LG G Flex D958-Can Handset high price earn Buyers

Gone are the days when people think often time before investing on phone or Android. Now the lightening fast generation does not think twice before owning the high priced handset. As it is very handy and the internet, camera, design and other killer features infact whole world is in your pocket unlike Tablet, Laptop etc. Quality becomes their first choice. Are you fond of handset who can boss your life?

lg-g-flex-32gbLG G Flex D958 is the answer of your all queries when you go to the store for the buy. This curved screen technology is     mentored by LG with its ultra capable, powerful internal, unique design and also instill lot more features.

Smart Curve

The curve of LG G Flex D958 can fit to your pocket and hand both regardless of the 6 inch screen size. Despite the slightly bigger screen the brilliance is retained when you put android to your ear. The curve along with the other usability made many buyers to rethink over this cosy smartphone.

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Build and Design

The LG G Flex seems to be mantra when it comes to design and build. LG has done smart work and take a note majorly on carrying handset with this size. The 6-inch curved P-OLED display has a low resolution 1280*720pixels because of technical fault but it cannot deter from the experience you like to have. LG this time has come with more user friendly as comparison to LG’s other interface which you can switch to if required. The big screen size may be an issue for some because there are no buttons on the side. But the functionality and the lot of gestures of the phone can adjust the volume so you do not need to miss the buttons on the side at the same time.

There is a single slot on the side for the Micro- SIM. The G flex is whole and sole well packaged and interface the things like charger, data cable, QuadBeat 2 earphones.


We have a quad-core Qualcomm running at 2.26GHz. You can have the benefit of running the two apps running in split screen mode. There is a 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of onbound memory. Its display is look like an e-ink display unlike other LCD or AMOLED display on the backgrounds. But all these features are noticeable only when you go to the play store otherwise it is like any common display.


The Quick Theatre app gives you good photos, video and You Tube through a single app. Videoplayback is 1080p. The quality of Audio is smooth with good IEMs. To save tracks in the cloud you can add your cloud accounts with the ‘Audio Effects’.

LG G FlexBetter Connectivity

The G flex 4G support along with dual-band 3G and quad-band 3G support. You can get even dual-band Wi-Fi ‘ac’, Bluetooth v4.0, GLOANASS, NFC Micracast and IR.LG is good in productivity apps like LG Backup, Life Square, Polaris Viewer, Quick Translator, Remote Call service.


The LG G flex does not have Optical Image Stabilisation therefore low-light shots are not very up-to-the-mark as compared to the G2.The G flex is having a 13MP BIS shooter. This handset is capable of recording support even though this feature is not added.

Battery Snag

Battery life is not as per the price in G flex. The 3,500mAh battery merged with the efficient snapdragon 800 SoC and low resolution screen can perform well together. Nothing much special with backup it runs without intrupption atleast a day like any other ordinary Android.

lg-g-flexPrice in India

The LG G flex will cost you around $569.99 which is deterring customer to buy LG G flex D958. With the cut-throat competition I personally feel that the price should be little bit less as there is lot more option in pipeline.

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To buy or not to buy

Few sources reveal this is a show-off phone. There is also a people apprehension that curved screen whether will able to perform well when it comes to videos, photos, browsing and games. There is hub in the crowd that the high price is a big mismatch with the richness and the performance of the phone. The price of the phone is a big turn off and will deter many buyers to switch to this smartphone. The better offers in much less priced as compared to LG G flex like other option Sony T2 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 etc. Otherwise commendable in other aspects.



Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hi shiwangi, nice to see you writing about phones on your blog. You are right now days no one waits to get a high end, high price mobile phone. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Love to see your first comment for this post. Yup I have had written on gadgets but in freelance writing.
      Never tried my hand in it for my blog. Thanks for the encouragement as it is my first mobile handset post.

      Keep coming to enrich my blog with your presence.

