How to Play Around Money from Content Writing

There are several income generating way online that promise to make you successful with handsome penny. Now a days are the days of media and the web, in short you can say the world is now a digital planet. Almost all the businesses have moved to web industry for their online presence. When it comes to web world, Content Writing holds a significant position.

Design is just a body of your site but content is soul.

Content comes in many forms (video, text, audio) which compile you with the combo of information, entertainment and personalized (2)

Content writing carries various faces in terms of making money. Anybody looking to set up a business on the internet would come across very common term content writing. Consider the following types which measure the volume of content writing.

Web Content Writing

This form of writing is for your website which is marketing based. The main theme of such writing is not only to draw visitors to the business through Google search result but also ensure conversion i.e sale of product through its writing description of hiring a particular services.

As a web content writer you are unexpectedly expected to research and write intriguing stuff about SEO. You have to put keyword in your article to remain in the fovourite list of Google. Use of keyword is necessary but it does not mean to overuse it. If you have to remain in blogging you have to please google. Website owners majorly depends on the services of content writers on the internet. This kind of skill is high in demand. Most of the web content writing services involve one of the following:

  • Landing Pages.
  • SEO Blogs.
  • Mini Blogs.
  • Linkbait articles

If you are a profound content writer with rich layouts and go with the flow of SEO strategy. Then money will come to your doorstep. Money making in this sector is dependable as per the example of your work. Your website is your business card. Consequently its obscure to analyze, how much you will be paid because most companies maintain their privacy regarding prices. But professional web content writer is being offered $ 25- $35 for 400-500 words through their clients.

Ghost Writing

This writing suggest the name of other person but the content is developed by another one. Article writing services offer search engine optimization articles under their ghost writing genre in the internet marketing world. The client purchase these and use it for his own blog, post them on article directories and do guest blogging to other blogger’s blog post.

You probably know that ample of celebrities and politicians hire ghost writer to pen their books. If you are an authentically prolific content writer then you have no way to look back ever again. I personally, myself doing ghost writing and making as much money working part time hours as I did as a full time freelancer. Acknowledge your expertise marketing yourself to potential client.

Basically, you can opt for getting ghosting work as well. Go in for sites like,, and to get the possible ghost writing and co-authoring opportunities.

Technical Writing

This sector requires more research and carries a basket of technical concepts. The criteria of writing content through common man about scientific material is known as technical writing. Its role is to establish business assessment procedures from for multiple or critical application. The job of tech writer is more important and at the same time very complex. In this kind of writing you have to take a note on every small and single nuiances. To be employed in this section is not everyone’s cup of tea.

As technical writing is not everyone’s forte. For any companies or clients, hiring tech writer is not a piece of cake. They take care of minor ingredients of technology in writer. According to the Washington market, tech writer is also being paid as per their skill. Certain industries offers tech writer top dollar. Experienced writer generally get between $50 to $70 per hour only for those who have healthy supply and demand factors.

Press Release Writing

Traditionally, Press releases were limited to businesses to give exposure to their production and development of their company. But now the time has changed as I said earlier everything is digital here on earth. Today, sales pitch devices are involved to elaborate your business to the next making images

Professional writer are those who write content that are bizarre and tailored to website or business. Many opportunities knock in this vendour as well. You can check out, one of the most popular content network.You can hire  many press release expert on a regular basis. If you are a profound writer you can earn upto $20 to $25 for their project.

As you can see above the different option of making money online. 

I have a gut feeling that I am missing out something. Let me recollect. Yes I wanted to deliver a stroke of some words for Freelance Writing.

Can you make money by selling your skill i.e Freelance Writing? 

One notable question is pinching the masses that, can freelance content writing make money as effectively as other source of earning?

The answer is Yes! It is possible to earn a decent penny from freelance writing. Infact competition are hyperly high as there are thousands of other freelance writer out there. If you really want to make money through freelance writing then I would suggest you to contribute your content to other websites or sell your content via an article market place and get paid instantly so that you do not need spend your time on those freelance sites looking for clients.

Some have the opine that blog takes much time to build traffic so people prefer freelance writing because its quick money option. For example- If I write a blog post of 1500 to 2000 words then I publish that post on my blog and promoting on adsense or other ad networks then it takes several months to make $200 to $300 from that single article. So, is there any harm if your client is interested in that content and willing to pay you $250 to $300 for the same content under his or her name. Whats your say.

Even then is money making pipe dream for you. Many businesses or website owners are not writers and would rather hire writers to fill up their pages. Here, I would like to give you viable advice, make a page of Hire Me in your website as I did and it works for me. I am sharing a link of my page i.e

Bottom Line

Never ending need for high quality content means professional writer can write not only for media outlets but for every single business of storytelling and content marketing. Like any money making source, you should have a penchant to be committed and years of service to develop your skill, sell your work and make valuable contents. Enjoy the benefits of being associated with your writing genre.

