What I have learnt from my blogging career and what next for 2014

2013 vanish somewhere only stored in your memory but can you steal it back in your living. No dear. Nothing was planned in 2013, life was driving me as it wanted to. Similarly I never thought of blogging ever but 2013 gave me opportunity to experience of writing my mind. Well, It is not a long time I am blogging. I remember my first welcome post launched on my blog on 19 september 2013. I was feeling like a star and loved the responses and exposure and unawared that it was common in blogosphere nothing to get so high.2014

I cannot deny one thing that my writing creativity has gotten an address in the form of my website. My website landed me freelance writing assignment and help me to analyze my market as a blogger. That is the big thing for me. Now I am on that level that I can negotiate with my client without sounding like a noob.

Career in blogging have not avail me only good provision of earning only but also encounter me with mixed learning experience. Here I want to pinpoint some of the aspects of learning during my short span of career in it.

What makes me learn lot through blogging? Is it writing, promoting or building relationship with your fellow bloggers. It can be wholesome of unlimited stuff.

  • First of all you have to keep in mind that what your readers priorities.
  • Readers does not come to you see your rich contents.

Did you ever notice that why anyone come to the internet?

  • Answer is readers come to you to get information and want to educate themselves with your ideas.
  • Also because they want to entertain from your blog.
  • They also look for the fresh stuff. Always focus on monotonous subject disappoint your readers. And leave you far behind by substracting your readers list.

Here I want to dig myself deep inside through presenting more points to educate you more what I have learned through blogging i.e below.

Crafting the perfect article

This is the most basic thing you should have learnt for surviving in blogosphere. Your article should be impressive for your readers so that they look for the chances to read your article and like it. Your contents should not bounce from the head. Easy to pursue your writing will open door for viewers.

Comments exchange

Its not sufficient to craft good contents only. What you need to do is to promote your blog through responding comments. For many bloggers its not possible to visit every blog and comment. Therefore if your blog wants to be introduced then go to other blogs and comment so that your latest post will be introduced to others.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is very essential tools to get traffic through social media sites. Try to develop your network in social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Stumbleupon, Pin it etc. Share your latest post in these social media sites you will notice immense development in responses.

Search engine optimization

If you are not familiar with this as I was not as a beginner. You have to search engine optimize your niche through using proper keywords. That will help you to promote your blog in no time.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging helps you immense in building traffic. Due to my busy schedule I am making a mistake of avoiding offer for guest blogging. Don’t do same mistake as I did. It gives rise to your blogging career. Period.

Batch11-0259Today is the second day of 2014.This is pick time for reflection for moving in new direction. I am also in a trying, learning and observing time. New beginning, new resolution. 2013 gave me opportunity to start blogging career, 2014 will be a  burning determination to excel in bogging career. Hopefully I will match my resolution with my determination.

Tune up my writing creativity

I have to broaden the horizon of my knowledge so that I can educate people by creating right awareness.

Build more network

With the help of social media sites I will broaden my network through more connectivity. Like develop more social media sites with Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Reditt etc apart from Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. So that advertisement of my blog will enhance.

Work hard to add more zero in my income

Freelance writing is paying sufficient to me but need to get more exposure to excel. That is the reason I have made even Hire me page to get more professionalism and enhance my blogging career opportunity.

Next blogging sensation

May be I am asking for more as per my skill but dream big then you can do it. After entering blogosphere, in personal front everybody is looking upto me more than, which is overwhelming to me. The same I wish for my professional side.

I hope that this blogging career may give my fellow blogger solace and provide you with resource that you can turn to for support and you travel along your own career path.

On the eve of New Year come with me as we embark on this career journey together. May 2014 will turn out to be the best year for everyone. May the best of your wishes be the least of what you get. Happy New Year.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Hiii Shiwangi,
    Great share. Thanks for sharing about what you achieved in 2013 and what next you planned for 2014. you are doing a nice job and hope you will get much more thing in this year.
    Happy new year 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming. Yet to achieve lot of things as a blogger. I pray for everyone for 2014 whatever is you all have resolution will able to meet.

  2. Its good to read what you’ve learnt in blogging last year Shiwangi 🙂

    My hearty wishes for you to reach the remarkable blogging stuffs. Keep writing!

    1. Thanks for your word of encouragement that boost me more high. Infact its not about me only I want to see everyone will able to achieve their goals including you. You are already shining and keep shining more and more with time. May this year will be the best year for all. Happy New Year..

  3. Hello Shiwangi,
    That was an awesome post. You have really made your post with pen, I know. Surely you will be blessed with some great future ahead in 2014 have a great day… And Happy Blogging

    1. Thanks a ton for the using awesome word for my post. Infact I am also wholeheartedly wishing you great future ahead.

  4. Hello,

    Seems like you’ve learned lot of things in 2013 and I must say you’ll be learning and earning more in upcoming year.

    Happy new year!

    1. Hi Samir, Thanks for your wishes and my finger is crossed. Happy New Year.

  5. Hey Shiwangi, Good to know that you have learnt in these short blogging career. there are a lot of things to learn to do better in blogging so keep learning.

    1. Thanks for visiting to my blog often time and encouraging me always. I appreciate your insight and again thanks for being there.

  6. Hey shiwangi, Keep learning. You have a long way to go. All the best!

    1. Your almost everytime coming on my blog amazed me lot. Of course I am learning, your wishes add more zeal on me to perform well. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Awesome Post Shivangi…Thanks For Sharing with us…some of helpful points that i want from many times…Again Thanks

    1. Thanks for appreciating my post. Looking forward to see you more in future.

  8. Hola! I’ve been followіng your website for some timе now and finally got the braverу to go
    ahеad and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to mention keep
    up the great job!

    1. Thanks for the appreciation.

  9. You have learn lot in blogging in 2013 as per your article and your writing skills are also good. Hope you have a bright future in blogging.

    1. Thanks for the first time visit. Also thanks for a feel good genre praise.

    1. Thanks and keep coming.

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