LGV20 Wide Angle Camera, BO and Superior Audio


The highlights


LGV20 is featured with innovativeness. The highlight of the LGV20 smartphone is dual screen, dual rear with wide angle camera, HD Audio Recorder, BCO, BO Play speakers and this is the first mobile comes with Android 7.0 Nougat.


So much love to the pretty handset #LGV20.You are offered a once in a lifetime such mobile for you. LG V20 is super creative in prioritizing your lifestyle in better way. I must say LGV20 is a head turner and its wide angle camera, superior audio and its durability will win all hearts. The feature rich and the better control leave an impression.


Features of LGV20


Fantastic Display

The durable 5.7 inch Quad HD Display gives good gaming experience, better browsing and the appearance of the screen instills quality with the accuracy of colors. With the quantum technology the images quality is better with LGV20 rivals.


Camera with Front Wide Angle Lens


Getting freaky with selfie of LGV20 with 120 degree wide angle front lens. It captures the bigger images so you can include more friends while taking selfie. Kudos to the wider background in LGV20 of the 5 MP camera. The rear wide angle lens gives great user experience. More friends in your selfie mean more fun. The Dual rear camera 16 MP features Standard Angle Lens Camera is amazing. With the f/2.4 low light performance is also virtuous.



Superior Audio


The superior Audio quality through wired headphones and the crisp of the speaker let you enjoy the premium audio. With the HD Audio recorder you will get uncompromising studio quality sound and it has capability to tape over different or separate track.




The handset LGV20 is enormously durable and the hard hitting cannot even spoil its beauty and texture. This mobile is not something that one or two drop and the story is end. Accidently if you’re mobile will drop for 10 times even it will not crack and suffer any damages.


BO Play


With BO Play LGV20 has more standard. The music powerhouse and mind blowing experience with B&O Play what else music lover can expect from LGV20.


Second Screen


LGV20 has come with beautiful feature of second screen. It saves your time as you can access to the second screen to use other apps and function of the mobile like mail, contacts, calculator and any other features. With this trick feature you can be multi-tasking.



Android 7.0 Nougat


Android Nought has brought impressive feature in LGV20 in the form of Android Nought. It has split-screen multi window, better battery, strong connectivity and the instant and direct response to the notifications.


Price and Availability


LGV20 is available in Amazon at the price of Rs 54,999 in India. Its B&O Play headset will also be available at the price Rs 18,000


PC is on its screen.




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