N99 Cambridge Air Pollution Mask by Atlanta Healthcare

Atlanta Healthcare has introduced N99 Cambridge Air Pollution Masks. As we all know that India is thickly polluted country and the reveal of air pollution mask is boon for the masses safety. Air pollution leads you to plenty of health hazard and New Delhi has the worst smog in the area and it is called as ‘Great Smog of Delhi’. The quality of the air in Delhi is alarming and the risk over the health is asthma, allergy, chest constriction, irritation in eyes, suffocation and other health problems has become the day to day incidence.


Atlanta Healthcare air pollution mask

Atlanta Healthcare collaboration with Cambridge masks

Now we should talk about Atlanta Healthcare initiative to prevent the Delhiets from air pollution by introducing them air purification system to generate the safe and pollution free air wherever you go (outdoor or indoor). It is safe to stay home if you have air purifier but what will you do when you go out? The dust particles are everywhere and it is unexpectedly turning out to be source of big discomfort in life. It is becoming day by day silent killer for human being.

I have total admiration for the venture of the Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge masks and their collaboration for the people benefits. Now we should turn our head for the military grade technology Cambridge Mask offers.

Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge Masks Capability

This Cambridge Mask is powered with 3 layers of protection by giving you complete safety against dust pollution up to the level of 0.3micron viruses, bacteria and gas pollution. N99 is anti-pollution masks; let us take a look at its 3 layers of protection.


atlanta healthcare N99 cambridge mask

The Primary Filter Layer

This layer will protect you against large dust particles which you undergo when you go out. It is designed to filter out dust efficiently and PM10.


The Three-Ply Micro Particular Layer

This layer is specifically designed to offer you to block particulate pollution like PM2.5 and it can filter the smallest particles as well upto PM0.3. The three-ply texture is thermoplastic polymer which is great in protecting you to inhale harmful air.


The Military Grade Carbon Layer

This layer is so high in protection against pollution of the air. It is designed to defend you better with the pores in each filament are25 times smaller as compare to carbon materials. It shows how powerful this mask is. It is invented by the UK Ministry of Defense and incorporated with the series of activated carbon filaments and each series are 2000 nanometers in diameter. The result will be positive and the bacteria and viruses present in the air will drag to the surface.


air pollution mask


Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge Air Pollution masks are capable to give 99.77 percent protection against bacteria while protection against viruses is upto 99.6 percent.



Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge masks are attractive look wise. The texture of the mask is comprehensive and the fitting due to the craftsmanship is amazing. The grip is nice as it has come in different sizes. This mask is not only suitable for the protection point of view but it is also fashion accessory. It is perfect for Indian but Atlanta is not satisfied to give you good as it want to give you best so it is planning to work with NIFT designers to make the mask more user-friendly and descriptive in design as per the Indian mindset. You have to wait bit for this as new design will be announced at the time of NIFT annual event Spectrum 2017.

The design is vary and very adjustable. It comes with nose band and there is strap also to fit comfortably that no air can go inside. The exhaled air in the mask will not store due to the presence of the valves in the mask.


top model

Connectivity with Air Visual App

With the Air Visual App you can use N99 Cambridge with more functions and transparency. The Air Visual Node can better read the indoor and outdoor atmosphere. It promises the healthy living by visualizing the invisible threats in the air. It immediately tracks from where the pollution is coming by reading. It has smart data correction, real time sensor calibration, high precision technology, Quad-core CPU chip and better air flow control. It monitors PM2.5 and CO2 so you will better informed with the condition of temperature and humidity.



Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge masks are long lasting and it is perfect for your all family members. You can use it for maximum hours which mean 340 hours and it has expiry days also so you cannot use it after four years. It weight around 6 kg to 90 kg and even more than that. Washing this mask is also every convenient and texture is thick that it will not torn with the continuous use. Washing with hand will remove stubborn dust particles and no smell will annoy you if you are using regularly.



The Cambridge mask is available in 5 different sizes that will fit to as per your face size. It comes in different pattern of prints and the colors are lively as well. It is fashionable and protective as well. It gives good result and creates healthy environment for you. The polluted air will never be part of your life so the disease. You can buy it from different E-Commerce websites such as Amazon, Snapdeal and more. This mask can be bought from chemist shop and in major hospitals.

This is available in three different options like No Valve (low physical activity), 1 Valve(mild physical activity) and 2 valves is for heavy workout like walking, by cycling, running and other tough exercises.

Buy here.



Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge mask has different models so the price is different as per the efficiency of the masks. No valve mask is available in Rs. 1799 while for 1 Valve the price will be Rs. 1999 and with 2 Valve the price would be Rs 2199.


Why we should buy it?

Atlanta Healthcare Cambridge mask is extra generous and following points will explain it in better way that why it is better than its alternatives.

  • This mask is feature-rich.
  • More comfort in wearing.
  • The level of Micron Filtration is upto 0.3 while other masks offers 5 to 10
  • Comprehensive design with brand logo.
  • Washable.
  • Fitting is comprehensive.
  • It will not let you compromise in your daily activities.
  • Pollution free air you can get when you go out.
  • Its capability to protect you from bacterial air and air full of viruses is so instant and quite active.
  • Durable and lightweight.



About Atlanta Healthcare

Atlanta Healthcare, founded in 2010, is an air quality management company focusing on improving the quality of air and helping people breathe pure. Atlanta Healthcare’s products are used for both detection of air pollutants and prevention from them. Our products have been designed using best in class Technology to cater to extreme air pollution environments (indoor and outdoor).
Atlanta Healthcare, led by technological innovations, uses data and IoT to create smart solutions that facilitates people to breathe pure, no matter where they are.
For more information, please visit www.atlantahealthcare.in

About Cambridge Mask Co.

Cambridge Mask Co. uses technology developed by the UK Ministry of Defence in a fashion friendly pollution mask suitable for the whole family. The company was founded in January 2015 by Christopher J Dobbing, a Cambridge University graduate and former Director of China for Vogmask, an American pollution mask brand. Cambridge Mask Co. have offices in Cambridge, Beijing and a partner office in New Delhi. They work with embassies, schools, hospitals and companies around the world to offer cleaner, safer air. Their UK based factory produces an unrivalled range of masks that have been tested by a US FDA approved facility to remove nearly 100% of bacteria, viruses and particulate pollution such as PM2.5.


My Experience with Atlanta Healthcare N99 Cambridge Air Pollution Mask

The company has given me the top model of the N99 Cambridge mask. Take my word this mask can monitor the air quality and track it immediately for protecting you from air pollution hazard like headache, nausea, lethargy and unhealthy sleep. This air visual equipment is better to filter gas pollution with the thick layer of durable carbon. My testing session with this is amazing and it can better block bacteria and viruses. It is safe for kids and all your family members. With the air quality monitor you can breathe pure and fresh air. The







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