Few measures for staying fit

#Honey Diet is an easy and special way to stay fit. You go for tough and hard core process to keep yourself healthy and fit. Staying fit is really not easy but it is not impossible. People are crazy after taking crash diet to kill their calories but there can be flip side of it if you do not do it properly. So indulge yourself in taking some measures where you can stay fit by crash diet even. But there is no comparison of healthy balanced diet as it keeps you healthy with mind and body both.

Dos and Don’ts of Healthy Dieting

Check some point of Dos:

  • Set obvious goals and don’t go rapid so do not lose more than 1 to 2 pounds week.
  • Never think of skip meal and stay firm with regular diets.
  • Be open to variety of healthy foods.
  • Keep habituated of low fat cooking skills.
  • Eat ample of vegetables and fruit.
  • Keep your mind controlled for staying conscious of what you eat.
  • Never go too heavy or too empty in your appetite.
  • Develop skills in yourself of avoiding fatty stuff.
  • Be hard working in your daily life and include a regular activity that you pamper.
  • Support yourself with the firm believe.


  • If you are not feeling good with the program you have set for yourself then give it up.
  • Do not delay in regularity of your different activities for going healthy.
  • Do not lose heart with gradual weight loss as it It is safe and for long term benefit.
  • Check yourself in mirror for the motivation to lose weight but do not ignore your health.
  • Do not go by rapid weight loss offered by fad and crash diets as they are not completely safe.

See some of the points of Dos and Dont’s Crash Dieting

Check some Dos:

  • Avoid preferably.
  • If you really want to stick to it then go but always remember there is no quick-fix to weight loss. It can give a rapid outcome but you must be able to create healthy lifestyle changes to keep losing and/or keep the weight off.

Check some Don’t

  • Assume that they help you lose weight magically but think at the same time they’re just low calorie diets.
  • There is a hope for they will make you slim. But it creates a small amount of fat loss.

Make some twist with your pattern of living and you will be king or queen of fitness. So go for those measures which are healthy and beneficial for you rather than switching to the short-cut process. So do not lose hope as you will be successful in your mission sooner or later. Keep it simple. It cannot be safe always. So lose weight in a healthy way.


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  1. Hi Shiwangi,

    The measures you mentioned in this post is really worthy to try.

    Hney diet is indeed a miracle food which is used for many such purposes.
    The other Dos and Don’ts are worth noting too.

    Thanks for compiling these tips and presenting it here for your readers’ fitness LOL

    Keep sharing

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