How to be a better blogger?

I had on my mind since beginning if  ever in Pensitdown there will be first guest post then that will by Atish brother. I am presenting the excellent guest post by Atish. I am overwhelmed to see his encouraging lines on the topic. Do check this useful tips. 

This post is strictly for Bloggers! If you are not into blogging then you should go back.

Blogging becomes so ubiquitous nowadays that the competition between bloggers is fierce. When there are more competitions you have to improve yourself and do something that makes you stand out of the crowd.

be-a-better-bloggerYou might find so many bloggers who are blogging but out of them not all are credible, trustworthy and helpful but on the contrary there are many who are good. Being good in blogging is something you really need to stand out but it doesn’t mean to post killer content only. You need to do a lot of hard work and follow many guidelines to make yourself a better blogger.

Here I am sharing 12 ways that might help you make yourself a better blogger:

1. Have a blogging plan

When you start your blog, you should have a plan to work further. Your plan should include:

1. The article publishing frequency on the blog.

2. To do keyword research and insert them in article.

3. To build links for your blog so that you can rank higher in search and grab more traffic.

4. What will be your social media strategy to promote your blog there?

5. What monetization ways you will implement.

You must have a plan on these topics and even more things at least for next 3-4 months so that after that period you can track the success rate which can give you clear idea as what things are working and what not.

2. Learn to work hard with patience and consistency

No doubt hard work is the key to success but if there is no consistency in your work then it won’t help you alone. You have to do work very hard with consistency so that your blog never stays stagnant. Stagnancy can kill your blog slowly. When you are consistent, it shows your devotion towards your blog and this surely makes you a better blogger.

3. Have patience

Hundreds of blogs are being started and hundreds of blogs are being closed as well on daily basis. Do you know why bloggers shut down their blogs?

In most cases the reason is related to traffic and money. Many bloggers when don’t get results instantly shut down their blog which is wrong. Everyone should have patience because good results take time to come.

Hence, you must have patience and keep working hard with consistency in a planned way. Results will surely be seen sooner or later.

4. Give Priority to content

Content is fuel for a blog and you might have heard this saying: “Content is King” which is exactly right. Content plays the most important factor of a blog’s success. Readers get impress with the quality of writing and information shared on the blog so spend more time in producing great content.

Giving priority to content over marketing is the sign of a better blogger.

5. Don’t forget Keywords

As I said above that your main focus should be producing great content but you also need to keep keywords in mind.

Before writing content, do a proper keyword research as per the topic and while writing the article insert them naturally with good keyword density. It is always said that content should be written for readers not for the search engines. Its right but when you put better keywords there in the article then it indirectly helps users to find the exact stuffs of their interest search engines.

This is an important task too to get targeted traffic from search engines. A better blogger strive to build traffic from all the sources including search engines.

6. Build backlinks

Putting keywords in the article makes sure to show your article in search engines but link building increases the chances of showing it above in the SERPs. So link building should not be missed. You can do it by guest posting and other methods of Off page optimization.

7. Be Active on Social Media

Everything online is going social and you should also be active there to interact with your audience, reply to their queries and many more. This helps you build brand for yourself and for your blog as well.

8. Build healthy relationships online

Building healthy relationship with your fellow bloggers and audiences surely makes you a better blogger.

Just like in normal offline life when you do have good relationships with everyone in your society people consider you as a good person, similarly in blogging world when you have good relationships with your audience and fellow bloggers then you are considered as a better blogger.

9. Always ready to help

Helping others surely help you build credibility, audience, fans, followers and many more which makes you a better blogger. Help everyone as much as you can!

 10. Forget Ego

Never have ego in blogging! Even if you get success in this blogosphere, never show ego and always stay down to earth as there is need of good and sensible guys not the egoistic ones.

11. Learn to speak with Confidence

Always have confidence while speaking your word anywhere. With this confidence build yourself as an authority in your niche. It comes with experience so work hard consistently and specifically work more on the niche you are in to be an expert in that.

12. Attract Audience with new ideas

Don’t always rewrite others’ articles rather think for new and innovative ideas to write on your blog which definitely attract more audience. To do this always think, research and spend more time to finalize the topic. Remember, Finalizing topic is the most important task.

Also read: 6 things that can destroy your blog.

There are few ways I have shared above which might help you make yourself a better. Hope it will help. I am still not very good blogger but following most of these mentioned ways is gradually making me a better blogger. If I can do then why not you? Just start following these ways and even there are many other ways too, follow them as well to make yourself a better blogger.

