How to maintain the flexible work of off-site and on-site employee with the help of tools

Companies are offering you good product and services since long time. This time again company has proved its worth through its workforce and human resource management system. Its expertise is matchless and discovered particularly for small sector or for mid-sized business. It is maintaining a high level of management and super-organized method for sustaining the relationship with the employees.

images (1)Therefore, Organization has come up with focus on the durability of the employee by looking after its efficiency through introducing regular invention of tools. Now again it is going to maintain its dignity through its trustworthy applications, which I am explaining below:

 Flexible work hours or flexi time

It is a great tool for employee work. The act of arriving of employees on different time is called flexible work hours or flexi time. Therefore, to take care of coming and going employee on different time is not possible to trace without the support of app. In small or mid-sized organizations, it is difficult to maintain the flexibility of the inadequate timing of employees as if they have no records of working overtime. To avoid such kind of situation the HR policies work well.

In that case, HR department keeps the record of hours for per employee. It will keep your employees apparent about your working hours.

It is beneficial for different section of work. HR and Employee can equally be benefitted with the tools:

For the employees

  •  There is a good command over time.
  • You can shun rush-hour transportation.
  • It keeps you more productive. You can simply set yourself free from going early or leaving late from office.
  • You can take out more time for other preferable activities.
  • You have more time to strategize other issues of companies.

For the employer

  •  HR is chained with number of works for the accomplishment. It helps in making your strategy perfect without frustration.
  • Recruitment of the prior employee who is indulged with other challenges of life.
  • They are more open to use facilities of office accessories like computers, desks and so on.
  • The absence of one employee will not affect its work.

How tools will be helpful in strategizing flexible work hours. Let us check out below:

  •  The basic purpose of flexible work means that the work needs to be done in effective and productive manner. It is mandatory to maintain the network between distant employee and the management. You can also communicate through face to face and through e-mails and phone. Everything has its own individuality. Telephonic conversation is the nicest way for planning and reviewing. Email is effective for the confirmation of your work.
  • Career is most important factor for employee so make sure that off-site and on-site workers get appraisal for their work.
  • Off-site employee and on-site employee should be treated properly and equally. There should be team spirit between the two categories off-site and on-site employee. Management can involve the employee who works from home through specific training and seminar.
  • The employee who works from home should be asked to come to office off and on to understand the work ethic of workplace.

As we all know quality is better than quantity so employee performance should be the main concern rather than how much hours your employee devoted.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

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  1. Hello Madam Shiwangi,

    If there is one thing which said which I really do agree with you, it has to do with this; ‘There should be team spirit between the two categories off-site and on-site employee.’

    Team spirit is indeed something which can’t of course be taken as a joke at all when success is what is needed in the equation.

    Please do have a great week!

    1. Hi Emmanuel,

      Lovely to see you here in my blog. I support your thought about team effort.

      It is something which you cannot deny. Team lead your company to other level. You cannot see anybody growing easily without team.

      keep coming. Stay blessed.

  2. It’s a lovely post Shiwangi! Lately we see a lot of rise in work from home culture and it is for good.Thanks to the technology that people can work at home as efficiently as in office. Keep sharing the good work 🙂

    1. Hey Rohan Thanks for the appreciation of the post. I indeed love the work from culture. This is happy new for few people that they areopen to more option that they would like to do office job or work from home. More options are always welcome.

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