Great Learners Have a Better Chance of Success in Life

Most people think parents make a huge deal out of scoring an admission to an international school in Manila just for the prestige. Well, there’s denying the prestige, but that’s not the primary goal. Having an excellent educational background is increasingly becoming a critical requirement for career success.

The current job market is increasingly becoming cutthroat, pitting jobseekers against each other for the few available slots. Surprisingly, such competition exists among the regular rank and file. There’s a shortage of skilled workers and employers are actively hunting for talented workers.

What’s more, they are willing to pay top dollars for such talent.

Talented workers?

People make the mistake of thinking that talent is innate despite the growing body of evidence pointing to the opposite direction. Studies digging into the background of exceptional people ranging from athletes, musicians, chess players, and scholars show this to be true.

Such findings show anyone provided with the right learning environment can attain greatness. Bobby Fischer, once known as the youngest person in the world to attain the title of a chess grandmaster, is living proof.

It turns out that Booby started his training from an early age. His father arranged for him to take lessons from a skilled teacher. He engaged in what has now commonly come to be known as Deliberate practice — one of the most learning strategies in the world.

Under the tutelage of a skilled teacher, the learner gets to work on their weaknesses and improve. The teacher provides them with guidance and directions, as well as constructive feedback.

Shortened learning time

Following such an approach, students acquire skills and knowledge quickly because they latch on to an effective learning method. Instead of just turning up for classes, they learn with a purpose. Purposeful learning is the fastest way to master the knowledge and polish skills.

Most skilled people, including the experts on various subject gracing your TV screen or holding top jobs, employ such effective learning techniques. It allows them to read and absorb large amounts of information in the shortest time possible.

Students who are adept in using such learning methods find learning enjoyable and have a great time in school. Since they make the most of each learning session, they appear to be putting the least amount of effort while still making the honor roll. Enrolling your kids to a school that provides such a learning environment is a gift that keeps on giving.

Best value for your money

Given that taking your kids to school is a parental obligation, most parentsdon’t see it as a financial investment. In a real sense, taking your kids through school costs quite a bundle. Conservative estimates put the cost of secondary education at £15,000 for day scholars and £33,000, annually.

Now, that’s a considerable amount of money to fork out for mediocre grades. Wouldn’t you rather splurge that much with the assurance that you kid won’t jump through hoops to join the top colleges in the country? Most international schools provide an excellent learning environment while transforming children into exceptional learners.

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