Talvar: the land of controversy

There are numerous true story has been featured in Indian cinema and the presentation that indeed matters which is given by onscreen people or entire cast and crew. The movie Talvar starred with Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma has done fab job with their presence they made us feel like the live everything is happening Irfan is amazing in his role and completely dedicate himself in presenting the real actor.


talvar movie 2015

Meghna Gulzar’s latest premiered at the 40th Toronto Film Festival.

#Talvar has been indeed focused with the great wit of Meghna Gulzar and she has presented Ierfan, a soul of the movie and he was so responsible to bear the case. The presentation of the  Aarushi murder case has done greatly in the movie and I love the way of every character confession in imagination and story was taking shape on that order. That might have happened and story could be different even the whole process was entirely in new manner. Audience was left with thinking that the reality could be anything. The actor was investigative officer and he was honestly playing his role of his profession. It was consciously taking everyone’s witness through Narco test and still it seems that the conspiracy was in full swing to hide the matter of Aarushi murder case. The movie was denoting also one thing that how the multiple point of view has left the officer in confusion. He is centralized everywhere and no chance he has left to please the audience with his dramatic performance.

The scenes were well articulated and crystallized in a way that Konkona Sen Sharma has done amazing work as usual and Neeraj was also in the movie with great delivery of his part.  Last scene was compassed with real picture of life in the world of system, law and order. The long unwavering discussion between the big leads was impressively done and the timing was great. I would say nothing was missing in the movie as it was conducted in a way that we were watching the live conspiracy in the family.

talvar movie 2015

Talvar had two faces or it was two sided and relationship was just for the name sake. The strong bond cannot be trusted anymore in life. The movie had steadily taking new directions and shape which was sometime making us feel that the story can be in some other level but overall that I know that it managed to give us pitched perfect performance by all. You I can say that. A must watch movie.

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  1. Intriguing controversies indeed! I did watch the movie and felt the same.
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  2. Yeah, this case is one of the all cases that came into limlight. I personally find the movie quite engaging. Irrfan seems up to the mark for his Officer role.

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  3. great post, nice to read. that was good movie though but lot of controversy.

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  4. I guess this movie is coming back, perhaps got an invite to private screening, they may release in coming days maybe
    Thanks for info by the way

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  5. Great post. Enjoyed reading it.

  6. Hi everyone,Yes Shivangi you are absolutely correct.Your blog is really a persona of your thoughts and thanks for sharing such a good content.Keep writing.

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