Top 10 Human Resources Software of 2014

The invention of innovative software is increasingly making life easier and fun. What if new technology provides your office with no paper work? It is very tough to keep the collection of papers or data record in a safe place. To remember every single stuff is not possible in today’s hectic structure of time. This software is designed for the HR department. Such software cannot be in every company, infact only large Scale Company can afford this.

Human-Resource-Management-SoftwareIn that case you need to be introduced with HR Software which is most recommended for the employees. Let’s have your look on top 10 HR software which is mentioned below with short descriptions:

 1. Zenefits

Zenefits is software, which is founded in 2012. It allows your employees to maintain the payrolls, HR, at particular place like dashboard for all who is online. You can use zenefits to stay connected with your payroll and also with other systems.

2. HireSelect

It is a pre-employment testing software which is web-based. Various companies using this software to test the aptitude, personality and skill tests. In short, Hireselect aims to have information regarding per hiring of employees. It is best help for the HR to check the employee potential. In companies, there is large number of employee works and hiring for company goes off and on so this software is the best solution.

3. Zoho Survey

Zoho Survey is the software which solve the purpose of collecting the information from the audience who through surveys. You need to go through the countless surveys for your company for knowing about your product and services you are offering. Zoho Survey is beneficial for taking the feedback from customers with ease in very less span of time.

4. Activity

Activity HR Software handles the activity like company’s management system with general ledger, payable and bank reconciliation. Company has their banking department separately so that employee who faces banking issues uses such software.

5. Manage with Success

Manage with Success is a software which gathers the information of every department activities like HR and Finance. It keeps you up-to-date with the activities of all businesses objectives. You can stay connected to the other sectors with this tools help.

6. Attend HRM

If you talk about this HRM software then its function is to indulge in salary processing, payroll and so on. It has amazing interface with good support. It is easy to use and most of the companies own this substantial tool.

7. HR Communications

Communications software is a process of internal activities of communications between the employees. It supports screensavers of interactions, scrollingnews feeds and the alerts of desktop.

8. JobScore

JobScore software can track the lists, can also score candidates. This tool is useful the tracing the progress and can create the report as well.

9. Personality

Personality software can track the employee’s joining to its retirement. It is a web-based tool with good integration. The tool, which is very simple and fast to use without taking much time.

10. Calibrix.

This Calibrix software is for HR department for analyzing potential, recruitment, patrol, attendance, leave and training. There are various thing entitled in one tool which is amazingly good.

By far, I have complied the list of HR software of 2014. This multi-tasking software is spectacular in performing and in every good sector, it is the preferred choice. It can manage the grand workforce like a piece of cake and helping in enhancing the productivity of employees. These apps are notable for every good organization.

Scheduling and tracking employees do’s and don’ts is the need of the hour for every sector. Such software is essentially centralized application to monitor organization workforce for its futuristic well-being.



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  1. Great list of HR softwares. Thanks a lot for sharing
    I’m already using HRC in my company.

    1. Hi Sasikumar,

      Thanks for the appreciation and in future I will come again with such post.

      Keep coming to share your views…

  2. Almost all are new software for me. Thanks for writing this!

    1. Hi Atish,

      Thanks for coming and for your appreciation for the software I did mention.

  3. Hi Shiwangi,
    Nice list. We are not using any HR software even I wasn’t aware of these softwares, It is a kind of new stuff for me.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Kuldeep,

      Yeah HR software is something which can make your life easy and productive.

      I am glad that you liked it. Keep coming.

  4. Hi Shrivastava,
    Thanks for introducing with these above 10 human resource software. We are also develop different customize HR software for our clients.
    These list will help us to get and add some new functions in our Customized HR software. 🙂

    1. Hi Manik,

      Yeah most of the HR software has been used by most of the companies. It is good to know that you are involved in this.

      Thanks and do keep coming.

  5. Hi Shiwangi,

    With the evolution of technology people are getting addicted to use such tools.

    It’s not a negative points instead we all should be happy to know that we can having such type of software which can help us to save our time.

    Thanks for the list.

    Enjoy your week ahead.:)


    1. Hi Ravi,

      Lovely to see you again in my blog. Yeah right this is the genre of digital.

      Our productivity has increased due to such softwares. There are lot more to come.

      Stay blessed.

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    1. Thanks for coming…

  7. Thanks for introducing with these on top of ten human resource software package. we have a tendency to also are develop totally different customize hour software package for our purchasers.

    1. Hi Maulik,

      Hope you are in good spirit. I am glad that you liked the post and made you aware with different HR software.

      Many companies are now using software to trace the employees record and it is benefitial for the employee as it increases their productivity.

      Thanks for coming and do keep coming to throw your ideas.

  8. Thanks for the top 10 most beneficial software.You can visit Government jobs in India.

    1. Hi Deepak,

      Thanks for coming. I expect you to come often to share your ideas.

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