The story of Suicide: Disharmony with yourself

The Story of Suicide is beautiful tale by Sriram Ayer. Sriram has explored every experience of being in the suicidal condition when you are alive. Living a life is painful than suicide. It can be your condition and you could be one of them. I would pray that nobody will betray their life by taking easy step that we call unfortunately “Suicide”. Yes, suicide is far easier thing than leading a life with happiness instead of having storm of sorrow. Why not creating space for happiness in your life rather than summoning the silly death. Fear is not greater than beautiful life.


pensitdownAbout the Book by Sriram Ayer “The Story of Suicide”

The story of suicide is a thought provoking and emotional story of four teenagers Charu, Sam, Mani and Hari. The suicidal feeling comes in your mind when you are in depression and reason could be anything relationship breakup, emotional molestation, competition and comparison.

Suicide means the slave of circumstances. It is not about difficult phase in your life but depression, untoward situation and negative perspective. Most of the time, you are reason behind your suffering.

The situation of the 4 teenagers was same as they were overwhelmed with love, misunderstanding and revenge. This novel will touch you from heart when you go though the book. The muddle headed teenagers are unable to cope with problems that life brings to them. They are fast and want result soon and this impatient nature land them in trouble. So, they take crucial decision to save themselves from the trauma and pain. But pain and happiness are both part of life. You cannot take it away from you.

Hari, due to the sexual abuse through his uncle during his childhood was highly depressing. He was unable to share it to his family and his sister also but chose to take pain. But Hari shares his worst past with his college friend Mani. Mani was also the victim of circumstances as his mother alone made him grow with certain hardship. Mani also tried for committing suicide due to the lower grades in school though he was good in studies but his English was poor. Charu, Hari, Sam and Mani were the same college student while Sam and Hari were roommates.

When it comes to Sam, he was techy and striving to create an app named JARVIS. Sam is also the victim of breakup in relationship with Priya and after that he falls in love with Charu. Both Charu and Sam also did not able to pull together for long and they started their conspiracy for each other. Only despair we are experiencing from all the sides. At the same time, Hari became shatter brain when he was raped by Mani like his uncle did him. All these incidence of rape uploaded through Charu’s phone on the internet. The defeat in all the course of life, one attack after another from life has taken his blood of tolerance. He lost his connection with empathy when he was being isolated by his family when they disown him after knowing about him that he is gay that made him to commit suicide.


My experience

The story is heart breaking and occupied the space with lot of sorrow. It emerges as a lesson also. During my teenage I was also like who lose easily sense of balance and go through uncertainties. The sense of discomfort and sense of insecurity for what I was going into depression. When you are not feeling good about yourself or your life it is easy to see those around you with the same negative perceptive. But suicide is no way a solution. We should embrace our fears and spit things of past and bad present because after two or three or five years every bad phase will expire.

Final Words:

It is better to give yourself time to overcome adversity and have faith in you and work on your strengths. It is useless to bury ourselves under the mental weight of expectations, worries, misunderstandings, creating disharmony with ourselves and with others.

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