#My Airtel App- 3 Features promote your digital lifestyle

Abuzz with daily apps? Now the new invention also included i.e the latest Airtel app by Airtel. All app freak people will must be happy to see such a true performer Airtel app, which is supported by almost all platforms like Android and OS.

pensitdownIt has 3 awesome features which are here to monitor your daily challenges of life. How wonderful it would that be to have your DTH, Broadband, Prepaid and Postpaid services on your place. It allows you to recharge your DTH and you can pay your bill sitting idle or being immobile.

#My Airtel App is offering breath taking exclusive services like tracking account records, request of track services, buying products and adding friends and family contact number. Therefore, I did not give second to myself own this app in my smartphone. I really want you to be updated with 3 essential features of the app which completely promotes your digital lifestyle.

At first if, one feature strike my mind so you can check below one by one.

My Bill

My Bill assists you in updating about Airtel Account, which means services at your fist. It is unnecessary to kill your time in logging in to website, check the status of data consumes, bills, and payment dates. However, needless to encounter lengthy process as this app by selecting only My Bill option will present your current dues, bill dates and unbilled usage. How beneficial and productive app it is.

My Data

It informs you to map out the record of past payments and can easily check the status of current bill. There is also an option of My Data, which will demonstrate your bytes consumption, and you can buy more GB if required. The bill summary is best in keeping the status of all transactions.

Secondly, you can recharge all Airtel number from the app only by updating the number and amount. So you needless to use laptop or PC to open the sites and fill up the necessary details. This is not sufficient as it can be accessible to all Airtel accounts whether fixed, DTH, Broadband and prepaid and postpaid services of mobile and having multiple numbers at one place.

Thirdly, I am highly astonished with the performance of this feature. This feature will allow you to know about the exclusive offers on your Airtel number.

Additionally, you can check all Airtel services and offers through this app. really making me fan of this multi-featured app, which provides you multiple services through only few clicks. No wait for the PC or laptop to remain open for petty simple things.

My Airtel app supports various platforms. So download Airtel App for Android, Blackberry Z10, iPad, Windows 8 and iOS.

Waiting for what if you are getting all your need fulfilled with free download for Airtel App.


Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hello Shiwangi,

    Overall the app is good and has many good features. But, i am not satisfied with the recharge history features. It show wrong information.

    1. Hi Worli,

      From this app turn out to be hassle-free as I did not get any issue while handling it. Yep you can say about the wrong info we receive.

      Thanks for coming and letting me know this

  2. Hi Shiwangi,
    Its really a wonderful article. I am very glad to read this post. Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for liking my post and stay tuned as there are lot of things to come.

  3. Well I’m an old airtel subscriber and I didn’t used MyAirtel app yet, seems like I’m gonna have to try it once.


    1. Hi Samir,

      Long time..Yep right go for this app you will not be disappointed. Keep coming..

  4. Thanks for sharing ! I am old user of airtel πŸ™‚

    Thanks dear πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Midbrain,

      It is good to know. Keep update your phone with this airtel apps.

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