How to deal with family along with blogging

Blogging is in itself is a very challenging job. It comes across endless set of sequences of work altogether. One layer you accomplish other is ready for you. Sometimes I feel I am so much trapped in blogging this way where I cannot take myself out from it.

familySo umpteen times it seems difficult perhaps for all bloggers to create a healthy connection between family and blogging.

Why do people find themselves torn between family along with blogging.

Blogging may gives you opportunity to work from home and sounds easy to those who didn’t do it ever. But ask those people who are facing the everyday challenges of blogging like posting article, answering comments, setting images, responding emails and so on. It requires effective sense of determination to survive in the world of blogosphere.

Eventually, family life suffers. You cannot shun your family life for your career and vice-versa. Blogging demands sleepless nights often. You need to be prompt in maintaining your offline job and online job as too much focus on one side can affect the other.

Why there is necessity to create a connection between family and blogging

Can you work round the clock. Infact no individual can. You have to make happy all areas of life. You have to subsist your relation with family and blogging career both.

bloggingWhen you are able to strike a balance between family and blogging career then you might be feeling guilty-free. In either side you show your carelessness end up with the feeling of incompleteness. Don’t you feel stress-free when you manage smartly and attentively your offline and online work. Your smartness and creativity between work and family keeps you rejuvenated. Be friend of your work and your family as if you are favourite of both categories.

What happen when you fail to manage both.

  •  Are you going through tremendous pressure handling both.
  • Are you ending up yourself chock-a-block with loads of work only and no commendable outcome in either side.
  • Are you not commiting mistakes of and on in pleasing your job personally and professionally.

You have to devote yourself wholeheartedly what you are doing currently. Doing something else, thinking something else. Don’t let yourself encounter such imbalance of mind and soul. People are squeezing themselves between the work and family by skipping the meal. Sometimes you don’t interact with friends, family and kids due to pressure or sometimes you are unable to meet deadlines of your client.

If you coming across such problems in your life then here I will tell you points of sort out. I am not saying that I am master in it. But I am encountering such issues on daily basis so I can help you recovering this to some extend.

Importance of dealing with family and blogging

You will have to develop a specific schedule for both categories. Its not everyones forte to handle both smartly without facing complain.

blogSteal few time for your loved ones– If you are with your family be only with them wholeheartedly in other word no gadgets at all. Develop your interaction with family about day to day happenings.

Make a strategy for your schedule- Scheduling yourself properly will offer lot of benefit for you. Draw a line between your blogging career and family. Don’t make a gap of a difference of day and night  between both. Play around both with actual devotion. You should have good command over your schedule.

Noteworthy points- We should not be a slave of anything while dealing with specific family along with blogging. With the specific skill of actual time management you can strike a healthy balance between the family and your blogging career. Family commitment and complex of blogging career goes altogether for the healthy you.

Time to wrap up. Awaiting your responses.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Thanks Shiwangi for such a greate post.Managing to write content from home is like hell
    uday ghulaxe recently posted…Top Indian Torrent WebsitesMy Profile

    1. Hi Uday, Thanks for coming in my blog. Awaiting your coming again and again.

  2. Dealing with family and blogging is not so easy because you have to give time to both of these to keep yourself and others happy. Before, I had to deal only with job and blogging which was difficult a bit but now I have to deal with all these 3 family, job and blogging but I am happy that I managed all without fail. 🙂

    By the way Nice tips! Keep Writing.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted…Ultimate List of 25 Blog Directories to Submit Your BlogMy Profile

    1. Yes Atish, Very good point you focused without fail you are able to manage everything. I wish I can be like you.

  3. Hello,

    Really great article, Yes you are right some times we face some issues while dealing with family along with blogging. Time is the only thing which will make some changes. So we need to have good time management.

    Itender Rawat recently posted…How To Convert Video Files to MP3 Free OnlineMy Profile

    1. Hi, Its nice to see you commenting for my blog. Thanks for coming

  4. Hello Shiwangi,
    It really is a challenging job to keep a balance between working life and family life.It is applicable on blogging more as a blogger has tremendous task of keeping him/her present on the social media,have to answer or make comments and thinking creatively always for the upcoming posts.
    Thanks & wish you great blogging for the coming year.
    Nitesh Sharma recently posted…Setting Goals For 2014 and Making Sure To Achieve ThemMy Profile

    1. Thanks Nitesh for your kind word. Keep coming always.

    2. Hi Nitesh, thanks for coming and inspiring me with your statements.

  5. Hi Shiwangi – you make an excellent point in this post. Even though bloggers work from home, it’s still very easy for them to neglect their friends and families if they spend too much time online. Time management and getting the balance right is extremely important – for our health and for our relationships.
    Susan Neal recently posted…How Keeping a Journal Transformed My LifeMy Profile

    1. Hi Susan, I bet yOu are also coming across such issues of handling both family and blogging career. I know one thing more that You must now be expert in managing time for both sides. I am still mediocre in it. I wish when that day will come I will able to pursue the balance between both. Thanks for coming to my blog.

  6. Balancing with blogging and family is quite tough because blogging needs time to work well and other side family also needs time keep relationship evergreen!

    I am sure you can make it up. keep it up.

    1. Yes you are right sir, I am still striving for getting myself perform well in both categories. Sometimes failed, sometimes succeeded but I console myself by saying that life is not about being perfect always sometimes you love to be careless in your life.

      Enjoying and accepting life as it is coming my way. Thanks for your take on.

  7. This is the reason sometimes working from home becomes difficult. Kids and family are there and we cannot avoid them just because of work. Its really difficult to manage but to be successful you have to.

    1. Yea That is why I gave a thought to write something over it as I am encountering the trauma of managing both with equal force. Sometimes I succeeded and sometimes left with foul mood, may be in future I will be able to cope with it. Thanks a ton for your simultaneous response.

  8. I think almost every blogger faces this problem by not giving enough time to their family, but if we compare to blogging with a day job, i think bloggers have more time to spend with their loved ones.
    Jitender recently posted…How to Earn money by Addmefast Online?My Profile

    1. Hi Jitender,

      Your point is correct and agreed. Day job is more irksome according to me as well and blogging demands loads of work but at least we are surrounded everytime with family which is great deal.

      Thanks for your insights. Keep coming and drop viable comment.

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