Garmin India Launches Group Track Feature in Edge 820

Garmin Announced the launch of the Edge 820 featured with Group Track. Group Track feature is comprehensive and easy to use. Edge 820 device is compact in look and lightweight also. Garmin can track your rides and your friend’s ride. You can even track the location where your friend is at current time.

Garmin Edge 820 is GPS cycling computer that allows you to keep the track of your ride data and your friend’s ride as well. It is full of excitement and very motivational as it will compel you workout willingly in the form of cycling.


r-edge-820How Garmin Edge 820 Group Track Functions:

Group Track feature makes your cycling more enjoyable and if you are in isolated area and you feel that you should not stay alone then in that case you can easily keep tab of the group whenever they are out of sight you can find then with ease.



This device is featured with 2.3 inch display with HD quality clarity. There will be no visibility issue whether it is wet or used with gloves. So, you can ride in any weather condition. It has ambient light sensor that helps you automatically maintaining the screen’s brightness when you are facing direct sunlight. No point of having discomfort in reading the numbers and letters.

The device is super attractive and the screen is so apparent. The dimensions are apt and can easily fit in your pocket, purse and in your hand.


Built-in Incident Detection

Edge 820 has built in Incident Detection that will let you acknowledge the compatibility with the Varia Cycling where you will experience the safe riding.


Garmin Cycle Map

Garmin Edge 820 has cycle map that track the ride with ease and in any condition. But for the cyclist there is advanced performance via V02 max, FTP, watt or kg tracking and Recovery advisor. The Starva Live Segments and with the advancements of cycling techniques is going pretty well.


Heart Rate Strap

Edge 820 is extra virtuous, with the heart rate strap, users can track their cycling-specific VO2 max long with the help of recovery advisor. It is good in analyzing the data and it informs you how long you need to stay before taking other tough ride.


IQ Connectivity

With IQ connectivity, the users can download free data field in customized Edge 820.The text alerts, notifications and incoming call will not be out of touch to you even you are on ride through your smartphones. The connectivity is so wide in Garmin Group Track feature that you can leave your updates on social media about your activities such as live tracking, automatic uploads to Garmin Connect Mobile.

You can stay connected in all sense when you have your fitness community where you can share your fitness goals and you can also compare the charts of your friend so it will keep you motivated by checking on your daily progress.


Battery Backup

Edge 820 is powered with 15 hours of battery life when you are using 24/7. The battery save mode is also helpful and it will extend the battery life of the device upto 50 percent when you keep the device sleep when you are not using it.


Price and Availability

The Garmin Edge 820 is available in India with the price tag of Rs. 43, 990 in



Cycling has become once again very popular among the masses for the fitness enthusiast people. You can expect all sort of amazing techniques from this Garmin Edge 820 that launches its new Group Track. So, you will not crave for achieving your fitness goals as it is super easy and effortless with this.

Garmin Edge 820 has proved its worth and in the world of technology it is promoting your healthy lifestyle by monitoring your fitness level. Your physical activity will remain active in the device throughout the day so you should be happy with easy process of it as it motivates you to work out more and keep checking your daily fitness and health goals.



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  1. Hey Shiwangi,

    Nowadays, the technology has evolved a lot and people are enjoying it. During this period of the time, Garmin has launched something desirable.

    Sometimes, people even spy on their friend using these devices. That GPS system with the display can really help the people.

    Thanks for the info.

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    1. Hi Ravi,

      Yup I have found the Garmin Vivofit 3 amazing and it is user-friendly. Not very tough to learn features and its handling.
      Thanks for stopping by

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