LeEco Le 2 and LeEco Le Max 2: Ocean of excellence

The path breaking LeEco future is revolutionary and it is breaking the boundaries by launching one superphone after superphone. These superphones are magically designed and its advanced technology is unmatched. These superphones are none other than Le 2 and Le Max 2. They are comprehensive, freshest and coolest phone ever. The phone is so lightweight and durable that no phone case protection you require. So feel the difference with Le 2 and Le Max 2.

I felt proud seeing the structure and the countless lovely features of both the smartphones. It has occupied the best place in India. Le 2 and Le Max 2 are clubbed with all auspicious features that dominate the technologypensitdown

LeEco Le 2

Le 2 sports 5.5 inch with full HD display with Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processors. The unforgettable moment was at the event of the launch of Le 2, when the COO of LeEco Atul Jain was revealing its display and the comparison of the Le 2 body and iPhone 6S Plus body. The convincing reveal is that Le 2 39 gm lighter than iPhone 6s Plus, in short Le 2 is 153 gm while iPhone 6s Plus 192 gm.

The superior quality rear camera of 16 MP while the front snapper is 8 MP is incredible so you can capture all the moment to secure your memory. Le 2 is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and the storage is 32 GB which is great. It will not bother you to clean up the phone for free space. Le 2 enables 3000 mAh battery which is sufficient to have perfect experience for the users from day to night.

pensitdowwnThe inclusion of first class specs and features with all the superb and fastest offers will make you crave for the phone. The surprising price will raise your temperature that entire stunning configuration you are getting only in Rs 11,999…


LeEco Le Max 2

The Indian Technological market is packed with the LeEco’s superphones and among them the latest discovery is Le Max 2. Le Max is configured with accurate stuffs and there is no bullshit thing it has to offer. Your smartphone has become your closest buddy and you want its care and in good condition. The audio experience will raise the bar. It reshapes your desire to have something meaningful in your life for longer period of time.

pensitdowwnLe Max 2 is having 21 MP rear cameras whereas for the front shooting or still photography of the front camera is loaded with 8 MP camera it means no mask the quality picture will be natural. The advanced exclusive technology is defining its worth. Le Max 2 is unstoppable and there is lot more to reveal about this superphone for these super fans. The metal unibody design is the most attractive part of the LeEco 2. It is engineered with fingerprint sensors for the safe side.

The users have also made my task easier once they said about the awesomeness of the phone and review it. I am going to unlock the beauty of Le Max 2 features and specs. The chipset is Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and the battery power is 3100.

The storage is 32 GB can be expanded to 64 GB ROM and you have never imagined of having 4 GM of RAM in the price range of Rs 22,999 for Le Max 2. This super deal has more story as it is unstoppable when it comes to explain its quality existence. The protection of the screen is so assured with the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 that you do not need to hide the original beauty of the Le Max 2 by outfitting it with Le Max 2 cases. It awesomeness has no boundary when Le Max 2 is naked.

Your audio experience is gemstone as Le Max 2 features USB Type-C port with CDLA ( Continual Digital Lossless Audio). It is technology that meant to offer for data transferring or charging the phone it means the dual functional port will reduce the clutter.

pensitdowwnLe Eco is setting its own new rule and is very high on sale in Flipkart. I am very selfish and I am going to gift myself Le Max 2 or Le 2 instead of gifting it to my loved ones to celebrate the new phase of my life uniquely and digitally.

Aww…the amazing live performance by Pritam was incredible…:)




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