Revising happiness with the journey to home town

The journey by domestic flight from Delhi to home town is my favorite chill out and vacation fun. Nothing can be better than this. I believe my home town Muzaffarpur, Bihar is the best place to travel in vacation because my baby will be able to connect to the tradition and culture of my destination where I was grown up. Every time I go to my place I find some development and improvement. I am so connected to my place and my happiness knows no boundaries when my baby loves to visit there.

pensitdownIn the midst of the journey we get to see the lot of scenic beauty famous monument which is indeed tutorial for my baby. Traveling is very educational and it builds your state of mind at great height. We gorged on some great Dhaba to have the bliss of street food after landing. We hired car for the way to my place from Patna. I enjoy the bliss of street food culture literally and it is better than any five star hotel foods. Whenever I am in the process of journey to my home town I feel that I am having picturesque outing with colorful and scrumptious food.

Once we reached, we had family time and of course mother cooked proper meal which is tempting and nutritious both like rice, dal and 3 or 4 vegetables with coriander leaves chutney is immortal. This is my best idea of fun and more love and renewal of the bond of family. This is something I cannot resist. My baby experiences with the family are amazing and he loves the huge crowd and lot of members in the family rather than only mom, dad and he himself.

Life is roller coaster ride and this is the real bliss of life what I was experiencing and my baby with family. It is constantly love factor. We spent the full month vacation and it was quite rejuvenating and relaxing. With a stopgap fun my baby was in paradise when he was there as there was lot of people to give him time and get plenty of pamper. Life is so easy in my home town where no stress only harmony and peaceful life.


It is indeed tough to get back in the hectic life where life is machine in Delhi because our work and setup is there. Going back to Delhi is mix feeling but indeed life is so controlled and tension free in home town. The feeling of departure from my loved one is painful but life is all about moving ahead. From Muzaffapur to Delhi, we connect to most places and its beauty. The beautiful places are made to teach us and please us. The journey has not end as it is the lifetime coarse of life till death. It cultivates happy state of mind and keeps you calm and reasonable. With the life’s up and downs traveling is like embracing yourself and revising loads of fun and happiness. Keep traveling to be friendly with you.



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4 Responses to "Revising happiness with the journey to home town"

  1. Ravi Chahar says:

    Hey Shiwangi,

    When I used to study in the different state. I used to have the home-sickness. It’s the best day when you return to your home after a long time.

    And visiting the place where you grew up is the best thing you can ever expect to be happy. The family members show you the affections and it’s all like something alluring.

    Thanks for reminding me.
    Enjoy the stay.
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    • Shiwangi Shrivastava says:

      Hey Ravi,

      I am glad you have also recollected your home town. The bliss of staying there is always relaxing and rejuvenating.
      Nothing can be better than this stop gap travelling to home town.

      Thanks for enriching my blog with your presence.

  2. krishna says:

    Thanks for sharing your article.

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