India Runway Week 2016: Designer Hues


India Runway Week 2016 Day 1 is fuelled with lot of colors and shades. The designer collection and their embellishment is unmatched and endless beauty of the unique outfits defining well India Runway Week 2016. 1st day of India Runway Week is full of fashion and it provides instant recommendations from designers on the kind of clothes that will suit the users…

All three days of India Runway Week Season 7 was held at Thyagraj Stadium New Delhi from 16th to 18th September 2016.

daniel-syiemThe fashion shows opened with designs of International designer “Bibi Russell” with the theme name “Rajasthali” that was very high on fashion and it ruled the ramp of India Runway Week. The newbie designers were also very experimental and putting their effort in pairing the clothes perfect in harmony. The existence of balance, persistence, endearment and excitement all were in proportion. His collection explores hand-crafted fabrics that are eligible for the modern and tradition both. The perfect blend of pure cotton and raw silk pronounce the heritage of art and craft.


satomiFrom newbie designer to experienced, all the collection witnessing the true beauty with variety. The designers like Daniel Sayeim, Shreeya Somaiya, Shweta Sharda, Ishithaa Designer House, Preet Jhaver, Varija Bajaj and Santomi, Aditya Khandelwal, Nitesh and more.

Shreeya Somaiya has shown her debut collection that is witnessed with the classic Shakesperean ballet “A midsummer Night Dream”. The dreamland of magical love that any play presents is the inspiration of her collection. Sweta Sharda was intriguingly presenting the beauty of the womanhood who likes to have their say. Deepika Reddy from Ishithaa Design House showcased her debut Winter/Festive collection “Vadhuvu” at IRW. Isha Gupta Tayal designer has exhibited the royal India and British Empire and her collection witness the “Imaginative Dressing”.

satomi-collectionActor Mughda Godse walked the ramp for Satomi by designer Rakam. The collection were tagged under the name “Myrah” that is of 17th century. Mughda and models presented aristocratic lady and the collection is inspired by old age beauty with modern twist. Aditya khandelwl exhibited most exciting collection that represent detailing and craftsmanship with arty elegance. They are lovely and unique for discerning eye.

bibi-russell-1At last of day 1, the show of Studio AV by Gaurav and Nitesh, actor Madana Karimi put the ramp on fire when walked as showstopper for him. His handmade collection speaks about beautiful journey of threads so the name of the theme of the design is “Dhaage”.


India Runway Week: Day 2

The reinvention of the second show of the day started with “Euphoria” by Disha Doshi Gandhi with the theme of the collection named Ikat. VIDA DE FRIDA by designer Payal and Zindal that is based on theme of the UNGENDER that remarks that person is important than gender categorization. The collection generates the artiness of the karigars and their unwavering hard work shows the Indo Western design at its best.

shruti-rohanShruti and Rohan collection remarks the emotional story of the army girl. Essentially the cuts and fabrics plays important role to make outfit more defining. The hand painted motifs and the fusion of fabrics forms is the center of attraction for the FLUTE ENCHATER by Manika Surekha. His collection specifically presented the flow hues that fit to anybody. The collections originated from the Lord Krishna. The INDIAN DISNEY STORY by designer Mithi Kalra that originates to explore the traditional art of Madhubani. The hand work is its own speciality that wins the heart of many with its detailing.

yoshita-coutureThe PERSIAN STORY by designer Ravneer Toor has taken the inspiration in his collection through tales of Persia. The mix and match of the royal colors like flowy silhouettes and exquisite hand work is exclusive. The Yoshita Yadav has opened her collection with lot of excitement. She has all the amusement in her shoulder to reflect styles and fashion with her punk. The showstopper Isha Gupta has made the collection more appealing and whole presentation of the theme was completely justified.



