Mother’s Day Special Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera

#Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera is a great pick from Amazon for your mother to make her feel special in #Mother’s Day. This Fujifilm camera Instax Mini 8 will make your mom happy from within when her hand will be on the very comfy and trendy camera ever. The lovely fact of this instant camera is that you can shoot and obtain picture instantly. Quite fun and easy to use. Life will become drama with this. Even your mom will proud to carry it whenever she is going out for the kitty party or other outing. She will adore the fact that Instax Mini 8 is very user friendly and proudly she can capture any moment without wait. It will indeed revolutionize your mom’s world as your mom still likes to have old day’s camera.

pensitdownLets us move to next segment and keeps your attention saves for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 instant film camera features, specs and price.


You will love the design of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 as you can see in the images. It is superbly programmed and its exterior is labeled with attractive representations. The dimensions are 3*5 * 5.5 inches and the weight is 10.9 inches. The lighter body and improved clarity is the mantra of the Instax Mini 8. It looks glamorous yet elegant ideal for the all age group.

Automatic Exposure Measurement

Most of the digital cam sports autoexposure mode so it is just what its name suggest. This instant film camera read the light in the scene and automatically set the exposure. This program is inbuilt in menu of the camera. The matrix metering analyzes the light at several different points on the grid. The accuracy of the measurement of the center of the frame with the help of spot metering is absolutely wonderful.



Viewfinder is subject to give the nice view of your images. You can also frame the shot with even quality and the visibility is channelized in great harmony with the help of flashing LED light which has also aperture setting. It has latest high key mode also that enabled to have clear or bright picture.



Instax Mini 8 Instant film camera supports two AA batteries and you can separately purchase film pack of ten that you can insert in the back panel of the camera. Set-up is quite easy and your mom will not be victim of over technical program as she normally seems to have issue in getting familiar with.



Price seems to be great as per the camera quality and capabilities. You can get this simple yet contemporary only in $ 59.99. Click here to buy it from Amazon to get quality product for you.

Buy its stunning case here.



  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant film camera is absolutely yes for those who indeed want to go simple in technicality and indeed not looking for high end camera.
  • Its program is numerous and setting it quite easy. You can set the light condition through the bottom of the lens. The options are like indoors, sunny cloudy, bright sunny etc.
  • You can expect the reasonable accuracy in lighting which is better when you compare it with its price.
  • You can get your print images in few sec and now you are owner of your clear and stunning picture.
  • Keep the setting in good proportion then see the miracle of this mini camera.


  • At night it does not give very clear picture but with the correct setting you can manage to have good images for you.



The Fujifilm Intax Mini 8 camera is fine and interesting for your mom as she can cope with it easily. It has higher version model also with upgraded features that you can buy here. It will give two thumbs up to this product and in front of your timeless and priceless mother this Intax Mini 8 camera in nothing but your mother will embrace your Mother’s Day gift with full pride.








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  1. I have Instant Mini. It’s really good.

    1. Hi Iram.
      I am glad you already are the user of this lovely camera. Keep coming and venture other gadget in my site.

  2. Though, mother’s day of this year is over, but this one kit will be one the best always and for many years to come. thanks for such a lovely suggestion.

    1. Hi Rocco,
      Mother’s Day is over but the gifting session is on forever. You can gift it to your mother to girl friend. This special instant mini camera has all the lovable features. Buy from the given link on my site. Thanks for coming.

  3. Great features. I need this for my mom. I think, it will be a good gift for her. Thanks!

    1. Hi Rakshita,

      I will be glad if you will buy this. Just click on the given link on the post get the camera from my site. Thanks for the love…

  4. I am using an Instant Mini. It’s one of the best I had so far but the only problem is many people (friends and family) will request photo from me and the film isn’t cheap! LOL.

    1. Hey Jammie,

      It is true that people will ask for the images as they are getting the print easily lol. But you the interesting thing is that you are getting good quality picture. Keep coming to know more.

  5. Hai Di,
    Yeah!Thinking to buy one and this review helped me 🙂 Worth to share for the cam lovers.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Thandava,

      I am glad that you like the camera just click on the below link and buy from my site. It will great fun when will you have this instant mini camera…

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