I like to add few of the sites below for the online job aspirant in content writing:-


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Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hi Shiwangi,

    Nicel post about using your writing skills for earning money,by different ways,sitting at your home. You are right that almost all the businesses have also come online now.And with this upsurge there are huge job opportunities,including for the writers in various forms.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your viable words. True, online work is booming but when it comes to earning all bloggers are not getting their due as per their skill. I pray may be in future that will be solved.

  2. I want to be a writer since years but still I am not a good writer. Have to give more time to writing to learn he ethics which might let me earn few extra $$$.

    1. Hello who says you are not a good writer without that skill I don’t think anybody can go so far. In the package of Atish anyone can get all substantial stuff like talent,hard working, helping hand and most importantly you enjoy your work. That’s is the reason why you are shining in your profession.

  3. Hi Shiwangi,
    Nice post. Content writing is a great way to earn money. Many people are earning good bucks from content writing.
    Thanks for sharing this post 🙂

    1. Yea true content writing is a good option of making money if done by understanding the strategy of the market. Just hope if someone have that skill never sit idle due to lack of knowledge about opportunities. Thanks for coming.

  4. Hello my mate! I would like to declare that this article is amazing, great published and will include somewhere around many important infos. Let me find a lot more content this way .

    1. Yup my next venture is again on money making hope that will turn out again informative for the people. Thanks..

  5. Hello Shiwangi,

    Well I think content writing is evergreen part where we could easily earn handsome income in a short time directly from the clients or we can also try website to find buyers. I’ve justed save teh sites listed for content writing jobs.


    1. You are right Samir that sites I have mentioned in my post is really helpful in finding out the buyers as well.Thanks.

  6. Awesome food for thought!

    1. Hi Jodi,
      Thanks for coming.

  7. Hi Shiwangi,

    A very nice post that talks in detail about making money from content writing.

    The work dynamics are changing across the world and content writing is the new blooming opportunity. It is a huge market loaded with a very high demand for quality content writers. Millions and billions of web pages over the Internet, each and every page needs content not only once, but on a regular basis. We can just imagine the huge manpower requirement of this blooming sector.

    Companies are using freelancing platform to outsource their content requirement as a good means to keep the cost on lower end. Work dynamics are changing across the world, completeing turning upside down the work culture. In future, the online human resource market is also going to pose a serious threat to the companies involved in exploiting their employed human resource.

    Just in the morning, I got the news that oDesk and Elance, two of the biggest online human resource platforms are getting into a merger. I am quite hopeful about it and believe that it is going to add more jewels to this blooming market.

    It is good for everyone and I am sure that your post is going to help many people who are interested in starting their freelance career in writing. Although, we need to understand that quality rules this market and it will become more prominet in the time to come.

    Thanks Shiwangi for coming up with such a nice post. 🙂

    1. Hi Ashutosh,
      I was unaware of the merger of these two sites. Literally this gonna rock as we all know that “two heads are better than one”. Thanks for dropping such a nice statement which means a lot.

  8. Content writing is in demand, I just have read a blog post on writersincharge where one writer mentioned how he reached from 15 USD writing charge for a post to 450 USD for same kind of post. It shows how much writing is in demand.

    1. Thanks for coming. Yes that’s a very good jump from 15 USD to 450 USD. Continuous effort win sooner or later.

  9. Nice post Shiwangi. content writing is in demand and one can earn very well from it.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for giving my venture a striking appreciation.

  10. Very nice post shiwangi ,now everything is online and after writing a quality content we can earn a lot only sitting at a single palace thats why day by day websites rising ..

    1. Hi Naveen,

      Yes if you are going in right direction then you can earn very well in this spheres.
      Thanks for the visit and worthy comment. Keep coming for dropping your viable views.

  11. I don’t еvcen know how I ended up here,but І thought this post was great.
    I do not know wwho you are but Ԁefіnitely you arre goig to a famous bloǥger iff you are nօtt аlready 😉 Cheers!

    Also visit my web sitte – personal loan online

  12. thanks for sharing this content. after encourage me by my friend i also start blogging to make money online but now i am addicted of it its really amazing.

    1. Hi Mitesh

      It is good that you are taking blogging seriously and really it is addiction you cannot stay away from the sell of it.

  13. Hi Shiwangi,
    I really enjoyed reading your post. And the tips you have shared are really good, that we can earn money by just writing content for others. And mainly nowadays there are enough opportunities to earn through content writing,
    Thanks for the share.

  14. I’ve learn several good stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how much attempt you set to make any such magnificent informative web site. I think is good for online job.

    1. Hi Gurjit,
      I am glad you are finding the post amazing. I will check your recommendation also. Keep coming.

  15. Well content writing is also a part of art your content should be very interesting and attractive in should be informational. Content writing is also a good job if your content is powerful.

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