Freelance Writing: Much Ado about Nothing

Writing has got lot of shades.

Sometimes you find your wings are increasingly expandable and whole world is in your fist. Sometimes you encounter disagreement and demoralization as if you are zero. If writing can rejuvenate then it can confront you untoward plight behind the scene. If it has the capacity to heal then it can burn your spirit. I am talking about one of the shades of writing i.e Freelance Writing.

freelance writingIt pays you instant money or satisfy your willingness to work for peanuts in return it causes uneasiness like emotional meltdowns and feeling of listlessness. It sucks when you do not act accordingly. When I write for my client I am slave. I have to like-mindedly or dislike-mindedly follow him/her. It is the bitter truth you have to accept it. You cannot go beyond your client wish.

Do you think Freelance Writing means you are free bird.

I do not think so. Infact in Freelance writing restriction of writing is greater than freedom of writing. Feel like someone has cut down your wings. How all writers do manage to restrict their pen according to the client. You have to take care of every single word you write. It is like tasting your patience. I have few illustration of my approach of client do’s and dont’s which I would like you to know.

Suppose I am taking one sentence of my ghost writing.

“A swanky smartphone is worth nothing without useful app”. Client said “Can you frame this sentence better”

I have used same sentence for other client he appreciated my work.

Regardless of your good market or brainstorm ideas even you cannot please every client. You can be rejected by few of the clients not because you are not good writer but you are not acting accordingly to his points of Do’s and Don’ts. Some clients ask you to make thing simple while other required highlighted words. I always keep in mind often times rejection leads my way to perfection. freelance writing2Do read for the better analysis: Freelance writing vs blogging pros and cons.

Is Freelance Writing better than Blogging?

Again I would say Freelance Writing is crucial job than Blogging. It lands you in quirky situation. And Blogging is the multi-dimensional process. Some of the points will reveal the difference of day and night in the work culture of Freelance Writing and Blogging.

Advantages or Disadvantage of Freelance Writing over Blogging is critical juncture and immense. So the important revelation is made to see the turning point.


1. Freelance writing is independent contractor and instant making money whereas Blogging is a long term involvement to make money or for any sort of growth.

2. Freelance writing is framed with one responsibility i.e acting upon your client wish while as you are the head and shoulder of your blog so blogging is burdened with multiple liabilities like technical things of maintaining a blog web hosting, comment moderation, upgrading the blog software and plugins, social media promotion and lot more.

3. Freelance writing develops your skill in various subject while writing for your blog within your niche will make you master in one thing.

There the few sites which can help you to give and edge to your career in content writing.


1. Freelance writing can be unstable and unsecured profession while Blogging is more secured job may be not for the present but for the future.

2. Freelance owner can take the profit in form of cash only on the other hand in Blogosphere you are the whole and sole of the profit with the branding of product, services and name.

3. It is tough to bear the rejection and depreciation in your work in freelance writing if your client is not satisfied with your material while in Blogging You can go with the flow of your choices and can pursue your passion.

According to my experience Blogging is more pleasant and endearing platform where I can stretch my arms as broadly I can. Despite of the fact that you have to struggle to reach dollar through various monetization and always strive for generating steady traffic blogging is like nurturing my baby from the beginning to full grown. It is my place where there is no involvement and interference of clients or anybody. A place where I have not to fit myself in the do’s and don’ts unlike Freelance writing.

Blogging gives me the feeling that I am a good writer and my writing will always shine on the contrary Freelance writing makes me feel that I am mediocre I need to grow lot in terms of writing.

Is Freelance Writing all about selling your skills?

One thing we should not forget that one who is offering content writing or freelance writing services is not selling his/her skills only but also bying knowledge in return. Personally I feel that it has improved my writing skill lot. So I am gaining from this business in the form of improvement, crafting accordingly more than selling my skill.

freelance writing1In freelance writing may be I am working for other with partial interest but regular mistake and regular instruction made me grow more as a writer. I am happy that with every missteps I am marching ahead to little perfection.


Freelance writing is not only quick money but also brush-up your knowledge and skill. It makes you grab and learn more. Drive your way to the mediocrity to excellence. This learning journey is may be unpleasant but the outcome will be surely pleasant.

