Garmin India launches Vivofit 3 today to achieve fitness goals

Garmin India today announced the Vivofit 3. Vivofit 3 is very active tracker with one year battery life. It also features a Move IQ along with tracking activities such as running, walking, sleeping, swimming and elliptical training automatically. This wearable band gives great users experience with the ease of features operation… Throughout the day you can be connected to Vivofit 3 and it will track your action effortlessly so it is phenomenal fitness tracker.


black-vivofit-3Vivofit 3 Features

You can count on the features of the Garmin India Vivofit 3. Let us see how far Vivofit 3 can support you in shaping your daily lifestyle.


1. Monitors every activities

It measures whole day steps, distance, calories burned and every active min. It enables people to achieve their fitness goals. This wearable fitness tracker would help users to turn their day to day routine into a fitness regime. Your active min will make you realize that you have burned that much calories at the certain time through walking, running and exercising. It promises all the comfort and all day wearability will not be source of discomfort.



Vivofit 3 has nice display and visibility is apparent. Its backlit display is crystal clear that shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes and wearing this will not let you feel the necessity of the watch to see time.


Move Bar

Move Bar keeps you active when you are idle for long duration. Automatically it will reset the move bar the moment you become active and involve in working out. It is good in keeping you continuously active during day in and out. It will shed your sedentary lifestyle that you will be no longer lazy guy.


Vivofit 3 Design

Vivofit 3 design is beautiful and it is neither too masculine nor too feminine. Men and women both can wear proudly as it is unisex. It gives feeling of luxury and let you feel smarter and part of digital life. It is comfortable and wearable for whole day and night. It will not produce uneasiness. The rugged texture at the panel will dominate the competitors and its uncompromising fitting with flexible and adjustable loop of the band will be comfortable for thick and thin wrist both.


Track Sleep

Vivofit 3 is active in identifying that when you are having quality sleep and when you are having restless sleep. Sleep tracking is intelligent in Vivofit 3.


Move IQ for better connectivity

Move IQ is better in handling sustained activity. It can read automatically walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training. Vívofit 3 automatically syncs to Garmin Connect™, a free online fitness community, helping users to chart their daily activities with the timeline. The people can challenge to compete against friends and earn virtual badges. It is engineered to motivate to work out more to stay fit.


GPS Connectivity

You can connect Vivofit 3 with GPS on your phone or computer or tablet to track your location and it goes well with the stats on the display continuously.



Vivofit 3 is water resistant to up to 50 meters. You can swim without worry and watery places will not be source of discomfort.


Battery Power

Vivofit 3 predecessors were not having battery replacement but this time users will have more comfort with replaceable battery that lasts up to one year.


Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect helps users to get motivation from reaching certain health and wellness goals. Smart wellness insights help people to achieve targeted personal daily goals that you program on Vivofit 3 as per current activity level. When you achieve milestones there is alert to inform you for boosting your spirit to workout more for staying healthy. It displays relevant healthy tips from experts.


Price and Availability

Vivofit 3 will be available via Garmin India’s online partners and would be priced at INR 6990/. Vivofit 3 is generous and extra active than its predecessors so as per its quality features price is quite less as compare to other Companies fitness tracker.


white-vivofit-3About Garmin


Garmin has increasingly created space due to its phenomenal peculiarity. Garmin Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Gary Burrell and Min Kao. The US based company is the leading worldwide provider of portable navigation devices for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks.

Garmin’s easy operation navigation and intelligent camera is sported with all innovative features. For decades, Garmin has pioneered new GPS navigation, richness with camera solutions, wireless devices and applications that are purposely engineered for people who live an active lifestyle. It has five business units that include automotive, aviation, fitness, marine, and outdoor recreation.


Final Words

The Garmin fitness department enhances technologies to boost healthy and active lifestyles. If users aim to reach their fitness goals and lead healthy lifestyle through cycling, swimming, multi-sport athletes then you have way to go and pick your favorite colors from white and black to accomplish your objectives of staying fit and fine forever.


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