My First Bloggers Meet at Indi Blogger

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From where should I start. Indi Blogger meet creates goose bump with excitement. It gives more desire to live. It endures immense pleasure like inhaling fresh air and walking barefoot over the foggy grass. With every single step of rising is letting me move closer to the life. May be I am breathing closer to the death but being a part of blogosphere and Indi Blogger event is keeping me closer to life.

bloggers meetLife has not always been bed of roses for me but I feel light in the company of tough career option with full of competition why I don’t know. This is the place where I feel I get everything I know I have to achieve many thing but always reel in my mind that nothing is left incomplete in my life. Again I don’t know why.

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It was first meet on Indi Blogger platform which hold lot of challenges. I was feeling like going back in school or college days. Being married and having a baby gives feeling of the end of fun and absence of charm. As my each step marching ahead where the event spotted in Select City Walk was insulating me glucose. The unexpected loud tempo and the peppy sound coming from inside which was revealing something happening is going inside.

Enjoying the isolation

Contrary to my thinking of official and boring event it was cool one. I could not wait to enter to feel the warmth of cool crowd. I was covering the crowd thoroughly with my eager eyes to get a glimse of anyone whom I know. I was happy there in being even isolated actually I was enjoying the enthusiasm of the blogger.

I wish I could have zeal

I was getting over the myth that bloggers are boring but the fun they create nobody can. I was missing such peppiness and the zeal of their openness in me. They had not even a stage fear even girls were focused and confident to have their say on stage like piece of cake. Some of the girls were dancing over the floor hassle-free. I wish I could involve myself in such participation freely and could have guts to win the crowd. As they were full of life and I had mix and honest feeling of jealous why I cannot imitate their attitude.

Indi Blogger meetI guess Indi blogger meet is chained with lot of contest and fun so shy and boring blogger can also turn into fearless performer and winner. If my first meet can transform me into only Shiwangi to energetic Shiwangi then most probably one after another meet will add more confidence in me to face the stage and crowd without fear. Perhaps I will walk on the moon, make the idle heavy stone move and blah blah wacky stuff can also be my cup of tea.

Oops no talk about Jifi kotak

Jifi Kotak Mahindra Bank launch mega event was incredibly rocking. They had association with Indi Blogger meet. The event was followed by cocktail party and many bloggers opened their Jifi account from their Android. Also there were Twitter contest and questions answers sessions through Kotak officials.

My outlook for the Indi Blogger Events

From Jifi account session to profound author Chetan Bhagat nice and moving speech to good prizes for the contest to mouth watering lunch overall Indi Blogger meet was show stealer.

Indi Blogger meetI want to shout more for the Indi Blogger in appreciation. Such events are in changing world helps greatly in building attitudes, ethical and moral standards of behavior. Also other activities of Indi Blogger meet event are the mental stimulation. We blogger had great fun and ended the Indi Blogger meet event by collecting their T-shirts. Super excited to meet new bloggers and exchange our sites, contact number to stay connected. The end of one episode cheered me immense and eagerly awaiting the next Indi Blogger meet event again with more blast and bang on. Guys you all enjoyed beer and I did not take a single sip trust me (haha).




Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Nice to know that you’ve attended the Indiblogger meet Shiwangi and hope you’ve enjoyed a lot.

    Yes, it is a awesome community to inspire bloggers and i had attended the same in Chennai last year. I won some prizes & couple passes for movies and enjoyed with variety of food.

    Thanks for linking my post here, this shows that you’re very thoughtful and thanks for sharing your meeting experience with us 🙂

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      Really it is amazing experience that made me to write over the event like Indi Blogger meet.
      I love to go often from now and share my experience on it. I want to know did you go once or often.
      I am glad that you won few contests as I did not get anything as of now. For sure next time I will be prompt in winning.

      My expression can let you feel what the event is about for me and I also want to know your feeling on personal level how you were thinking about.

      My pleasure to keep your link here to keep my post complete as you shared very informative stuff which I cannot ever to manage. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

    2. I have miss this, But if you conduct next meet please update surely i will try to come

      1. Hi Farheen,

        If there will be any event occur again I will tell you or you can do one thing just login to indiblogger then you will get email regaing upcoming meet.
        Thanks for coming..

  2. Great!
    After reading your personal experience about indi blogger, I am enthusiast to attend such event. I am very eager to know that from where we can get the updates about such event.

    Di, this time you didn’t won any prizes but you will definitely get too many in upcoming events. ALL THE BEST!

    1. Hi Shiv,

      Such events can boost you as a blogger. So we should not miss blogger community as we get to know various bloggers. Do not bother I am sending you link when events is going to occur you have to do registration with Indi Blogger that’s it.

