Sony Xperia Z5: The smartphone packed with smart features and specs

Tech savvy people always keep their eyes on the new releases and look forward something new from the gadget. Sony Xperia Z5 will come again with the purpose to cover the maximum crowd. You can say, Z5 is all set to see the people carrying style in their hand.

There is lot more expected stuff in pipeline when it comes to Xperia series and other brands as well like LG G4 and LG G5 pensitdownis also in the race of releases. Surprises one after another bewildered us often and Sony Xperia series managed to do the same.

Last year in 2014, the releases of Z2 and Z3 have given us opportunity to rethink the positive stuff about Z4 and Z5, which is the upcoming smartphones of the 2015. It means 2015 is not even isolated as it has lot more things to surprise us positively.

Specs and features are here to give the idea what Sony Xperia Z5 has to offer and I am sure it has more upgraded features than the previous Xperia series Z1, Z3 and Z4.

Specs and Features

 1. Display

5 inches display is the awesome size according to the smartphones of today along with the resolution of 4k.

2. Processor

It has octa core 3GHz processor, which is a fast processing speed for the smartphones.

3. RAM

I was talking about upgraded feature then this is it. As Z5 is likely to come with 4GB, RAM while previous series had not that much larger RAM ever.

 4. Storage

As it has 128 GB on-board memory so, you need not to restrict yourself for capturing and downloading any stuff in your smartphone. Not even, you need not to indulge in deleting anything for storing new apps in your device.

5. Camera

The camera freak people are going to enjoy immense with its 27 MP rotator camera. You can have unlimited fun with more and more pictures.

 6. Battery Backup

This will be the attraction for those who use their phone every time. It carries good battery backup and you have facility of battery charging capacity itself with good speed.

It is not sufficient details about Xperia Z5 as it has more added features as if it is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof tech.

Now turn your head for its release date. As it will decide, the market catches up.

Expected Release date

Sony Xperia series are so predictable for their releases. Therefore, I will not be wrong in guessing the month of 2015 for the release of Z5. It is likely to be released in September 2015.

I know wait is long but it will over soon as Z4 is also in pipeline so its news will keep you busy.

Stay tuned as lot more to come.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hello Shiwangi,

    Thanks for the amazing review.

    1. Hi Fakhruddin,

      Thanks for the appreciation..

  2. Nice review. This device is good and really packed with some great features and specs.
    Thanks for sharing the details about this device 🙂

    1. Hi Kuldeep,

      Yep I feel the same this phone is going to rock. Thanks for coming.

  3. Hello Shiwangi Di,

    Sony Xperia is the brand which has made its place in the market. Upcoming smartphone Z5 seems to be very effective in terms of its features.

    Amaze to know that its has 128GB in built memory and 27MP camera.
    I am waiting for its released date.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    >SK Lohar

    1. Hi Shiv,

      I am overwhelmed to see daily new invention of the phones with power packed performance. Among them we have Xperia z5 but it release we have to wit long as Z4 is also in pipeline. See what will happen next.

      Thanks for stopping by

  4. One of the biggest downers about these phones is that you really can’t take these phones in water that isn’t fresh – so the sea or even a pool which has chlorine in is a bit risky. The phones are great to prevent from every day splashes but if you want to take your phone in and under the water your much better off spending a little bit more money to protect your phone by buying a 100% Waterproof bag for your phone such as SwimCell which lets you take your phone underwater down to 10m for up to an hour- although a recent story showed someones phone that had been lost in the sea for 4 hours and came out just fine.

    1. Hi Manish,

      Thanks for exploring some new idea about the Xperia Z5 otherwise compare to you my knowledge about this phone is as upto the mark as yours.

      Thanks for coming..

  5. what a wonderful Smartphone.. i love it…

    1. Hi Simmi,

      thanks for the stopping by.

  6. what do you think about the release date of Z5…. is it going to release in sep 2015?

    1. Hi Zimmi,

      You know about the company they are sometimes unpredictable in launching their devices. if they claiming in Sep 2015 it can go one or two months late as well till then we can be only wait as spectator.

      Keep coming

  7. hi, xperia z5 is really nice smartphone with powerful camera i am quite satisfied with my smartphone here.

    1. Ohh it is interesting to know that Xperia Z5is turning out awesome handset for you. Thanks for coming

  8. I have used sony xperia z5, I don’t think i can get a better phone then this. Sony got an excellent designing team. The phone looks really beautiful.

  9. I love this smartphone, actually Xperia series has been my fav since always.

    1. Thanks Ankila

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