How car plays vital role in our lives

Many automobile companies try to promote their products because they know the market value and demands of it. There has been loads of automotive news. You can see these cars most of the time in television, newspapers and other media source.

The word ‘car’ is not only meant to describe as a tools for getting around and also not acknowledge for its features and style. When you see from my eyes it is beyond all that. Car is not only the car but a step ahead of any man’s career. It gives your career an edge, height and securities. It builds your status symbol. For any middle class man how tough it is to spend the major part of income in bying the happiness of family in the form of car.


How you see your car as a necessity or as a luxury

 It is very difficult to analyse what is luxury and what is necessity? Its very subjective. A very old said “one man’s food is another man’s poison”. Similarly, one man’s luxury is another man’s necessity. It varies person to person standard of living. Dependence is actually completely on the focus of the purpose of bying car.


In early time car stands as a luxury but now it transformed into necessity even for a middle class people. But ofcourse most of the classic automobiles does not stand as a necessity. Even today it is as royal as before. Nowadays there are more and more places of interest and there are further places to travel to within the country. So, now having a car must as it is too troublesome to take the public transport and squeeze in with other passenger. It also win over motor bike as bike is less spacious and less comfortable.

 Advantages of bying car

 Following are some points which unfold the advantage of bying car like:

 Less time consuming– Particularly in all metropolitan city car is the most wanted stuff. It is almost need of the hour. In bigger city as you know distances are very high and it needs to be covered in less time. Whereas other mode of public transportation carries lot of time in distance covering. In this fastest life you cannot stake your precious time.

 Helpful in emergencies– When you need to drive someone to the hospital so car is the best solution As it is multi-seater or spacious. It can comfortably and conveniently carry two more than two person from one place to another rather than any other transportation.

 Perfect for all season– It protects you from all the hurdles of the season. You can independently move anywhere without thinking twice, in rainy day. Whereas in summer season, it guards you from ultra-violet ray of sun and can avail you with the facility of air conditioner. And when it comes to winter season, you can feel warm inside the car by using blower.

 It raises standard of living– It is necessary to own a car because it represents your establishment, success and achievements. When individual is going for business purpose it adds enhancement to your status. The car is not only for hanging around but it empowers your richness.

 Convenient for outing– Car plays really a vital role in travelling short or long or bit further away from home. Hanging around long distance through your car is always as a money-saver. Such kind of outing by your car is really pleasurable, safe and make you feel like a comfort of home whereas other modes of transportation just don’t seem to perform as well as it is.

 Easy in transporting goods– with a car any people can carry heavy object one place to another including long distance. Long distance can be covered rapidly and pleasantly hassel-free.

 More safe than other vehicle– In the fast moving world, car is a necessity for a family living in urban areas. It is obvious because it is safer as compared to a two wheeler or auto. Unfortunately if accident occurs then car will damage rather than passengers. So the car stands as a guard and protection for living being. At the same breath, two wheelers or auto does not perform well as far as safety is concerned.

This way the majority of the masses is opting for car rather than others vehicle. For two years I am leading my life in metropolitan city without car. I almost feel like a fish out of water. For roaming to and from I think twice. Coziness is missing somewhere without car. you can use best car wax for better look for your car.

 I unfolded the layers of this subject to my best ability. Hope, all dear readers will give their viable points.

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. I recently bought a cost-effective SUV. Love it!

    1. I am also looking for opportunity and right time to buy my car. Congrats for your car.

  2. Whenever i read about car everyone write about its design, mileage, comfort and its style good to know and read your point of view.

    1. Hey sister amazed to see you commenting for my blog for the first time. Thanks a lot for your uncommon approach.

  3. I love the convenience the car offers. Well once I get through the annoyance of getting my tank filled all the time.

    1. Hope you will be keep coming to me.

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    1. The way you pronounce the traffic tips is amazing. Hope to see you with more information.

  5. Is it true that 90% of Americans own a car?

    1. If I am not wrong 70% to 80% of Americans own a car.

  6. Actually more own cars than houses.

    1. Yes, I strongly agree with you because I am as well diehard fan of car. Whenever If I will be able to earn so well then I will first of all buy my car rather than any assets.

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  8. Wow Shiwangi…you got excellent writing skills…keep it up…wishing you gud luck…and loads of motivation to write more n more ….cheers

    1. Great to see you pen your thought for me. Ofcourse your motivation boost me more to the certain peak.

  9. Hey Shiwangi ,

    The attention used to be on the look of the care, now it shifts onto practicality and economy of a car.
    I drive a hybrid now but in 10 years It’s going to be an old technology, electric will be a way.

    Indeed, cars have a HUGE role in our everyday life , especially in the US.

    thnx for the share


    1. I have gone through tradealrts really splendid. I am learning from a blogger like you. YOU came and leave comment for me that means a lot to me. Thanks.

  10. The advantages cars have to offer can’t in anyway be under-rated.

    1. Yup you are right. Advantage of car can never go out of fashion.

    2. Yup..very true

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  12. Hello Shiwangi Shrivastava,

    Yeah I agree with your mentioned points regarding car and their role in our lives. It’s really important to get a car for their daily purposes. This is how the works can be easily done.


    1. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  13. Hi
    Its very nice blog.I have purchased a second hand car on 2004 by keeping all points in mind mentioned by you. Its also a,status simbol and a confidence for you and your famiky.I want to explain that if anybody ask you to go any place at night 100 km by any bike from your place then you can say no but if you have a car then definitely you can say yes because you are confident that you will be safe in a car.

    1. Hi Vinod,

      Thanks for your first time visit and also for a complimentary words for me.
      Yes you are right I think of life that without car which is not possible. And It provides us multiple comfort along with status. I am glad that you have your comfort with you and you are enjoying your luxury.

      Please do always come to share your views.

  14. Hi, Shiwangi Shrivastava! I think car plays vital important role in our lives. With me, it is very easy to transport goods even it is safer than others.

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