatly.

    As Atish told, nothing wrong in doing mistakes, but realizing and leaning from them is more important. My hearty wishes to grow further and thanks for the mention as well.

    Keep writing 🙂

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      Thanks for your valuable suggestion I will definitely try my hand in the interview, round-up post
      also after the list post. As of now I have seen the likes and commentators has increased. I love to follow your guidelines but unable to perform due to my freelance service. Sometimes I feel why did I take multiple projects due to which I cannot wholeheartedly focus on the multiple activities of blogging.

      Hopefully I can secure some time for your recommendation as our ultimate goal is to drive maximum traffic.

      When it comes to Atish what should I say, the collection of words seems to be contract in his explanation. Sometimes I feel he is the backbone of blogging and many would be agree with my this statement. I have seen him grow from a nobody to a consummated personality and so its a more big thing for me, lot of appreciation for him astonished me often. I truly love the praise which is for him.

      Thanks for being by my side and for lovely comments.
      Keep coming to enrich my blog.

  7. Interesting stuff, Shiwangi. I have just done a list for fun on my own blog! I wonder if it does in fact draw more readers. The reason you cite – that lists are easy for the search engines to index – is an interesting one.

    I have heard that they can be popular, alright. A number of sites have started to follow the list format because they draw in significantly more readers than other formats. The comedy site Cracked.com is one such example.

    Anyway, your post is very interesting and I thank you for it! Best wishes to you, as always.


    1. Hi Richard,

      I am loving your first time visit on my blog and hope you will keep coming often.
      You are very true list post have the power to index search engine apart from this it usually generate plenty of comments and shares.

      See the charm and I can say it beckons you to my blog now really I feel my trick works.
      Definitely from now I am going to focus more on list format.

      Please do visit to share your insight.

  8. Hello shivangi
    Great article. You have written very nicely and described important points. Research is very important and i agree content should be meaningful. Everybody learns from his/her own mistakes. This is what life means. You have learnt instead of ignoring that is the main point to consider. 🙂

    1. Hi Pulkit,

      Thanks for your appreciation and I am very glad that you liked it.

      yes after doing mistakes you realize that you should take a note on particular thing.

      My latest post was entirely dedicated to my learning experience.
      Keep coming and encouraging me.

  9. Hi Shiwangi,
    It’s really a lovely article about list post with your quite wonderful observation.
    List post is like a charming coin for all bloggers, who want to reserve their place in Google SERPs.

    Thanks again for this beautiful writings. 🙂

    1. Hi Vivek,

      Really list post works. The rain of visitors is indeed a feel good factor.

      I will keep writing off and on list post because it is giving me good responses.

      Always do come to share your views.

      1. Hello Shiwangi,

        I will always come.
        May be for some day, I will be busy but, you will find my comment at the last also.
        Thanks for replying back! 🙂

        1. Hi Vivek,

          I understand your business because sometimes I get stuck in the same process.

          Our most of the energies directed towards our work so I can relate.

          No worry I can wait. hah

  10. Hi Shiwangi,

    I think you did a great job on your last post of “My favourite Top 15 Indian men’s Tech blog”. I just had to go over and see what you meant.

    Some people react that way. They feel like they want to be on the list too. Or they tell you someone was better and should be on that list.

    Take it from me, I had done the same thing and received similar responses. It’s O.K. not a mistake at all!

    Atish gave you the best advice: “Trust your gut” and that is what you did. You chose 15 men out of many. They were people who resonated to you and it came from your gut. That is no mistake!

    We will always get some people who will disagree with us and I think that makes a healthy blog post. As long as they disagree in an appropriate way.

    There is a saying: “We can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” Remember that and trust yourself always.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Thanks for your inspirational word and I think I have injected all your precious words as a lesson into my vein.

      Yes we should always trust our instinct and I also do, but I don’t know what had happened on that day when I got sarcastic comments one by one. You are very true we cannot please everyone all the time.

      My confidence was shaking because I am new to blogging. Gradually I am realizing that its a part of profession. Apart from few untoward situation I indeed love the work culture in blogosphere. You see everyone come first to promote, guide, lift you up to be successful.
      Do you think in any corporates such work ethic, infact employee do indulge themselves in leg-pulling.

      Take your example you know that my blog is new even being so successful you join your hands for my support. Tell me where would I get such a warm response.

      Thanks for enriching my blog with your precious words. I love to see your first time visit into often time. Keep coming.

