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Indus Valley is extra safe when it comes to care your real asset hair and skin. In this contemporary products line we have forgotten our real value. The real value is our naturality and the natural product should be our key thing. This is the correct time to introduce you the Indus Valley organic products before situation go out of hand. Only regret will be left if we simultaneously keep using the products used full of chemicals that causes the various health hazard.


hair gel powder

Indus Valley Gel Hair Colors

Herbal Ingredients:

Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Wheat gram, Amla, Orange, Honey Comb, Basil, Henna and Sunflower.

hair color


Indus Valley prevents hair fall, hair damage and there would be no side effects like eye irritation, irritation of skin and breathing problem as it is hydrogen peroxide free and FABB free. If I will focus on the Indus Valley Hair colors then it is of high quality and the ingredients are natural which you see in the kitchen and the natural seeds which is not even rarefound in the market. The organically natural gel colors ingredients are authentic and not chemical based.

Hair colors are available in different shades which will hide your grey hair but one thing I want to mention as it is 100% chemical free so it cannot be used for highlighting your hair for staying fashionable. This hair dye is completely safe if you are very health conscious and you use only organic product then this is for you.

bio organic


There are different people in the world few people like to have instant result and do not care about the contents of the hair color or it is safe or chemical free not their concern. Their only target is to get the result then that person will surely choose the chemical based products of hair which give result soon but it damages the quality of your hair with time.

hair regrowth product


The different hair products are also available such as color protective shampoo that makes the color stay longer. Paraben free, completely vegetarian, SLES/SLS free and soap and alkali free is the virtue of Indus Valley all hair products. It has  hair regrowth product as well but it works in terms and conditions.


Indus Valley Skin Care Products

skin lightening cream


Apart from the Indus Valley hair products you can take good care of your skin with its skin care oil, skin lightening cream, feminine wash and other skin products that are completely rejuvenating. It prevents premature ageing and free from any chemicals. No toxin effect and when you apply the cream and oil it makes your skin feel lighter. Its rich content with organic products will make your skin glow and no damage of the cells.


About Indus Valley

Indus Valley as an individual entity started its journey in the year 2007 and within this short span of time, it has won the trust and acknowledgement of thousands of customers. Available in more than 50 E-Commerce portals and 18 countries globally, Indus Valley’s credibility owes to the fact that it is a natural brand believing in the power of Ayurveda.


My Words:

Indus Valley’s all the products are well described by the founders Mr. Shyam Arya and Mrs. Seema Arya and they have given their valued inputs and I have come to the conclusion that the Indus Valley products are impressive. It is natural brand and recommendation of Doctors and won Global Certifications like Bio Natural, EcoCert and Halal. At the price point, you can say it is bit expensive but before Indus Valley’s richness and its protective nature its cost is nothing.


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