Ti Saddhya Kay Karte- A Love Story Breaking The Stereotypical Barriers

Love stories, which are often rendered on screen are full of glitter and happy endings. But breaking these stereotypical norms, director Satish Rajwade presented us with ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’, a Marathi love story, so simplistic yet so high on drama. With the eccentricity portrayed in the film, this movie managed to go far from being a clichéd love story that gained the audiences approbation. Released on 6th January 2017, ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ is making its digital debut on ZEE5, which gives you the liberty to watch this classic Marathi hit right from the comforts of your home. With no buffering and zero advertisements, have the satisfaction of watching the movie without any breaks.

The trailer of the movie itself will take you back in the time where your first love conquered most parts of your childhood and adolescence. I am sure you already have floated back into those days, reliving the memories you made with your childhood sweetheart. The movie features a middle aged Anurag, who vaguely tries to remember his childhood sweetheart Tanvi and how his awkwardness and his juvenile conformity take on love tore them apart. As he reminisces about her, the movie rewinds a few years back, showing glimpses of their love. It begins with Anurag’s realization of his fondness for Tanvi, his endless efforts to woo her and the complexities he confronts as a teenager, which the audiences can relate to, thus, making the first half of the movie filled with laughter and fun.

As the two grow up together, the dynamics begin to shift between them while they are antagonized by different life experiences. The film has wonderfully portrayed the different stages of their love, which are beautifully portrayed by different characters, depicting the protagonists in different ages. What happens when Anurag, who is currently married to someone else realizes that his childhood sweetheart Tanvi is back in town? Will the two of them meet and ruin their current married lives? The trailer leaves us baffled with too many questions raised in our minds and the only way to answer them is by watching the movie on ZEE5.

Unlike the clichéd love stories of Bollywood, this love story has already won over the hearts of the audiences and is now available on ZEE5 to entice you. Taking a break from Bollywood’s take on love story, which are full of glamour and happy endings, ‘Ti Saddhya Kay Karte’ will take you on a road less travelled, where you will find yourself feeling nostalgic, drowned deep in the memories of your first love. Not giving away too much of the story, you should definitely watch this movie where the ending will surely leave you surprised. With a story that every age group can relate to, this movie is a gem, which sure managed to thrive its way in Marathi cinema as well as carved a special niche in to our hearts.

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