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Well! I know, the title and your fantasy about event blogging makes you to click on the link or you might be here as you have been searching for the “PBN complete guide(Basic)”. We the bloggers always love instant money and results, right? and I am too with you. But both are completely impossible if you are just going through the white hat SEO. Google is going to be more smart in future and ranking is going to be a bit tough. Remember,it is just going to be tough but is always possible. As per experts note, the following are the three main factors that are considered as top ranking signals.

  1. Content
  2. Link building (Relevant links pointed to your site).
  3. Rank Brain (Artificial Intelligence).

pensitdownNote: PBN is completely related to the second factor. It deals with linking and passing of link juice. Scroll down as everything is well explained.

Let me say you something about the rank brain update before going to start about the PBN. Rank Brain was a recent Google update which killed the keyword stuffing. Yes! As per the Rank Brain update Google is going to understand the content of the WebPages i.e. Artificial intelligence. Ok! Now you are good enough to learn about PBN from the scratch.

Contents Going to be covered in the below guide:

  1. What is PBN?
  2. What are expired domains?
  3. Metrics to be overlooked to buy a expired domain?
  4. How to find the expired domains?
  5. Articles and links to the PBN?

What is PBN?

PBN is the short form of private blog networks. It’s not a big math formula to be confused. Let me explain it, it is just a group of blogs (some x number of blogs) and they should be connected to your money making site (Main site). In brief, we are transferring the authority, Link juice and all from that network of blogs to our main site.


  • The blogs of that network should not be linked with each other. In one word linking them doesn’t makes you sense.
  • Metrics of those PBN domains plays the game. The number of domains in the network is not a big deal.
  • PBN is completely against the Google’s algorithms and there is a possibility of being attacked by the Google updates. Your smartness and creativity can make you safe.
  • Never include a blog with spam links into the blog network.


What are expired domains?


Network of blogs with average metrics cannot help you that much as they are many spammers around you. So, my personal suggestion is go with domains which are with better metrics. Yeah! I know you are rolling your mouse around thinking about “How can we get good authority domains to create a blog network and that too within no time”. This the thing we are going to discuss here..We use expired domains which have good metrics to create a private blog network. It’s up to you about the number of blogs in network.

The domains which are expired (They left the renewal of their domains) or which are left by their respective owners (reason may be any) can be called as Expired domains.

Metrics to be overlooked to buy an expired domain:

There are exactly 4 metrics to be overlooked before going to buy an expired domain.

Citatian Flow(CF):Must be 15+

Trust Flow(TF):Must be 15+

Page Authority(PA):Must be 20+

Domain Authority(DA):Must be 15+

Points to be considered:

  • You should check the metrics only from the premium or trusted tools
  • Domains with above metrics are just the minimum one. The cost of buying such domains (with above metrics) is minimum.
  • The cost of the expired domains is completely based on the metrics of the domains.
  • I personally suggest you to go through the bank link profile of those domains. Buying spam domains to do spam doesn’t work! Right?

How to find the expired domains:

There are two ways in finding an expired domains. One is through the domain host sites and other is manual method (Scrapping). For now, we are just going with the domain providers. It’s not a rocket science to so do and you are just a step away for building your first private blog network. Here are some of the sites to buy the expired domains.

  • expireddomains.net
  • freshdrop.com
  • name.com
  • stuckdomains.com
  • domainpeel.com

These are the most popularized places to buy the expired domains and that too for a min price.

Articles and Links to PBN:

So, now you had set up everything a group of expired domains and all. You know that only the domains can’t play the game, right? Content, links are also to be considered to win the game and to bank.

  • You should provide the unique content in order to make Google trust your site for a time and it takes a bit of time. So be sure, you have to create and publish good content. Copy content doesn’t work that much as expected. One more thing publishing the articles frequently as it creates trust for your site.
  • Links are always the major ranking factor in every Google update. Remember there is nothing in creating thousands of spam links as that number just satisfy your eyes but not the search engine. Relavency of the links and naturality of the links matters a lot.

Extra tip: Anchor text-The one more thing to be considered while creating links.


Well, finally we are at the end and let me say you some interesting things. Publishing a single article for week with good on page SEO is better than posting tons of articles on a day in a month. Coming to the linking section, no more to talk about this as I don’t want to waste much of your time. Just give priority to relevancy and see the boom. You can use this PBN strategy especially for the event blogs to make some bucks. Remember give this a try if you are capable of earning money from event blogging as you are investing a lot to buy expired domains which are necessary to build a PBN. Hope you got everything right and let me know your doubts and worries through comment section.

This is the guest post by Thandava Krishna the founder of backbenchideas.com





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