Mrs. Delhi/NCR 2016: Dare to Dream

Many women feel that their life ends with their marriage and having baby. But in reality, the whole thing depends on you as how you take your life and how you want to weave it. Life will never be shapeless unless you do not want to. If you have a dream to pursue your life in new direction with new beginning then nothing will stop you and there is no end as such.


mrs-delhi-ncr-2016I am glad that I have seen the glitter and sparkle in the eyes of women as I have for my work. Everybody has their specific choice to lead their whole life as I am living my dream by being what I am today so far so you should celebrate to be yourself.

mrs-delhiGinny Kapoor and Gagan Kapoor with the concept of organinzing the second edition of the Mrs.Delhi/NCR, a beauty pageant for married women from the age group of 25 to 50. It shows that when you have zest you will be acknowledged even when you have haters. This super awesome event has made all the women realized that they can add more and more feathers in their cap.


Jury Member

This beauty Pageant was judged by Shankar Sahney (singer), Sharhaan Singh (TV actor), Sylvie Rodgers ( Hair Stylist), Dr. Varun Katyal ( cosmetologist) and Katrina (Mrs. Ukraine).They have made the decision of choosing the best from the huge competitors. The winner was announced of Mrs. Delhi/NCR are Aarti Sachdeva (Gold) and Preeti Joshi (Regular).


Tribute to Physically Challenged Kids

physically-challenged-child-performanceThis Mrs. Delhi/NCR competition has given tribute to physically challenged kids. Even they walked the ramp and they have been donated for their development and for their further livelihood.


Final Words

The event was rounded with very good and purposeful cause. So we should give hats off to the whole concept. The concept of giving gender equality in society is phenomenal. This beauty pageant is not limited to explore the physical beauty and designer clothes only but it has extracted voice of women and they are not the part of any dominance. They are free bird and can speak their mind without hesitation.


Shiwaangi Srivastava

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