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Author bio:

This blog post is written by Atish Ranjan who is the owner of popular blog He loves blogging more than anything else in the world. Check him out at Google+.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Hi Atish bro,

    Once again a very nice piece from you. I am bewildered to see the 12 points and the thing really I love is that “the content is written for the readers not for the search engine when………….search engine”. Thanks for sharing with us your knowledge as everyone wants to listen from experts.

    This is the great thing for me you show me your prompt response when I asked for the guest post and within two days you were ready with the article, inspite of the hectic schedule and other priorities. I am privileged that you gave me your time for the guest post.

    All readers I am expecting maximum comments from you all.

  2. Hi Shiwangi DI thanks to approve guest post of Atish bro,.

    Actually before 1 year i meet online with Atish ranjan bro that time he give me many tips for do blogging perfectly.
    Here again after read this post i can remember my old time and i’m really happy to see some more points indeed here.

    I am truely saying if any newbie follow only these 12 points in his life to become a better blogger then really he can beat anyone without do any hard work,.

    Atish bro you are really great 🙂

    1. Hi Sanu bro,

      All 12 points are incredibly awesome. Such a big post of more than 1000 words has been completed in one hour. It is obvious from the expert like Atish. He always delivers his best. I and Pensitdown is so privileged to get a post written by bro.

      His every delivery takes as a expert’s tips. If we have to be more perfect so we should abide all the tips given by him.

      Thanks for letting me know your story and do come to share your views..

  3. Wow,

    Once again i found a super useful article here on pensitdown. Thank you so much Shiwangi for making my day interesting and inspiring. All the points mentioned above about “How to be a better blogger?” are absolutely correct and no-one can prove it wrong.

    These points attracted me a lot:
    * Learn to work hard with patience and consistency
    * Give Priority to content
    * Have patience
    * Forget Ego

    Thanks again Shiwangi. Keep updating as soon as possible 🙂

    1. Hi Amit,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback for the Atish guest post on my blog I and my blog are so opportunate to get such a excellent post from him. As every words in this post is my favorite and keen stuff for learning. Patience and consistency is something everyone cannot get along with it. Its need lot of guts to be nice to everyone and also without ego.

      But one who can make it is always a winner in front of everyone.
      Thanks fro your comment and keep coming.

  4. Hi Shiwangi,

    Congratz for getting a great Guest post from Atish.

    I’d say that it is an essential post to be read by ever blogger. Yes, Atish has written the basic points to be a better blogger and I hope am following most of the ways.

    Recently, I’ve published my 100th blog post and I really feel motivated with that. I’ve written “Reaching 100 blog posts in 1 and half years is not a big achievement, but being a part-time blogger, I consider this as a huge success” and got reply from the blogger who inspires me a lot (Jane Sheeba) “Hey Nirmala don’t say publishing 100 posts iin 1.5 years is not a great achievement. It is indeed a great achievement. How many bloggers start a blog and continue to run it to this level? I think you have done a great job.”

    After reading her comment, I realized that I’ve done something better job in blogging.

    As Atish told, persistence, passion and patience are the key to get succeed in blogging. Without proper plan, nothing can be done properly and he is very exact at that point.

    Out of all, I believe that the relationship with other bloggers and readers would help a blogger to perform enhanced blogging.

    I’d say that it is indeed post for bloggers and nicely written by Atish.

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      It is really a complimentary thing for me to have the pot from the experts like Atish. His every piece of advice should be inhaled by us firmly. So that we can perform better in blogging and peak a certain height in which Atish and you are now.

      Really building a relationship is the best way to be on top as you become favorite for all so its obvious to get the exposure.

      Ego really kills our popularity and we should always ready to help according to our limits of knowledge.

      Its very big thing that you have completed your 100 post in 1.5 years. It is really an achievements and you managed to do this being a part-time blogger and also taking care of other priorities of your life prominently.

      Thanks for coming and do always come to share your views.

  5. Hiee Shiwangi Di,

    Congratulation! For the very first guest post on Pensitdown from Atish bro.

    I completely agree with all the points but I would like to add my view on some points.

    #9. Always ready to help.
    Yes, we must be always ready to help other but we must have the ability to judge the person whether to whom we are helping is a right person to be helped or not. Because some time we get ditched by those people whom we like to help at any time.

    #10. Forget Ego
    Ego is something which can destroyed anything within a minute. Though it is difficult to stay away from ego, we must always try to stay away from ego. Ego has a power to take away everything from us.
    And everyone should note this point >>
    “Respect can’t be demanded, it has to be earned by our behaviour!” 😉

    Thanks for the tips Atish bhai and congrats again Di for the first guest post. Keep Rocking! 🙂


    1. Hi Shiv bro,

      Sorry for late approve. Very rightly said respect is for those who deserve it not for those who demand it. I just don’t understand what we will do with the ego. Ego is a germs that kills everything like personal and professional life both. We all should accept as that we are human being born to live life fullest as we live once so why the interruption of killing aspects.

