Top Must Have Apps for your Windows Phone

Microsoft is always known for its technological offerings be it laptops, netbooks, tablets or even mobiles. After acquiring Nokia, Microsoft has taken upon itself to make a unique place for itself even if it faces tough competition from Android and iOS. While the mobile phone market is dominated by Android, Windows is slowly seeing a growth in user preference and people are slowly turning to phones powered by Windowspensitdown

If you own a Windows phone or are planning on getting one, be sure to equip your phone with these apps which make it even more functional and promising and going a long way to ease up your life:

Life360 Family Locator

In today’s world when everyone is too busy to catch up with friends and family, this app helps you make that extra effort to keep in touch. Never feel far from your family as this app lets you view your family’s location in real time so you know exactly where everyone is and where to reach them. Through its software, chat with your family and now be sure everyone is safe and sound and be able to better monitor everyone’s safety and well-being.


This is a great app for photographers who love to capture life by every minute it passes so they never miss a moment. With Photosynth now capture the bigger picture with beautiful and eye catching panoramic photos in an interactive manner giving you a 360 degree view. Share your masterpiece with the world by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and amaze the world with the true beauty that otherwise doesn’t get to see the light of day!
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Office Lens

This is a great app for people who’re working all the time and need to send documents asap around the globe. Scanning them in the machine is something of the past now as you can make your phone your personalised scanner to scan documents. You can also crop, trim and resize them to make them eligible and send them on the go to your contacts. This goes a great length in simplifying how you do business and saves time and effort as well.

Lumia Creative Studio

It’s not uncommon that we capture the perfect photo, the right lighting, the right expressions with eyes wide open but wait- did someone just photo bomb it in the background? Oh no did you just realise you have red eyes in the photo like a zombie? Well with Lumia Creative Studio just fix your photos and play around with a host of filters that allow you to zoom, blur, lighten or brighten any photo so you never have to worry about getting that perfect photo you’ve wanted.
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Video Tuner

We all havea desire to be a director and belch out some amazing creations to show the world what they’re missing. However just shooting a video normally sometimes fails to capture what we really hoped for. This is where your Windows phone helps you with Video Tuner which allows you to edit the videos you shot. Add filters, music, sounds, adjust the light and exposure to get the perfect masterpiece worthy of sharing with friends that make you popular in no time!
Windows is slowly catching up and making a place for itself in the battle of Android and iOS battle and Windows lovers can now make their Windows phone even more effective and efficient with these powerful applications.

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  1. Well I do have a windows mobile i.e lumia 520 and I use it rarely, will surely try these apps soon.


    1. Hi Vicky,

      Sure use theses apps for ease your responsibilities.

  2. Hi Shiwangi,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome apps for Windows apps. The Lumia Creative Studio is my favorite one which I used in my phone for simple image editing purpose.

    1. Hi Fakhruddin,
      These are really amazing window apps for the great usability and I am glad that you have used Lumia Creative Studio I hope that this is awesome app for your phone.

  3. Thanks for The article

    1. thanks and welcome

  4. Thanks for the post. This app seems to be very important in daily routine. I will also get these app for my mobile. Thanks for sharing ideas.

    1. Hi Swapnil,

      I am glad that you liked the apps. Give it a try and hoping that you will have good experience with that.

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