Top 5 Websites to buy Memory Cards Online in Singapore

img class=”bm-sh-badge” src=”” alt=”badge”/>Memory cards are the main format that you can use for storing and exchanging digital data like MP3 music files, photos, videos or any other kind of content or information stored in the form word documents excel or any other files.

pensitdownIt is one of the most important electronic accessories of the modern days. Its usability has enhanced a lot in recent years. Practically most of the popular electronic devices like digital cameras, mobile phones, tablets or any other electronic device possesses a slot for memory card. Modern day technology has synchronized and integrated all the major electronic devices together so that the data storage and transfer from one device to another becomes smooth and easy.

Memory cards can be of different types, such as SD Cards, MMC Cards, Compact Flash Cards, Mini/Micro SD, XD Cards and Memory Stick. They are available in the market in a bewildering array-varying significantly in sizes, format and speed. So you should need to do your homework, before you actually go for buying.

There are some websites which can be of some use to you if you have gone puzzled on the types and makes of it. Refer these websites to clear your confusions and go for the best ones.

  1. Rakuten

This website can be of great help to you if you want to go for the exact memory card what your electronic device is seeking from long. If you will go on its site then you will encounter countless varieties of them. They all are of leading brands available in the market. So you will not face any difficulty matching the one with your electronic device.

  1. Lazada

The moment you will place a search for memory cards on Lazada, it will ask you to choose an option from the drop down list, such as whether you want to buy it for camera accessories, mobile accessories, tablets or something else. You can choose an option depending upon your requirement. Kingston, Toshiba, Scandisk, Transcend and Sony can be some of the brands on whom you can rely.

  1. Valuebasket

You can also consider Valuebasket’s name for buying memory cards for any of your electronic devices like Digital Cameras, Mobiles etc. Go on the individual menus of the particular device for which you want, there you will come across memory cards options. Click on any option what you want. Scandisk is one of the famous names in memory cards in the market.

  1. Expansys

Expansys is also one of the most trusted sites for buying electronic devices in Singapore. So there’s nothing wrong in visiting its portal. Place a search for the memory cards in the search box. If the search result matches your requirements then go ahead. Apart from this, you are not supposed to do any other sort of homework regarding its services and trust worthiness, as all these things have already been tested by millions of people till yet by accessing its splendid services! Just you have to join them.

  1. Qoo10

Besides the above four names that have been given above, you can also look out on Qoo10 if you want. Again those same old names but extremely popular ones- like Scandisk, Micro SD and Samsung will come in front of you. It’s for you to decide, what you want, but you will enjoy familiarizing and operating with all of them!

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