My kid is where the heart is..

Kiddy of our home is a great source of energy. Their presence makes us feel like out of the world in this world. I have extra wings to enjoy each momentum as I have my healthy kid.

pensitdown“Children are like a reflection of sun

They spread light and bright everywhere,

We nurture them but they are vitamins

for their parents”..

When I got my softer than soft baby on my hand then celebration has not stopped yet from my life. I promised to myself on that very day, that I will spare no opportunity to keep him fit and fine. His well being is my primary concern like any other mom. I am having my say on behalf of many mom who has no platform speak their mind publicly.

Once my baby had high fever, he was shivering with cold and my mind was wandering to those thought which can break any mother from deep inside. My kid is a father boy but when he was ill his eyes were only looking for me. When I came near to him he hugged me eagerly and tightly as if he was feeling so safe in the shelter of my arms. That moment was not making me weak instead I was discovering immense power in me that I can make everything falls into line. I am only who is nurturer and caregiver and can save my baby from all hurdles and from illness.

As my home was isolated without my kid’s baby steps to and from. His missing steps in every corner of the home was continuously echoing in my ear and was developing longing in me to recover him from illness as possibly I can.

“Without you I am like fish out of water,

Without you there is no hope to live more,

Everything is in my shelter is idle,

Without you my house is not home”

My boy with whom I go crazy when he yells non-stop now with his one long illness is giving me lifelong lesson that he is living his age. We parents should let our child grow with freedom rather than interrogating them by killing their innocence.

If we will snatch the freedom of living in their own way then we will snatch their delicate minds. So we parents need to grow in making our child grow.

Children’s happiness, good health and their smiley face gives us strength to live more and dream more.

I am lucky enough to get the platform to expose my heart for my baby before everyone. I do not know I will win or not, infact I am already a true winner as I am able to post my feelings. I have got the trophy as my words which is coming from my inner soul and reaching to the inner soul of every mom who go through the same pain when their kids fall sick. I have given definition and volume to my pain with this post and let the world know the priceless warmth of motherhood.


Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Kids are sweet as always. Kids make a home a place of enjoyment. I love kids .Great article Shiwangi.

    1. Hi Mark,

      Lovely to see you in my blog. Yes I can more relate as I have my world in my lap in the form of son.

      Kids are really heart and they bring the smile over the sad face even.
      keep coming.

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