      Yep it was my first time I was not so familiar with the crowd may be I will burst next with more zeal in me and surely will gain some prizes from there. I love to be in such race.

      1. Thanks for the link. I will keep track on upcoming event. And hope to meet you and other bloggers whom I know on such event. 🙂

        1. Hi Shiv,

          Yup sure I will surely see you there. As It will give you awesome experience.

          You cant miss such a long and events. Thanks for coming.

  3. Thanks Shiwangi for sharing your experience. Glad you had fun and met some wonderful folks out there. I never got a chance to take part in Indi event, since their most of the events goes in Delhi, and I stay in Mumbai. So its dainty for me to come in Delhi to attend an event.

    1. Hi Chetan,
      Nice to see you in my blog first time. Yes I enjoyed to that extend which burst into expression through my post.

      Hey I would suggest to attend Indi blogger meet once you will see a great force on that event. I don’t know it may not be enjoyable for someone else as I am feeling for this event.

      This time why did you miss Chetan Bhagat speech and lot of exciting things were followed.
      Hope next time you will not stop yourself to go in Mumbai. Thanks for coming and share your views.

  4. Glad that you have shared your experience about first meet. Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Hi Bro,

      Yes I am greatly zealed with Indiblogger meet. I wish you could come there but you wont come as all such thing is not your cup of tea.

      Thanks for coming and sharing your ideas.

  5. Hi,

    So nice to know that you are excited about the meet and more importantly happy. Great that you have expressed honestly that how did you actually felt about the event. And yes if one attends this kind of a event it gives a kind of high and make us more confident. Mainly because like minded people gather over there. Your progress is appreciable as a blogger. Nice job done.
    All the best.

    1. Hi Nitesh,

      Nice to see you in my blog after long. Hope that will continue in future also. Yes I enjoyed there lot so I felt I should put my enjoyment into words so that every blogger who is not much bother to go such event will try their hand in it.

      I hope that you are also looking forward to come in Indi Blogger event.

      I am waiting for your next post and I hope you will definitely write again for your readers. Thanks for coming and for lovely encouragement.

  6. All the upcoming Indiblogger meets will now see me on a chair somewhere among other bloggers for I came in as a lone wolf but I am leaving in a pack that will grow bigger over time

    1. Hi Sreeram,

      Thanks for visiting my blog first time. Pleasure to see you here. Yes I will be happy if you will go in your city for a Indi Blogger meet.

      Thanks for coming and share your views that you are going next time for sure.

    1. Hi Tejinder,

      Nice to see you supporting my enjoyment. I hope I will get to see you in Indiblogger meet.

      Thanks for coming.

  7. Hi Shiwangi,

    Seems like you had a lot of fun at the meet 🙂

    Yes, such meetings are good for bloggers, though I’ve yet to attend one myself, but have heard friend’s give positive feedback about the same.

    I can well understand the little hesitation when you attend it for the first time, and yes, one’s not as carefree too after marriage, or perhaps we have our own lives that revolve now around our family, kids, husbands, and their life. So, it’s gives a different outlook at such events. Great going!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hi Harleena mam,

      Literally my fingers crossed for the Indi Blogger event. I did enjoy with utmost sparkle in my eyes.
      If you did not attend yet then its my personal suggestion to you to go for it and have a blast their.

      I was also everytime finding myself trapped in a boring life without spice but now I got an edge where I can go and also have a plan what to wear in the event:). It is a healthy space from a family life for the women like me. Thanks to Indi Blogger for giving us an spot to share our joy and meeting with co bloggers. May be anytime I can get to see you. You never know.

      Thanks for coming and embrace my views.

  8. Hi Shiwangi

    Awesome post,if I remember correctly I was sitting right next to you and never thought you will have this much of a great blog. I even forget that I have to write my experience :p until I got the mail today from Indiblogger. Then I was checking the entries and found yours.

    But yet you passes the mic to introduce your self 🙂

    Thanks for this lovely lovely article.

    1. Hi Rohit,

      I want to thank you first of all to treasure my blog with your first visit. It is amazing to know that you sit next to me but sorry I am not getting who you are still. I am grateful to you are able to recognize me.

      May be if I will see you next time surely will not forget ever. I want to know, was it your first meeting.

      Whatever but I think that you might have enjoyed as I did. Thanks for coming and share your views.
      keep coming.

  9. Nice to know that Shiwangi about this event. Such events are good to join but as I see many of my friends are with full time day job who don’t have much time to join such events because when they get leave they would love to take rest. isn’t it?

