Premarital sex- Wonderful feeling cannot be immoral

You cannot stop changing of climate, mother to give birth, wind to blow and all those things, which are natural, feel good factor and embracing. Similarly, you cannot suppress your feeling of love and sex.

If you cannot stop unnatural or immoral things like criminalization in politics, millions of innocent people killed by tereverist and many destructive things are happening around. Then why people are being judgmental for the natural act.

pensitdownEverything is subjective in life as if one man’s food is another man’s poison.

Life has sharpened our knives and advancement is revolutionized. Nothing can deter the world to do their respective things.

In other words, you are able to effortlessly know and manage who you are, what your lifestyle choices should be, how to process emotions and how to interact with all the different fundamental needs and qualities of nature around.

As far as we all have the awareness that we are constantly striving to do something good for our mind, body and spirit. Therefore, premarital sex is no more issue. What a use of dying yourself for the sake of religion and tradition.

How can we forget those days for surviving the tradition, religion and culture we kill our loved ones in the form of killing daughter for having son and in the form of killing lovebirds for the sake of sustaining the name of family.

I do not think it is politically and personally correct to suppress the feeling of love and sex. Sex is the basic need. It develops beautifully with love. If love is happening around you cannot wait for the marriage tag for it. Interest does not wait for the tag and monogram.

Personal decision of two cannot be the matter of all. We are living in the independent world sex cannot be morally incorrect. Love is pillar of whole world and you cannot agree anyone for anything with wrangles.

Change is the part of life and life is moving ahead faster so there is no space for petty mindset. Sex is a natural act, it defines our self-being. I am not saying pre marital sex should be promoted but if it happens, it is natural and acceptable.

Sex Education is required

If two sided is ready for the connectivity of body and soul to make love then there should be no boundary. However, it does not mean that teenage sex should be promoted. What if anyone is cheating on you for getting your body? As puberty is not fully grown to take such a sensitive decision. After using you, he/she leaves you or makes his/her own way. So learn to say no. If the individual is kind enough then one will wait for your mind preparation for the premarital sex.

Proper education of subject will save you from landing in trouble.

It is acceptable when the two of you are ready to surrender for each other. The two have a soft corner and care for each other.

Final words

Sex is magical and keeps you away from the stressful life. Premarital sex is rarely can be act of threatening if it is so then it is wrong. No one can get you without your consent. I will go with the premarital sex.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Bold declaration that I am sure will be appreciated from several quarters. “No one can get without your consent”-you have put it aptly. I always wondered about the frequent cry for the necessity of sex education. If every other living being can have it naturally without anyone teaching them, why humans need to be educated. I meant no offence.

    They know the pleasures and the results very well before taking part but still feign innocence or ignorance when faced with realities.

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

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