Guys I want to see the world from your eyes so do let me know your opinion.            

Shiwaangi Srivastava

This is shiwaangi srivastava, brand accelerator, social media expert, and a fashion and lifestyle blogger. Worked with many brands and part of many campaigns, app reviews, collaborations. Travel is her passion and got her professional edge in her passion. Find me on Google+


  1. Hello Shiwangi – Yeah freelance writing is not as easy compared to blogging.In Blogging you do it on your own style but when it comes to freelance writing we need to understand the client’s style and meet their standards.You have highlighted in very good manner the challanged and benefits of Freelance writing.

    1. Hi Jayshree,

      Nice to see you in my blog. Actually I can relate to those circumstances tha is why I am able to delver my words analytically.

      I always find myself in mumbo jumbo moment when sometimes trapped in and clients disagreement kills me.
      Thanks for coming and love to see you again and again.

  2. Hey Shiwangi..

    Really an awesome post about Freelance writing 😀
    Being a freelance writer and a blogger, i could never differentiate between them. Amazing article 😉 Keep up the good work and yeah pens are down here while reading this amazing article 😀

    Jaymin Recently posted… Amazing new Google Adsense policies with some quick tips to use them effctively

    1. Hi Jaymin,

      Nice to see your commendable words for me. Trust me that keep me go extra mile.
      Yes I understand and of course you can relate with this aspect more apparently.

      We are the part of this business and it sucks while brushing our knowledge.

      Even I am taking this positively and making untoward situation a part of our profession.
      Thanks for sharing your feedback on my post. Keep coming dear.

  3. I enjoyed your post because it put into words something I have been feeling for a while.
    I love that you have maintained the fact that freelance writing is about work-life balance.i know it’s your lifestyle the way you have explained it.
    Very good points here Shiwangi..
    keep it up

    1. Hey Kapil,

      I am amazed to see you again in my blog.
      Its lovely that you can relate to my post.

      Yes I do face such issues but even like to be around in freelance writing as it is letting me grow more as a writer.

      Thanks for your valuable feedbadk and keep coming.

  4. Hi Shiwangi Di,

    I am not a freelancer, but I know what they do and being a blogger sometime it’s very difficult to come up with the topic which can goes viral among the readers and one being a freelance writer will hardly like to put their pen down.

    For blogger their readers are everything and means a lot to us. And one being a freelance writer their client are utmost important because at the end their satisfaction is our reward.

    Keep writing di.

    1. Hi Shiv bro,

      Yup freelance writing is sequenced with lot of issues as you are writing for your client and loosing your independence and free style. Client needs perfection in his/her work.

      But we should not forget that we are learning from those issues and can able to improve accordingly.

      Blogging is more in spirit and stuffed with confidence because of there freedom in writing and nobody is here to disobey your pattern. Isn’t so.

      Thanks for coming and for the good throw.

      1. Yes Di,

        In blogging/freelance writing we get to learn many new thing from others and even from ourselves. Doing everyday better than the previous work is itself become good achievement with ourselves.

        And as you said that blogging is more in spirit and stuffed with confidence because of the freedom in writing. Here, I would like to add one more point that, it’s also because of the friends like you who supports, encourage and like to boost others moral by your kind words. 🙂

        Thanks Di, Keep encouraging to everyone! 🙂

        1. Hey Shiv bro,

          I feel great as I have approved your seven comments only in short span. I am grateful to you for this.

          You are amazing personality ever met and I like your blog that’s why such inspiring words are coming from my side. You know in my initial time I got lot of word of appreciation the result is I am growing with learning. I also want you people to do well in your career path if my words can add more zeal to your success then I will consider myself lucky.

          Come to the post I will never give up freelance writing as it has a very big hand in improving my skill and also made me learn to cope with working in all atmosphere. When it comes to Blogging what should I say God has gifted me precious gift through Atish bro. I will be keep blogging till end as it is my love.

          Thanks for coming and sharing your ideas is always appreciable.
          Have a nice day ahead.