  11. Hey Shiwangi,

    Firstly, i feel pleasant when i did comment on your blog because among all female bloggers i like you and Harleena mam most due to your loving and sweet response to your blog readers.

    Now come to the post, you said really well list post grab more attention and offer a choice to readers express their views and attract them. You know on my most of the blogs i write list post maximum without quality compromise.

    And yes, mistakes leads to correction and to never repeat them in future. Even in my own life i learn a lot from my mistakes in blogging as well as in personal life.

    Thanks Shiwangi for such a lovely article, keep up the good work.

    1. Hey Rupali,

      You don’t know whatever you stated that means a lot to me. You made my day with your appreciation and included my name along with comment queen Harleena mam. May I live up to your expectation always.

      I always feel comment exchange is not my part of professionalism but the good medium to interact with fellow bloggers. Trust me I love to interact and its almost like conversation with your friends.
      You must be knowing talking with your friend always be non-stop and long. I feel the same. Expression is must in friendship.

      Yes criticism and appreciation both are black and white in shades but both leads you to grow more.

      List post always works for me therefore off and on I give it a try. My upcoming post will also be list post and for the women according to your idea, my friend. Keep coming and express your ideas as a friend as I love to hear from my friend.

  12. List posts are not only easy to write but easy to rank well too. I agree with your all points and research is the most important thing to consider before writing list posts.
    Thanks for this nice share.

    1. Hi Kuldeep,

      Its my pleasure if you adore my ideas. Research is the key thing but it is also true everytime you cannot succeed in good research. Therefore sometimes I fail and sometimes I am good at. Blogging is all about researching you cannot avoid this. Keep coming and share your views.

  13. Hi Shiwangi,
    Very nice post!
    Sometimes Critics and Sarcastic comments does hurt, but it’s the part of blogging. I have solution for this; i think like a celebrity, if you notice, all the celebrities get lots of abuses on social media as well as in real-life, they ignore because they know that they can’t please everyone.

    Yes, list-based posts work like a charm, but we can’t compromise on quality and doing research.
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    1. Hi Adithya,

      I think you have given very good example and I am going to act upon it. Yes that’s true that we cannot please everyone and everytime. So to some extend we should avoid unpleasant stuff but never wanted to unpleased anyone of my fellow bloggers as we all are friends here. But life keeps moving how far can I spare myself from all these.

      Yes list post is working well so I need focus on list post again to generate more backlinks.

      Thanks you came and share your views.

  14. Really very nice post Shiwangi…I will always motivate you as you have got the skills for becoming a successful blogger…I hope that you will come up with another list post very soon..I am waiting for it..I will definitely share that blog post as I got lot of comments when I shared your previous list post…Thanks for mentioning me in this post….We both have to learn a lot from Atish and keep working hard…

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Thanks for your nice words that means a lot to me. Yes definitely my next post is also list post on my blog. As I am getting loads of friends views which is more than anything for me. Lists post indeed manage to beckon my friend’s comment ever.

      I am glad that my brother is many people’s favourite and mentor as well. Its a great feeling to see him at certain height.

      Thanks for sharing your views and do always visit.

  15. You are right! Every mistake helps you learn well. I would rather say try to make list posts more so that you can get the perfection in that. A person gets perfection after doing a lot of practice and mistakes. Good luck Shiwangi.

    1. Hi Sarah lovely to see you. You know You have spoiled me as I have a addiction to see your comment in my blog always when you don’t come I feel incomplete.

      Keep coming always for sharing your views.

  16. Keep learning by doing mistakes. the more you do mistakes the more perfection will develop in you. Good post.

    1. Hi John,

      Yes you are right I have a long way to go to achieve perfection. I am in the phase to keep learning through mistakes. Thanks for stopping by and keep coming always to share your views.

  17. Great post with personal thoughts. Keep learning. Mistakes are the parts of life so don’t feel ashamed and just enjoy your work!

    1. Hi Shaily,

      I was awaiting your comment eventually I got it now I am feeling better.

      Yes both learning and mistakes are going together in my life with equal force. one thing I cannot ever forget is you all come and stand for me.
      Thanks for sharing my post and do come to my blog as always.

  18. really a nyc 1.. 🙂

    1. Hi Deepraj,

      Thanks for coming to my blog first time. I am looking forward to see you again.

  19. This was super helpful! Thanks so much for sharing!! Something that I certainly implement “Don’t spare chance for others to pinpoint your work.”

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