Happiness is something money cannot buy

Is it quality of life or the quantity of life?

Is it the presence of loved ones or remain isolated?

Is it money or honey?

Happiness is something you cannot buy. Its definition is different for different people. Happiness is the state of mind.

It can be sum total of joy of little little things. You can find happiness in bunch of flowers, in the smile of your loved ones face. It can be success, family, or love. Happiness has two categories one is materialistic and another one is non-materialistic.

Happiness is a permanent state but rarely you get anything in life permanent. Similarly, happiness comes with limited validity. I mean what makes you happy today will make you happy tomorrow also, it is not essential. It has short life.

Happiness is the fulfillment of desire and fulfillment of desire gives happiness for a short period as it fades away with time. You cannot expect from life to give you everytime happiness as there are ups and downs. Whole post will not ever finish if I will describe happiness. Happiness is the essential bacteria, which is the dose for the survival and for the healthy life.

My idea of happiness

For me, happiness is sip of positivity and my happiness is governed by my thought. You see everywhere happiness if you consider life as a mystery to solve, not a problem to resolve.

I know this mantra for lifetime, which keeps me supercharged and amazingly positive and composed.

“Face your past without regret. Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear”.

Positivity has a matchless power I always look at how far I have come rather than how far I have to go. These internal thoughts are enough for keeping you happy rather than seeking happiness outside.

I want to recollect the story to support my thought. When I was in Goa trip with my family and everyone was enjoying with their idea of fun. I was in the beach with my cousins and enjoying the strokes of waves. Once I was challenging the waves going against it and was not getting the floor to stand inside the sea. I was almost about to sink but my cousin’s hand for help gave me ray of hope that I got my life back. As she knew that, I do not know to swim so when she found me missing then she was worried and succeeded in getting me.

That moment was not only accident for me but also learning experience for me that whatever we are having in life more than what we deserve. This second life is blessing for me and made me realize that what happiness is. Happiness is this life and we are gifted to be called as the most eligible living thing in the form of human being. We should proud of our designation and we have our asset six sense from which we can excel in everything.

Cheers to the celebration of getting this beautiful life, take a sip of happiness every moment, forget about the worries.


Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Howdy,
    I must say your blog page is really clear in view … nice set up
    Talking about the blog post its a thumbs up post
    thanx for this post. Loved it

  2. Hey Shiwangi,

    Very nice article,
    I really like the way of you write.
    It is true Dont regret about your past , don’t think about your future just live your present.
    This is true way of living and happiness.

  3. Yes you are absolutely right about the title, I always believe happiness is one of most precious thing which we can’t buy from money or anything.

    1. Hi Samantha,

      Lovely to see your comment here. Right happiness is something we use to layer it with our daily misery but infact we should do vice versa. I think you feel the same..

      Thanks for coming.

  4. Hi Shiwangi,
    Thanks for the awesome post.
    But being happy is not really easy. 🙁

    1. Hi Fakharuddin,

      It is easy just you need to switch to positivity button for that. Take life as it comes then no sorrow will govern your life.

      Thanks for coming..

  5. Hello,

    Well I guess we are working, doing lot of things only for a single purpose that is for happiness. Happiness is something which comes from inner part of our heart.

    Positive mindset is also necessary to make our self happy!

    1. Hi Gordan,

      Happiness is the keyword of healthy life. In whichever way it is coming we should store it before sliping away from our hand.

      .Thanks for sharing your ideas

  6. In some aspects, you can using money to make your life more happy. So, it’s a part of what you can buy.

    1. Hi Alize,

      Happiness is what you believe. It depends on your thought how you take happiness.
      So happiness is everything to me and for others also to run the life forward.

  7. Hi Shiwangi,

    Glad to see your post on happiness. Happiness never possible to buy with money. Thanks for your clear definition on happiness.

    Kind Regards
    Yasin Rishad

    1. Hi Yasin,

      Yup that’s why I have focused on this topic. Keep coming for the updates..

  8. I’m so grateful to have read this today Shiwangi. Often, we succumb to ‘happiness chasing’, thinking I’ll be happy once I have a big house, when you get your big house, you find you are still not happy and you convince yourself that you will only be happy if you had 4 expensive cars to park in your big house. It goes on and on doesn’t it?

    Your realisation, that ‘we have more in life than we deserve’ is simple and pure. We all have what we need right now. The majority of us will have more than we actually need right now. When we stop looking ahead so much and look beside us instead, we can find happiness in today.

    Thank you for posting this. Wishing you all the best.


    1. Hi Mona,

      I am overwhelmed that you find my this post amazing and rejuvenating. You life is roller coaster ride and whatever we are getting is literally more than we deserve. If we will keep yelling over that we do not have anything then how will we able to discover the rich thing of life around. Thanks for your lovely comment. Keep coming dear

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