Review of iPad Air2

Tablet is good and easy for those who works in late nights or works while traveling. It’s just a good option for them who want to work without any pain.

pensitdownIf we are talking about tablet Apple I think the best Tablet in the world is only this. Apple iPad air 2 has many features and it’s a good tablet ever. Apple had released its tablet in the end of November of this year. Apple is also releasing its iPad Air 3 in future. The releasing date of iPad Air 3 has yet not be decided.

On the other side we will talk about the Apple iPad Air 2. Now we will talk about the method Features and Functions of the Apple iPad Air 2.

iPad Air 3 has also great features. The release date is October 2015. Apple iPad air 3 will come out with A9 Processor which is Speedy Processor. this will also has a great features just like iPad Air 2 . Just now have a look on iPad Air 2.

Let’s talk on Features of iPad Air 2

As you know that apple has many feature in its any phone or tablet. So , we are now viewing about the features of iPad Air 2. Features are given below.


Apple appears to have used up thoughts somewhat with the new model, at any rate on the outside. The configuration of the new ipad Air is slimmer – 18% more slender at 6.1mm – and polishes things up a tiny bit in different zones.

For example, its lighter than at any other time in recent memory before at 437g, and the edges feel diverse in the hand because of a marginally more rakish configuration. They’re unquestionably more chamfered, and the impact upgrades the premium feel and prods it back towards the modern configuration of the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s.

About Battery Life

The battery of the iPad Air 2 is cited as 10 hours, which isn’t a bounce on the first iPad Air.

Not at all like telephones, the battery life isn’t generally an essential concern on a tablet, so this is less of an issue for prospective purchasers. I’ve utilized an iPad Air as much as I longed for feature amid a 11 hour flight and not verge on running it down, so the while the upgrades here are welcome, we’re now into a world where tablets are more than satisfactory.

About Camera

The cam on the iPad Air 2 – something despite everything I wish wasn’t there, as it would debilitate clients from setting up huge screens before my face at donning occasions or gigs – is enhanced once more, reflecting the iPhone 6 with its 8mp sensor.

The cam application really has practically the same list of capabilities as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, with improved scenes, time-pass and moderate movement feature, in addition to double receivers, and one major change is the incorporation of amazing post snap altering, which makes it simple to take photograph and immediately flawless it.

As this the some features of iPad Air 2 but the in reality iPad Air 2 is really awesome tablet. It is the only tablet which has many features and as we know that this is costly but when we see its feature cost is nothing in front of that.

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  1. Nice Specifications and Good features of ipad air 2.
    can u tell me is it supprt any sim card or not.

    keep Blogging.

    1. Hey Kapil,

      It does not support SIM card and besides that it is the worth buy for your use.
      Thanks for stopping by..:)

  2. When i am sleeping at night than i am thinking about Apple in my dream because i love to Apple ipad and iphone. Ipad air2 is a great tablet but one of feature not in this tablet sim card slot. Because without sim card a tablet is waste of money. But all other features are nice in this tablet. So thanks for sharing review about Apple company product.

    1. Hi Suresh,

      I agree with you it does not support SIM card. But other features are the attraction for the people.

      I am amazed that you are dreaming of Apple. For sure you can own it in reality so do not dream only but act upon to achieve it .lol

  3. yes I pad is awesome and this information is good, but you can explain with images it is more useful, I love apple iPad

    1. Hi Mvenkat,

      I agree with you that iPad is awesome. Thanks for coming and for throwing your ideas.

  4. nice post and fillu aggry whu yout

    1. Thanks and keep coming

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