      Yeah I also we should as much as we can, doing good to anyone is a pleasing and satisfactory factor for me as per my skill. The points Atish has added perfect and your elaboration over the subject is appreciable.

      Keep coming to share your ideas.

  6. Thanks for your reply Shiwnagi and am working hard to manage both offline and online works. I feel down sometimes but my involvement with interest in each work helps to perform better jobs.

    I carefully listen to every advice of Atish and following the same for the past 2 years. I’ve not yet reached the peak, but am on the way for sure. His blog posts, blogging activities & interviews really inspires me a lot to work enthusiastically. Not only me, I hope many of the newbies are greatly encouraged with his liveliness.

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      Pleasure is all mine as I love to appreciate your work and dedication. You and Atish are my favorite and love to encourage you as well. If my word can leave some spell over your confidence the I will consider myself lucky. Yeah, as competition are so high in blogging so Atish advices always work and motivational to stress out. He is expert and number of his fan following encourage me lot also.

      Keep coming as I love to hear from you.

  7. Hello Shiwangi !!

    Atish is one of the best Indian bloggers I know and I respect him a lot.. I really got to know him from an interviewed he had with Olamosh, since then i have been following his updates and post. am so impressed that I could learn something from this amazing post stated here on your blog..

    Being a better blogger is just not a day job neither is it a joke and play thing.. The points stated are very important and should be taken seriously if one is aspiring to be a top bloggers.. just like Atish and you (Shiwangi)

    1. Hey DOK,

      Its lovely to listen good words from you for me as well along with Atish. What should I say about him, everybody is aware of his talent and skill. In fact I feel that everyone out here is so amazing in blogosphere inspite of lot of competition around. So you should also feel always confident about yourself that you are also doing good.

      Keep coming to share your few good words.

  8. Hi
    Shivangi I am also a Seo executive so I know that blog is very important in seo field.
    Your post based on better blogger it is really very helpful for me I really appreciate your post. Thanks for sharing. Please continue in future.Good Job.

    1. Hi Lucky,

      Its good to listen from you as these words motivate. Yeak SEO is important for blogging. It is guest post by Atish bro. And I am proud to get the guest post from Atish bro.

      I will continue with the good job by your say. Keep coming.

  9. Building a community of bloggers is another key point, as I think and feel. What do you say?

    1. Hi Pranjal,

      Teah I really support your thought of building the community. As it enhances your connectivity.
      Do come to share your views.

  10. Thanks Guys for reading the post and sharing your valuable thoughts on this as well. Keep visiting.

    1. Thanks Atish for your contribution for pensitdown and responding the commenters with your statement. Keep coming to enrich my blog.

  11. Hello Madam Shiwangi,

    As usual, nothing more is expected from your end other than such great articles.
    Having a better can’t be achieved other than having patience as you rightly stated but unfortunately that something many bloggers lack.

    1. Hi Emmanuel,
      Sorry for late reply. Yeah you are right Atish has done a good job but very few people abide on what is stated.

      Patience is a key thing in any spheres of life but it is easy to say more than follow. But one who knows to tackle nobody can stop them to secure a good place in blogosphere.
      Keep coming to share your beautiful ideas.

  12. Wonderful post as always at pensitdown,

    I think Atish rajan has shared obvious points to be a better blogger and I would certainly bookmark this post since all the points are really unique.


    1. Hi Vicky,

      Absolutely right Atish has done fabulous job in presenting all the remarkable points. Its nice to hear good words from you.

      Please do come to share your focus.
      Have a great day.

  13. Hi
    yes a small question but having Big importance.
    Becoming a Successful Blogger is itself a Great challenge.
    Will definitely follow your tips & Tricks to boost my blogging skills.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙂
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    1. Hi Rcik,

      It is nice to see you commenting over. It is all the way good feeling to be a good blogger and absolutely very challenging profession. Atish tips is always useful. Keep coming to share your ideas.

  14. Hi Atish Bro..
    Your first point “Have a blogging plan” is the best point to be a better blogger.
    According to me, When you going to sleep revise your blogging plan and work hard along your plan.

    1. Hi Prakash,

      Yep you are right having a strategy will be scrumptious and helpful to increase your blogging life.

      Hard working keeps the things go. Keep coming to drop your ideas.

  15. Really Nice Post Siwangi Jee

    1. Hi Anil,

      lovely to see you on my blog first time. Keep coming. Cheers.

  16. Hi Shiwangi, I came here for you. Well, the post is nicely written by Atish.

    Blogging is being adapted by many individuals that a better writing skill and strategy is required.

