LG G4 – Praiseworthy Features and Specifications

Rumors have always been part of per release of the devices. Similarly, rumors are everywhere about LG G4 before its release. Only time will reveal its reality. After using LG G3, G4 is much-awaited handset and expected to come with additional features. Positive feedback for the LG G3 creates a huge expectation for its upcoming latest version G4.

pensitdownThe crowd is eagerly waiting for its appearance. It is about to give competition to its rival company with flagship devices like Samsung, HTC and more.

Display of LG G4

LG G4 is expected to come with 5.7 inch screen along with additional feature like True HD-IPS-LCD display. Unknown sources are also divulging that it is expected to come with Corning Gorilla Glass for the protection. The same aspect about screen to feature 4600+ppi.

Build Quality of LG G4

It has a great build quality. We are still in confusion about the dimension of LG G4. In this range, people might be interested in seeing the phone with waterproof feature. If that will happen then nothing could be better than this.

Processor and Operating System

Octa core processor in the LG is expected to have 3GHz. Qualcomm Snapdragon 801/802/805/808 chip is likely to be part of LG G4. There is still no confirmation about version of Android but there is a possibility that it will be around 5.0 versions.


Camera is first highlight for the smartphone users. Primary camera is likely to remain around between 15-to17 MP with the feature like autofocus LED. When it comes to secondary camera then it will be between 3 to 4 MP with additional features like video chatting.


LG G4 is likely to come in the variants of 32 GB and 64 GB and you can expand it to 128 GB which will come with 4 GB RAM.


Good battery backup can get admiration and many followers and it is expected to have 3500 mAh. If G4 has durable battery backup then its demand will automatically increase for the consumer.

Release Date and Price of LG G4

We are expecting to see LG G4 to have appearance in the market early May, 2015. If you will think about the price then it is expected to be $900. This cost is reasonable these days for such a high quality smartphone.


We cannot jump into the conclusion, as its release will take time. Much has been said before its release.  Its strength is immense so that it supports apps perfectly. There may be you can go through new update about the phone before its release. Time will go and its release will soon create sensation in the market. I hope that LG G4 will be the most happening phone around. It is expected to pack with all wholesome features along with good power of the battery.   What is your say about its release?   LG G4 – Praiseworthy Features and Specifications

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