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Activity trackers are getting popular these days, fitness gadgets like the Fitbit One are making their way into market because of their easy accessibility and operation features. Previously, these trackers had a bad reputation for being all clunky, chubby and not so smart looking. Those days are long gone and people are now actually to wear a fitness tracker that looks and works really smart. Fitbit One is exact opposite to what might have taken place on your mind as a fitness tracker. This one is slick and smart and pairs with the iOS or Android smartphone you own.


Fitness trackers usually draw attention to the people wearing it. If you don’t want that ridiculed look, then definitely pick Fitbit One because it’s as simplest as a fitness tracker could possibly be. The discreet look and size of no more than a USB flash drive, makes the Fitbit One a very simple and minimal looking device. There’s a clip which helps the tracker stick to your garments, or accessories or just use the wristband to use it as a wrist watch. However, the wristband wasn’t designed for all day usage.

However, make sure you don’t put your clothing to the laundry with the Fitbit One still sticking to them. The tracker is so lightweight that you would often forget to take it off; and the Fitbit One doesn’t resist water.

User Friendly Interface

The interface is very much user friendly. There’s a one button navigation feature which allows the user to browse every available feature through this one button. You would be guided by both the display and an LED indicator; these panels work as your notification panel as well. The device stores last 7 days of your fitness activity so you could even choose to sync the Fitbit One to your smartphone once a week rather than daily.

Accessories Compatibility

To sync the data across your smartphones, you would simple require the Bluetooth function which works pretty well on Fitbit One. The dongle is made for communication between the fitness tracker and your computer; however you can use Bluetooth for this job as well. The synced data will later be plotted into an easily accessible graph chart to have better understanding of the data. You will have a clear picture of what you have done through the week and what needs to be done. There’s an app that keeps all these data stored and even compete with friends who use Fitbit One.

The best part about this fitness tracker is; it supports most platforms for syncing.

Conclusion about the Device

To track your fitness related progress or regress, you could buy the Fitbit One. It comes for a very reasonable price and works just like most other dedicated fitness tracker. Unlike the ancient ones, the Fitbit One connects to your smart devices and computers for an even better experience. The data is stored by day, week, month and even year which could be very useful for cardiac patients. There are many uses of this device; and all of these are very efficiently done on Fitbit One.

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  1. FitBit One seems to be an amazing fitness tracker. It looks very simple, but can definitely be very useful. Good to know that it can be paired with Android smartphones as well as iPhone. I think that FitBit will definitely gain more popularity in the coming days.
    Mohit recently posted…Asus Zenfone C Z451CG Now Available Online at Rs 5,999My Profile

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Fitbit one is featured for solving the multiple purpose and it can bestow ease of work and increase productivity as well.

      Yep it is really substantial that tracker can be paired with various platforms. Is feature will gain more users.

      Thanks for coming..

  2. I would just like to add… My friend and I who are the same weight and height with similar stride lengths both walked the same distance together with our Fitbit Flex and mine showed that I walked 1 1/2 miles more than she did. I really like the features of this device, but it seems that maybe my arm movements confused the device; so, maybe the One would be better as it clips onto your clothing? Any thoughts. I did reach to the tech support people at ……….-

    1. Hi Manish,

      Thanks for your description over its usability and I believe fitbit one with impressive features will make a mark in world of tech.

      I am not pretty sure about whether its clip or wearable on your wrist which is comfortable. But whatever and wherever you put it its performance will be superb..

      Thanks for coming

  3. Hi Shiwangi Di,

    Fitbit tracker is really an useful gadget. I have also covered this topic, which covers that Fitbit tracker can be use and track using window phones.

    Check this article:

    Its really an helpful gadgets.
    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    >SK Lohar
    Shivkumar recently posted…Remove Virus/unwanted file Using Command PromptMy Profile

    1. Hi Shiv,

      ohh great to know that you focused on Fitbit tracker as well. I will love to read your preferences.

      I truly believe that this tracker will endorse greatly wearable tech so far.

      Keep coming.

  4. Recently I have also started using this wonderful gadget. I bought it quite expensively therefore I have created a blog for latest Fitbit deals and coupons.
    Hari recently posted…Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch Coupon 2016My Profile

    1. Ye starting a blog over the fitbit coupon and deals is very wise. Keep rocking

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