India is moving towards Wearable Technology

Guest post by Prakash Thakur.

Indians are crazy after wearable technology and they are upgrading themselves with every launch of new tech. In the race of wearable technology there are huge rush like Fitness tracker, smartwatches and many more. Market of India has left multiple options for the buyers by keeping in mind to them.

wearable-technologyYou may not aware of that India has a penchant for wearable devices more than 6000 people in six countries, India ranked good for their love for wearable gadget according to the latest Digital Consumer Tech Survey.

If you will take a look at stats to rate the interest among Indians for the wearable tech then please go ahead with my presentation.

  • Most of the Indians use to buy fitness tracker to monitor their health or physical activity.
  • Some Indians use smartwatches for their daily activities.
  • Thick population of India has Net connected Eyeglasses users.

If you will see the Global stats then you will be apparently known about the Indians market for wearable tech. See below:

  •  The country like Canada, Australia, Uk, US and South Africa have a likeness for fitness tracker is almost major.
  • People of above countries have the craziness for the eyeglasses which is really useful in taking digital pictures and you can get hand-free notifications.
  • Major people of those countries go for the smartwatches.

Indian market expected to grow more in future.

India is majorly involved in increasing the growth of the market of the wearable technologies. The demand of wearable products are promoting the digital era.

Most importantly, market of India is ranking high in this race more than any countries. The growth of population who demand for the wearable devices has encouraged consumer’s electronics companies to invest or focus more in this. The electronic company’s investment is worth and they are planning to expand their market after noticing the rise in demand for the wearable tech.

There is also possibility of reaching the wearable tech market 200 million in 4years. Till now Apple and Google has tried their hand in launching and branding wearable tech but in future other brand like Karbonn and Micromax will also launch these gadgets in India soon.


Wearable tech will promote digital advertising and will be the fastest pick from the market. As wearable tech has potential to hit the market with its production. Therefore, the investment over it will rise more and more.

Earlier wearable tech was emerging in the bigger electronic market category, especially for the fitness and health.

Daily new invention of devices including wearable stuff craving more expansion of digital world and experiences.




Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Very Nice post by Prakash..India is definitely moving towards wearable technology. People will definitely love to wear smartwatches which will do all the functions done by a smartphone. Already good smartwatches are available and we may soon find many more in future.

    1. Hi Mohit,

      yep, I even liked the post by Prakash. There are many apps are are coming up on a daily basis. But I am sure this smartwatches will help immensely to solve our purpose.

      Keep coming. Stay blessed.

  2. India will really grow. It has a tremendous potential for both consumer market and potential to produce things. India will Shine once again like a gold bird. Nice post 🙂

    1. Hi Anurag,

      Thanks for your often visit.

      yeah, my fingers crossed as I want India to stay updated with new techs.

      Keep coming again and again as lot more to come.

  3. The best and foremost wearable solar technology will bring dozens of people to approve this kind of project. Even in India, there is already notice to commence this project to be apprehended. This wearable technology will give not just help to our community, but also gives everyone a boost to achieve every great technology that has been created.

    1. You are absolutely right. Wearable technology is happening and getting limelight in India also. I hope it has good future here

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