  5. Hi Shiwangi,

    I haven’t ever done freelance writing, but my husband was a freelance writer back in the day. He actually burnt out because of all the restrictions. Now he blogs and his wings are free.

    For me, I have never done freelance writing, but only blogging. There is that freedom to write what you are passionate about. I couldn’t imagine the problems working with clients and writing for them. You have to capture their style, go through some back and forth with editing and so on.


    1. Hi Donna,

      Its lovely to see you here again. I am in freelance writing not only because of penny but to get more and more experience and for the improvement in writing.

      It amazing that your husband were in freelance writing business.

      If I will also feel that I have reached to some level then then may give up writing for others but it will be possible when I will be doing full time blogging. Blogging has been my first love where I feel independence.

      I am amazed to see your visit and want to be spelled often.


  6. This article touched my heart. I was a freelance writer before I started blogging.

    1. Hi Karan,

      Nice to see you in my blog. Thanks that you are touched with article and I know as you were in freelance writing business so it is easier for you to relate with the pros and cons.

      Hope to see you again for getting your take on.

  7. In my opinion a freelancer is a tough job. No one can do it without good knowledge and you are right that it increases our knowledge.

    1. Hi Jasmeet,

      I am pleasured with your visit. Yup that is what I want to say that freelance writing seems to be easy paid job but behind the scene the reality is something else. You cannot able to please all of your client. There pattern are very different yet the finished stuff can be eyesore for the clients.

      Thanks for coming and be in good spirit.

      1. Hello Shiwangi Ji,

        Thanks and I always come to read your meaningful articles. Keep posting.

        1. Hi Jasmeet,

          Pleasured to see you in my blog regularly. I am happy that you do read my blog post.

          Hopefully I will come with more meaningful stuff for you babes.

          Thanks for coming and have a nice week.

  8. Hi Shiwangi,
    I do agree with you that freelance writing is a slave work but at the same time get to learn many thing whereas in blogging we are our own boss, we can do the things in our own style but there are other works as well than just writing blog posts.

    1. Hi Sheshnath,

      Thanks for the first visit to my blog. Yes freelance writing is a to-do-work for others. I truly believe that it provides you various facets of learning whish is also important for the growth despite of the fact that it is a slave job. Sometimes it is really irksome to handle pressure given by clients entangle with do’s and don’ts.

      Eventually our nature of work is to do accordingly.

      Thanks for coming and for sharing your ideas.

  9. I would Not compare freelance writing with blogging because these 2 are completely different things. writing is just one part of it.

    I agree that when you write for others, you have to write according to them but not all freelance writing work is like this. Many writing tasks offer you write as per your choice in a certain niche.

    Good write up. had a good read. 🙂

    1. Hi Atish,

      Yup freelance writing and blogging are two different things but different things are made to compared.

      You are right all clients are not similar and I know you are the best client ever for everyone. I am your sister but for others also you are good.

      Its nice to know that all clients are not like that.

      But I like this profession as it is reforming my writing skill.
      Thanks for coming and sharing your views.

  10. Hi, Shiwangi Shrivastava
    Your article contains both Advantage as well as Disadvantage But I will go through only Advantage of freelancer writing.
    From blogging you can earn lots of money in short period of time.
    thanks for sharing such a nice article.

    1. Hi TIM,

      Yup rightly said Freelance writing gives us instant and easy money.
      When you want to earn handsome money then freelance writing is best option regardless of some pressure in work. But we should also not forget this in which work sphere we do not get pressure.

      Thank for your visit and sharing your ideas.

  11. Thats a nice post Shiwangi. Working for other always has restrictions. Blogging is much better.

    1. Hey Shaily,

      Nice to see you in my blog so long as I was missing your comment. I hope you enjoyed the proportion difference between Freelance writing and Blogging. And Blogging is my home and home is where the heart is. Isn’t it so.

      Keep coming.

  12. I like your English Shiwangi. You have put your arguments for and against freelance writing and blogging concisely. Even though I have been problogging since 2006, I find it difficult to come up with an article for a buyer because I am not allowed to write in first person. I find blogging is easier because of the freedom it gives to the blogger.