India Runway Week: Day 3

The scrutiny comes under the public eye only to few and Mumbai based designer Shilpa Chaurasia knows to capture the attention of the people. The great fashion transformation for the full admiration is the definition of the Shilpa Chaurasia collection. The Bhandhani reflects the style with the touch of elegance that females love to attire themselves not only once but often.

shilpa-collectionThe classic blend of Panetar and Gharchola is incredible and the strong effectiveness of the fresh outlook is much into fashion fully. The festive shades are mesmerizing like red, jamun, deep plum and more. The vintage look is the mark of celebration for womanhood and Shilpa has put everything in proportion to maintain the authentic beauty. The highlight was the antique gold embroideries that are inspired by the Regal Jewels Her all properties are luxurious, yet reasonable and are made keeping in mind the capacity of common man also.

shilpa-chaurasiaI cannot resist myself saying that she has done great job with Ghangra as it can be worn both sides. Shilpa Chaurasia’s creativity knows no boundaries. She has excelled and secured supreme place with her timeless hues of fashion. I must say we indeed aspire to be like then real lives. I am going to follow exclusive designer collection of Shilpa, many of the most intricate and impeccable pieces in a fusion style statement was stealing my heart.

akassh-with-zeenat-amanBollywood Diva Zeenat Aman sparkle the ramp with her presence as a showstopper for Jewellery Designer Akassh K Aggarwal. She has stolen the show with her generous moves on ramp in her timeless song “Chura liya hai tumne” and “Dum maro dum”. The serenity in her evergreen beauty is as superb as ever when she walked the ramp in Akassh Jewellery. His grand collection of jewellery named “The Muse Room” defines about the celebration of women and girls. The women of all ages from teens to 90s will adore the prettiness of his expressive jewellery. The most enjoyable show ever comes across.

big-boy-toyzThe finale show of India Runway Week sets the ramp on fire. Winter festival 2016 by Big Boy Toyz has not come with the excellence of Clothes and accessories this time only but his exclusive show was placed with enlightenment by cherishing the Super Hot Wheels on the Ramp. The finale of IRW was embellished with Riddhi and Sidhi. These pumps the clear shot of adrenaline, three supercars was creating waves in the heart of the audience with Music to the Ears. The Ferrari 458Italia in stunning Giallo Modern gaited superbly on the Ramp. As a shot excitement there was Supercar- an Audi R8 “Spyder” in Brilliant Red. The Bianco Monocerus Lamorghini Gallardo “Spyder” LP 560-4 was amazing.


About: India Runway Week

India Runway Week is the Asia’s youngest fashion event. It is platform for newbie to pro. Each season is the introduction of new talent that promotes Indian designers on the global fashion stage. From retail buyers to investors, all get the freshest collection through young designers. IRW is the good source of business opportunities that facilitates networking interactions between designers, affiliate and buyers. The event is bundled with enriching experience for socialite also.

There are people who do not know about how to coordinate different pieces of cloth but if you have designer pieces and IRW platform to learn more about fashion trends, you cannot go wrong ever in your style and in gesture. Designer wear is proper guideline for all the users when it comes to mix and match or whether proper team of skirts, lehenga, cape top, cullotes, kaftans and many more you have to put on to make your special day more special.


About India Federation for Fashion Designers (IFFD)


IFFD is the grand opportunity for fashion industry members whether new or old. It is the realization of dream through connecting to all fashionista networking with a purpose to boost industry growth in textile world. IFFD gives complete knowledge of local and overseas, it is encouraging the best brands to be the investors. The connectivity of local and international market with the old and new talents through IFFD is on the go process and timeless.


Final Words

India Runway Week has flaunted its best masterpiece and all the designers had shown their part under the name of their collection with the full justification of the title. We have fully satisfied with the inspirational collection of debut and established designers. The showstoppers like Bollywood celebrity Soha Ali Khan, Mughda Godse, Isha Gupta, Zeenat Aman and Mandana Karimi was show stealer. Each attire has their own definition that is full of precision and explains lot about persona and taste of the wearer.





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