The flavor of India

The tempting recipes of Guptaji’s family are incredible and give us long lasting effect of its flavor. Their unforgettable recipe of every occasion is trendy and evergreen.

Yes, I want to be a part of their mouth-watering breakfast because of its combination of royal restaurant and street feel food. The scrumptious food you enjoy in royal palace or in the street, you can find in Guptaji’s house.

Do you really want to know why I am dedicating complimentary words to their food? Know the reveal of superfood spread.

  • The casual dining in a mix and match of delicious eat and drink accompanied with vivacious feeling.
  • They are committed to preserving culture, standard and tradition.
  • All recipes are majestic and unbelievable.
  • Their recipes give the feeling of ancient tadka.
  • It resembles the Dun style of cooking.
  • Infact they have their own specific flavor, which gives a divine and delightful experience.
  • It nurtures your heart and soul with ultimate pleasure.
  • It has all the minute detailing which keep your tongue watered even at your bite finish.
  • Your mouth will ask for more every bite you finish.
  • The complete look is awesome and the taste is even better.

I am not pointing one dish as my favorite because all the dishes were overwhelmingly outstanding. Their food is all-day breakfast that I want to commence as early as, along with fresh vegetable salads, lassi in long tall glasses and more brings in world-class delicacy. From low-seating dhaba style to booth seating with LCD’s, you can get all kind of flavors in Guptaji’s recipes.

Nobody can spare themselves with such a scrumptious effect of love, tricks, twist and turn in the food altogether. Even you no longer avoid overeating if you have such serving before you.

They are the proud owner of best dinning in the world. Each and every minute details of handful of exotic spices in their recipes give us wonderful feeling to cheer and delight our heart with their heart-warming creation. They know to pamper the world with their handmade different recipes for all season and for all age group.

After seeing, the table decorated with their scrumptious disc your hand cannot wait to pick their delights. The world-class delicacy in their table which is for melting your heart, burn your anger and for keep you cool.

The main attraction is in their recipe is their love for the exclusive cooking and for serving it to show their dignified emotion and hospitality. They offers complete package of breakfast, which will mesmerized your soul with delicacy and pride. I got something in my mouth first time, which has the combination of healthy yet scrumptious.

I can even leave my favorite bed in the morning easily for getting such pamper in dinning. Really such an innovation in hospitality where one experiences exuberance all the time. We Indian are very fond of food, which is high in spice and having interesting flavor. We live to eat. You all people, what are you waiting for just spice up your boring life by adding the flavor of Guptaji’s recipe.

Yuppie, this is the best breakfast I ever had which will remain in my heart for lifetime.





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