    1. Hi Badri sir,

      I was not knowing that you are blogging since 2006 long. Such a complimentary words from experienced person like you is amazing feeling.

      Yup you are right its very tough to get along with freelance writing and taking care of little bit stuff is also very obscure. Blogging has been my love since I started and I will never leave this as I have listened about other bloggers they quit in midst. I do not know their reason but It is such a nice spot for me how can anybody think of quitting.

      Write for the blog is awesome experience ever. I feel that you also match my feeling.
      Thanks for your lovely words and keep coming for the encouragement.

      1. Hi Shivangi I loved your post on freelance writer really nice article..

  13. Shiwangi: You’re absolutely correct that one client’s idea of perfect is another client’s worst sentence ever. And they should know that they’re not paying us for Shakespeare! If they want Shakespeare, pay for Shakespeare! I mean, the rates are so low as to be cost prohibitive once you’ve spent too long on something, and to do edits afterwards, without further payment? Ridiculous but it’s often the situation.

    1. Hi Richard,

      Yes I also believe that ‘one mans food is another mans poison’. I liked your analysis about Shakespeare….and thanks for letting me know this concept. I am into this business so I have to accept its pitfalls. Low in payment and rise in work pressure can be seen in any field but it is irksome also.

      But whatever I am doing I am learning with yearning with bit irks. May this continuity will break of doing mistakes and I also want to write error-free content for clients.

      Thanks for coming and for sharing beautiful points.

  14. Well freelance writing is an awesome method for earning some cool cash in a short time. Though I’m not interested in writing for clients rather than writing article for own blog.


    1. Hi Samir,

      Nice to see you after long. Yup you are right I even don’t write for others wholeheartedly.

      But when it comes to my blog I feel it is my house and my house is my heart. So Blogging is always important than freelance writing as it is stress free as well.

      Thanks for coming and share your ideas.

  15. Nice post Shiwangi!!!! I enjoyed it very well just because of it put into words something I have been feeling for a while. And you are right doing freelancer is not that easy like blogging. I love that you have maintained the fact that freelance writing is about work-life balance. Explained well love the post 🙂

    1. Hi Bhavesh,

      Thanks for letting me know that you are facing the same problem of do’s and dont’s for freelance writing

      I know like me many people are facing same issues. But all the drawbacks are in one side while one single merit of freelance writing is that we are learning which is in another side.

      Learning seems to be growing with the growing you and me. Don’t you feel the same.

      Thanks you enjoyed my post and I will try to keep writing this way which will earn a many more appreciation. Thanks for the visit .

  16. Oh my goodness! Incredible article dude! Many thanks, However I am going through issues with your RSS. I don’t understand why I am unable to join it. Is there anyone else having the same RSS problems? Anybody who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

    1. Hi Gennie,

      Thanks for visiting first time to my blog. I don’t understand why are you going with the issue of RSS.

      Retry may be problem will solve for next time.

      Thanks for coming and share your views.

  17. Shiwangi,

    Some Freelancer will be able to write only for website and few are for blogs. do you think there is a different in writing content for a blog and a website to get visitors.

    1. Hi Anand,

      Writing for blog or website if it is own then you are the boss whereas writing for others is irksome with many do’s and dont’s. Often land you in trouble. That difference I have created so far.

      Thanks for coming and sharing your views.

  18. Your passion for blogging is clear from the above post! Love it. Each word coming directly from your heart..

    btw, I like the “swanky smartphone line”, though it might not have suited in the article’s context you were writing for that client (can’t say).. keep rocking!

    1. Hey Jags,

      Yep you are right I wanted to make things clear for the passion for blogging and now I am glad that it reached to the audience.

      Aha thanks you liked swanky word. According to me we should use words like that, not overdo it but such words set your post apart from other. But I can abide it on my blog only, at the same breath if my client is not liking such words then I should act accordingly.

      Hopefully your first visit to my blog will be often time visit. Keep coming to share your views.

  19. Nice Article @Shiwangi . Freelancing is art You Are Free To Do thing 🙂

  20. Nice one there shiwangi, very useful article

    1. Hi David,

      Thanks for the appreciation and keep coming..

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