Top 10 Apple Products in history that changed the world

Without any doubts, we all know the history behind one of the world’s largest MNC, Apple Inc., headquartered in California. It is associated with the manufacturing of computer software, consumer electronics (iPhone, iPad), commercial sewers and personal computers. Also, Apple is the largest media content digital distributor. The Ultimate story of Apple is all about a young-little guy who managed to rise above as an industry leader. Apple is more than 35 years old and has managed to change everything. Soon, Apple will release its much-awaited iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus along with Apple TV, MacBook Air and much more. There are the top 10 apple products that changed the world and revolutionized the lives of people.

pensitdownApple II (1977)

The Apple II is significantly the first all-in-one-computer device by Apple which changed the world. It resembled a sleek typewriter featuring a removable top and has been managed to become the foundation of all Apple products launched after it.

Macintosh (1984)

The world’s first Graphic User Interface equipped computer was Microsoft’s Macintosh. With this device, Apple managed to enter the world of modern computing and thumbed its nose against Microsoft.

QuickTime (1991)

QuickTime is a perfect example of a class and quality media viewer. It is replaced by iTunes today, but its creation was a quite memorable for both entertainment industry and Apple. It is the digital video viewer which is widely loved by the users for downloading and watching movies.

iMac (1998)

Steve Jobs introduced iMac, affordable desktop computer after he returned back to bring Apple again back in action from bankruptcy. It ditched the floppy disk drive and featured a USB port. It evolved from a clamshell design to a sexy, titanium, flat body model which are produced by the company.

Final Cut Pro (1999)

This Apple product significantly brought the film editing to a professional-level and even enabled the entire filmmakers generations who fledged. It is the most loved software by the modern movie makers because of its amazing editing features.

iTunes (2001)

Apple came up with iTunes, when Napster was fighting against the illegal song downloads battle. It anticipated to the place where technology headed and stood at the top. iTunes managed to show that all the consumers are more inclined towards buying the music which they are actually downloading. It’s been more than 10 years, iTunes completely redefined the music industry and has managed to be the most important and loved player. After CD, iTunes dominated the market and has grown into a successful piece.

iPod (2001)

iPod aligned perfectly with iTunes and managed to become the most defined music players. It has the ability to clench thousands of songs. The feature of holding thousands of songs is quite luring. Though iPod was not the first music-device based on hard-drive, but surely the coolest one with a circular track pad.

PowerBook G4 (2001)

This Apple product marks the revolution of a modern laptop. It is not only the game changer, but the first portable redesigned computer. It features a titanium body with no sacrifice on its performance and portability, a DVD slot and inbuilt WiFi. Also, it is a lightweight and a really powerful device.

iPhone (2007)

iPhone did the major changes in the history of the entire industry. Before Apple iPhone, there was nothing like a touchscreen smartphone. Normal, standard phones could only play FM Radio music, make calls, normal messaging, take photos and not much than that. None of us will ever forget the day, when Steve Jobs introduced mobile internet device, a telephone and a media player. The Apple iPhone significantly changed the overlook of a modern phone with perfect integration of the slick interface with the new App Store and a touchscreen design. It doesn’t only changed the telecom, rather  created a whole new industry, which included the lucrative business of apps.

iPad (2010)

Firmly, what people believe is that iPad is the topmost Apple product in history which changed the world. It has managed to change the mobile computing. Though its competitors did try their best to pop up its mimics, but iPad has tapped onto the futuristic computing.

Apple products truly evolved and revolutionized the tech industry with the return of Steve Jobs. Since then, Apple has remained the topmost tech company in the world. These are the top 10 apple products in history that changed the world. Which of these is your favorite Apple product and why? Big Boss 9: Most Tempting Reality Show

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  1. As for me, i believe the invention of the iPhone is one of the best things tech has ever done to humanity. long live apple!!!

    1. Yep Raphel you are right Thanks keep coming

  2. As for me, i believe the invention of the iPhone is one of the best things tech has ever done to humanity. long live apple!!!

    10 years from now, i can only imagine what more products they’ll introduce.

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