Gentle Touch keeps the spark alive

In the hustle-bustle of life couple use to forget the true worth of connectivity through flourishing the bond to the level. They should feel the gap of between the two, which is disappearing in looking after their respective priorities.

pensitdownHow to tie the missing thread between the two?

What should be evaluated so that downfall of the relation will go high?

Touch is the only key thing to warm up the impeccable ignites. Gentle touch has an essence to spice up your monotonous and boring married life. Touch is the most important part to create the same charm in your relationship. Parachute advance body lotion will keep the hotness of  the bond between the two.

“When you love the person deeply

the touch of that person become the

inhaler for you, it pampers you from

deep within and give your soul unexpected


When you are lacking interest in relationship then to restore the energy of the couple bond, you should plan to hang out like watching movies. If you do not want to go out you can watch movie home in the soft and warm blanket like the warm and soft touch of your spouse. Slow and steady moment can drive you more crazy than the fast and unsteady.

Gentle touch like holding hands cannot be taken for granted even in this freaking trendy and wild generation. Sometimes boring and old fashioned gentle touch can provoke more spark than going wild. So gentle touch is so high in intensity and powerful that can bring smile over the sad face.

Gentle touch is when couple makes love,

when mother hug her crying kid with

open arms, when a friend gives shoulder

to cry at the time of adversity”. 

According to my experience, I would state only one thing that be it any relation like couple or parents and kids, friends and so on, the gentle and tempting touch reach to your heart and soul, which is not limited to skin deep only.



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8 Responses to "Gentle Touch keeps the spark alive"

  1. Kabie says:

    Hello Madam Shiwangi,

    This is just one interesting piece and it’s all about love or making someone laugh!

  2. Fakharuddin says:

    Hi Shrivastava,

    This is totally new for me and thanks for the nice sharing.
    Fakharuddin recently posted…10 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins 2015My Profile

  3. Well written article… I will use your strategy on my blogs also. If you can deliver some suggestion then I will be very thankful. Thanks in advance
    Hitesh Rathee recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  4. preetam says:

    I teach Blogging. I am going to use your example about article writing skills. thanks
    preetam recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    • Shiwangi Shrivastava says:

      Hi Preetam,

      Nice to know that you teach blogging and will take my part in your teaching. That is big thing for me.

      Thanks for coming..

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