    Its good to see that you have enjoyed so much.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yep you are right but in weekend such event occur generally. If you want to be motivated and remain positive to the blogging world I would say everyone needs to be visited once atleast.

      Keep coming and share your views.

  10. I wish I could attend the indiblogger meet! It is a great platform to get introduced to other bloggers and also to let fellow bloggers know about you!! You are lucky!! 🙂

    1. Hi Tuhin,

      I do not know why such fishy statement you give about attending such events. There are lot of Indi Blogger meet in pipeline you can join it time to come. Surely will see you there.

      Thanks for coming and stopping by.

  11. Good stuff, Shiwangi. I don’t think there are many events like this in Ireland, other than the national blog awards, but I will look into it. You sound like you had a great time and it charged you up! 🙂

    1. Hi Richard,

      I do not know why such event is not in Ireland there should be. Atleast a big event like National Award is offered by Ireland. That is pretty good.

      Indiblogger event is a motivation for me. I think you should come India to have the fun of such event.

      Thanks for sharing your views on my venture. Love to see you often.

  12. Hello,

    It’s really good to know that you’ve finally attended an Indiblogger meet. I’ve also planned several time to attend any blogger meet but couldn’t due to busy schedule. But will soon go for motivation.


    1. Hi Nitin,

      I think you should spare some time from your busy schedule for the motivation and stopgap entertainment.

      I will be happy after reading my post if you will show your presence in indiblogger meet.

      Thanks for coming.

  13. Hi.. Shiwangi Di,
    Sorry for late Comment because in these days i mean very busy in some works. SO, today i read this Post your First BLoggers meet at Indi Blogger. I am also fan of Indiblogger because it best method to connect with new and more bloggers at a Place just like in a Party or any Product launching .
    By the way In starting of My Blogging Journey I saw photos of Indimeet at facebook of some friends and they said I was Rockkk there & etc.
    In this case my mind was attract there and my first aim was get approval Of Indiblogger Account :-p but after the getting approval approx something 10 days i saw a one new pending Indimeet and filled Registration form .

    But One more Problem created that My father Says No me to join this meet ,. from that day I never Joined any meet . but hope next time i will try to get permission from my father 😀

    By they Way Your Post is nice I wish that you will enjoy more Happiness in your Life 🙂

    1. Hi Sidhartha bro,

      I think you should go to experience live indiblogger meet. If your father is forbidding you to go there then try to convince him by saying that its your official party and product launch party. Then he will agree possibly. Yup I am planning to get into next blogger meet from now. I have told my friends even to join me there.

      Hope you will get permission as it is no way wrong to visit such launch party.
      As you know it is surrounded by some learning also ques and ans round and blah blah thing is obvious attraction.

      You get to know online friend offline is spectacular experience.

      Tanks for coming and for sharing your views. Hope to see you there.

    2. Hi Sidhartha bro,

      I think you should go to experience live indiblogger meet. If your father is forbidding you to go there then try to convince him by saying that its your official party and product launch party. Then he will agree possibly. Yup I am planning to get into next blogger meet from now. I have told my friends even to join me there.

      Hope you will get permission as it is no way wrong to visit such launch party.
      As you know it is surrounded by some learning also ques and ans round and blah blah thing is obvious attraction.

      You get to know online friend offline is spectacular experience.

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your views. Hope to see you there.

  14. hey mam ,
    this artical is awesome because this artical is very easy to understand me . mam you are very talented and experienced indiblogger . mam some time ago i make a website but sir my website traffic not increase . mam please guide me . i am daily visitor of this website .
    Again thanks for share very important information .

    1. Hi Vijay,

      Thanks for your visit and appreciation. You don’t get visitors for that you have to be very smart. You have to take steps for the promotion of the blog. Go different sites and submit your link and show your presence and involvement among all bloggers.

      Have a nice day ahead and keep coming.

  15. I have been waiting to read this post ever since I saw your name in the Delhi attendees meet. I attended 4 such meets in Chennai. The last meet in Chennai, I met Nirmala Santhakumar, Perambur Kumar aka Kishnakumar, Abhirath Mahipal and few other blogger friends. This time, in Bangalore, I failed to keep up my appointment. I am glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Hi Badri Sir,

      Its great to know that you and Nirmala met through the Indiblogger meet.
      But unluckily I did not able to meet anyone whom I know. According to me we should attend such event as it gives us pleasure to be part of such a nice profession Blogging. And also get to know bloggers which also best part.
      As we two are bloggers may be possible may we will see each other also in indiblogger.

      Thanks for coming and share your views.

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