‘Happn’ globally celebrated meeting app now in India

You will still be wondered if I would say that if you can able to find people you have crossed paths with in real life. Yes, with the help of app named Happn (hyper-geolocation) in real time. The app is having 17 million users in 40 cities worldwide. Now in India, you can have this world’s first meeting app Happn New Delhi May 26, 2016. The Happn app will build the great connectivity at the next level. It has headquarters in Paris and plans to add 1 million Indian users in next six months to its happy and happening list of 17 million users globally. Happn has extended a funding of over 20 million Euros to steer the growth for the users in the International markets.

pensidownWith the help of hyper-geolocation in real time, the app will inform you a timeline of all the people you have crossed the paths with and it will let you reconnect whenever you feel like. This GPS based app spot the people uniquely unlike any other GPS based ordinary platforms. It is the provision of whole banquet of all lovely features that you cannot imagine to have. Whenever you are crossing paths with another Happn user in real life, you can get to see the profile on your timeline. You can track the time and place of his or her of your last unexpected encounter. If you feel like to develop the connectivity with him or her only you need to hit on the heart button. If the user reciprocates then you can start chat online with him or her.

We scouted hard to find the right person for friendship or if you are looking forward to have someone special, Happn is the best medium to give you that blissful opportunity.


The concept of Happn was imagined by Didier Rappaport, Fabien Cohen and Antony Cohen. This stunning app launched in February 2014 in Paris. Happn witness the second chance to meet those people you wanted to have first meeting but did not managed to anyhow. Happen is the perfect tool to give people real life experience to meet someone special even you do not know the name of that individual.


pensitdownHappn symbolizes an action and an event. Developers wanted to make people meet so he wanted to make it happen. If there is app so there is happy. There are two words that define the origin of the Happn.

Happen is the great source to bring the meeting experience back into the real world. You can feel the real life experience through the app to connect to the people you wish to. Happn is the first meeting app for mobile which is available in 40 cities such as Paris, London, Madrid, Milan, Hong Kong, New York, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and more. It is happy to inform people that it has over 17 million users from the mentioned cities since launch. It supports various platforms. You can download Happn from App Store, Play Store and Windows Store.



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    Amazing app really and I am sure its maker will expand its outreach to many many other cities and I am much surprised to see its flabbergasting features.

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    Many thanks for sharing and keep sharing such useful contents to help us know more and more about fascinating world of digital technology.

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      After long time you have come to cherish my blog. Nevertheless, Happn is great app for those who want to find friends and their love. It is amazing I feel that connectivity will be great with this app. It is penetrating lovely features. Keep coming to share your thought.

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