HTC One M9 to Change the Equations on 2015

Guest post by Abhilash Thakur..

HTC has been making some game changing smartphones in the recent years and they have very successfully intensified the market. They are a winner company with very less people complaining about the smartphones built by this Taiwanese company. The HTC One M8 is a winning flagship device for this year, now it’s time they are about to release another flagship smartphone that will indeed alter the equations. Know what, the HTC One M9 development is undergoing and we have reviewed some of the rumors that are floating around. However, the phone is assumed to be released on March 2015, before that let’s shade some light on the rumors currently being populated.pensitdown

Release Date

That’s the first question pops up when talking about an upcoming flagship device. HTC One M9 is not officially announced nor has a date been told officially, yet. However, the smartphone company will continue following its smartphone releasing pattern which is on around March of every year. The last flagship, HTC One M8 was released back on 25th March, 2014. It’s safe to assume a release date for the HTC One M9 around the same time next year.

No wonder with HTC, the wait is going to be worth it. HTC generally utilizes every room they get for improvement; hopefully it will not be any different this time.

 Prolonged Battery Backup

When the HTC One M8 was released the battery included was best of its kind back then. However, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 were even more powerful to beat the M8’s battery. That should not demotivate HTC to build an even better battery, it indeed has not. The battery is said to give juice for at least two days at a stretch under more than average usage.

For now, a two days battery backup seems to be promising. We shall eager look forward to that.

Revamped Camera Like Usual

Have you noticed how all the smartphone manufacturers are improving the camera? Because people now prefer a smaller and better camera, mostly smartphone cameras over some professional DSLR cameras! The professionals would still stick to the bulky DSLRs though, but for general people with need to share their moments on social media instantly, a good camera is the best utility they would want to pay for.

Bigger aperture in the HTC One M9 would certainly allow the camera to let more light in, and result in better quality low light photos. The 4 megapixels front camera and probably a 13 MP rear camera would make photographing a lot better.

Like everyone else, a QHD Display

Moving straight into a 4K display might not be a smart move for a smartphone, but how about a QHD or 2K display like everyone else? Almost every new flagship released in this year comes with a display resolution this high, making the display look almost like a real object. We don’t know the display size or the display type yet, but indeed the pixel density would stay above 400 ppi range.

For sturdiness and to avoid any bendgate conspiracy, HTC might include a strong display as well as a strong body.

Health and Fitness

Every other smartphone companies’ consumers are getting highly health conscious, why not HTC then? They might even launch an accompanying smartwatch to get relevant data for the health and fitness based apps. There are even plenty of third party apps to get the job done; it only needs an implementation of necessary hardware.

Bumped up Storage Capacity

For better market grabbing, HTC should offer storage capacity from 32 GB and right on. Keeping the price point within reasonable range would keep the smartphone ahead as well. And if the new M9 continues to have the external card support like they have always done, what’s stopping you from putting everything you have into this phone?


We haven’t received any legit information on the basic hardware configuration or the design yet. The ones we had didn’t seem legit enough so not going to spread them. But one thing is for sure, like every other time HTC is also going to hit the market with surprises anyone had never thought before.

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  1. HTC all phones are good quality smartphone so this new smartphone is also give good facilities. HTC make a good presence on their user. So thanks for sharing this phone.

    1. Hi Suresh,

      I completely agree with you. HTC is doing good job and users are owning this device with open arms.

      Keep coming and stay blessed.

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