    This post fulfills all of that.

    Simple design, great blog post here. 🙂

    1. Hi Rohan,

      Nice to see you on my blog. Yeah, Atish always demonstrate his best in all subject. Whether it is tech, blogging, writing tips and many more.

      Keep coming to share your ideas.

  17. Hi shiwangi,

    It’s very informative blog you have shared. Any one even the newbie bloggers can be a better blogger if follow the guidance above.

    Swimming Pool Pump

    1. Hi Alextim,

      Yeah Atish has presented his guest post always more readworthy and interesting. Thaks for coming and stay blessed.

  18. hi Shiwangi ,

    u have posted a great article by atish,i want to say many thanks to you and atish also for this article.atish have mentioned all the things which new bloggers have to do to be get success in blogging world.every blogger should follow this tips to get more traffic to their sites .once again thank you for sharing such a great knowledge with us.keep posting valuable guest postings like this..

    1. Hi Harish,

      Yeah all the points by far is very helpful for newbie as well as for the professional blogger . As professional blogger sometimes forget the basic thing and remember only bigger thing.

      Traffic is the key thing for the blogger and in blogosphere. Keep coming to enlight my blog by sharing your thought.

  19. Hello Shiwangi,
    This is a great post by Atish bro. I truely agree that Hard-work , patience and content will lead a good traffic and ranking to your blog, but in order to be a better blogger you should be always ready to help others.


    1. Hi Sheshnath,

      This is really a nice post by Atish. He enriched my blog with his post. See more than successful blogger favorite blogger rules the blogosphere. Helping attitude really make you favorite. Keep coming to share your beautiful ideas.

  20. Hello Shivangi
    All tips you provided above are really helpful to me and all bloggers who want to achieve Big in the world of blogging .I convey by your point that we should keep active on social media .SMO plays an important role to get more traffic on a blog .Thanks to share such a great article with us.

    1. Hi Suraj,

      Its lovely to see you in my blog. All the tips by far is mentioned with the great concepts and deep thought. As it is the guest post by Atish Ranjan so it is obvious to have something very great.

      Social media sites plays important role in promoting your blog and provide maximum traffic. Keep coming to share your ideas.

  21. Hi Atish, Thanks for sharing this article here.I totally agree with your points. Everybody those who want to see themselves as a successful blogger in near time, your all valuable points will be helpful for them.

    1. Hi Swapnadip,

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your ideas. yeah all the points Atish has integrated is very useful and informative.
      Successful blogger can provide such tips which lead you to the way to success.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas with us about the post and keep coming.

  22. Hey Atish,
    nice article and Yes, getting sucess in blogging require lots of hardwork, consistency and patience. All the points you mentioned above are very important and following them properly we can easily achieve success.
    Building links with other, active on social networking sites are some important factor. Thanks for sharing this post. This post really gonna help many newbies.

    1. Hey Sudipto,

      Literally speaking the tips given by Atish bro is spectacular and very useful for newbie and also for the professional blogger.

      Patience is always the key factor in any spheres of life. For the newbie particularly in initial time they need to focus on social network sites to show themselves visible which will lead to recognization. Keep coming to share your ideas.

  23. 100% Correct these 12 points Must needed for a Blogger, without the proper planning, proper SEO and Quality Content One can’t be a Pro Blogger.

    Its an Useful Post, Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Hi Narayan,

      SEO and strategy can lead you to be a pro blogger. Atish has presented all excellent points.

      Keep coming to encourage.

      1. Wonderful post Shiwangi, your post helped me in boosting my blogging knowledge.Thanks and keep posting such amazing articles

        1. Hi Abhishek,

          Thanks for the appreciation. I am glad that you grabbed some aspects from my post…

  24. Shiwangi Twice I tried to Post a comment but its redirecting to a White Blank page so I don’t know whether my comments are posting or not. If My Previous comment is Posted then kindly delete this comment.


    1. Hi Narayan,

      It is nothing like that and why should I delete your comment. Thanks for coming and I approved your all comments so do not worry.

  25. Hi Shiwangi…….. really helpful article for new bloggers

    1. Hey M.S Dandyan,
      There is lot of upcoming post which will provide info. Keep coming..

  26. Nice blog post about how we can be a better blogger by reading this blog post. Nice blog post keep the good work going.

  27. Nice blog post about how to be a better blogger. Nice blog post keep the good work going.

  28. Point no 11 is interesting and easy to miss, especially when you consider blogging is mostly about writing. But especially now in 2020, it is important for a blogger to be a good speaker, considering that you will have to promote your blog through videos and podcasts also.

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