  2. hiii Shivangi…
    very nice article..This is a high end device and i dont speculate much traffic through the post.Also specify different aspects related to the device.
    vijay recently posted…Flat 5% OFF on Domestic Hotel Bookings at ExpediaMy Profile

    1. Hi Vijay,

      I would say in that case keep trying for the traffic.
      I am glad that you liked the post as it is tough to attract the reader for the high priced handset.
      Thanks and keep coming.

  3. hello Shiwangi
    Really nice post . if we talk about LG G Flex D958 price in India. its really costly.. a medium person cant afford this smartphones. you have mention all Features and Specification in post.
    Thanx for the post
    keep it up
    kapil recently posted…Spice Steller Glide Mi-438 Specification, Features, Price in IndiaMy Profile

    1. Hey kapil,

      Thanks for your admiration. Really I wonder will LG G Flex D958 price will beckon the customer or not.

      All the features and specification is awesome except the price of this Android.
      Keep coming and have a nice day ahead.

  4. Hello Shiwangi – Nice Review on LG G Flex D958. But what is shocking is the price tag in India. The price was around INR 64600 to INR 68500 in various online portals. I will really be interested to see how many phones they sell in India for this model at this price tag. Thanks for sharing your detailed Review.
    Jayashree recently posted…Check your income tax refund status onlineMy Profile

    1. Hi Jayshree,

      Yup the biggest drawback of this handset is its price. the price is big apprehension and I wonder many people will not opt for this reason.
      Only time will say that it will hit the market or down the market.

      I am glad that you come again to focus and love to see you again.

  5. Hello,

    Wonderful review, Seems like I’m gonna have to wait for this awesome handset. The thing is I really love LG devices but I don’t have any smartphone from it.

    Vicky recently posted…Top Ten Unanswered Science QuestionsMy Profile

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for the praise. Yup I think the aspirant has to wait for this expensive handset.

      Despite of its high price many people will own this android but for many it is out of budget.

      LG I did not ever use but heart a good feedback. Hope you will have good buy.

      Thanks for visiting and do come always.

  6. Hi Shiwangi Di,

    From review of LG-G-Flex D958, it seem to be good at not only on performance but also with app supporting capability, battery life, GUI and design of the phone.

    But Price tag in india $570 🙁

    Hope to see fall in price.

    Thanks 🙂
    Shivkumar recently posted…Use HTTrack website copier and download entire website to access it offline.My Profile

    1. Hi Shiv,

      I know LG G Flex D958 is nice option when it comes to functionality but as you also know that the price is big turn off.

      Yup everyone is waiting for the down in price then nothing can be better than the G Flex. It was very challenging for me to write for the Android which is very high in price for Indian market and tough to attract customer and readers from the review.

      Thanks bro for coming again to share your honest feedback.

  7. Hi Shiwangi,

    it’s awesome you also started write about gadgets and you are doing great. Really nice and crispy review about this great device LG G Flex that will be a new experience for users due to its curved and bendable display that can be easily fitted to the users pocket.

    apart from the beautiful curved display the smartphone equipped with all high end smartphone features like 6 inch display, 13 mp shooter, powerful battery even support 4g connectivity. And i think this price tag is worth for all these awesome features.

    But the now question arise is that will people attract towards this curved display smartphone ?or will hesitate before buying it because it is the first smartphone comes with this unique features. waiting for the market response towards this device.

    Anyway thanks for the review. Keep updating with these kind of gadgets reviews

    1. Hi Rupali dear,

      Yup I have tried my hand in gadgets but I am still mediocre in it and have to be learned like you.

      Your review always better and well written. Hopefully I will learn from your post writing SEO based.
      You are younger to me but you are awesome in writing reviews and I will learn from you. As I feel learning from younger is also feel good factor for me instead of being shy. I know you will be there for me whenever I need you.

      Literally Its very tough to attract the customer and readers for such a high priced LG G Flex. It is always challenging to introduce the expensive product before the customer.

      I took up this in my learning stage so I apprehend. Only the time will say that LG G Flex will attract the customer or will be flop in the market due to its only one disadvantage i.e price particularly for the Indian buyers.

      BTW thanks for coming and add value to the post with your elaborated explanation.

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