Festivities collection for Home Decor

Festivities collection for Home Decor

Given the present circumstances, anything that’s created henceforth needs to be more conscious, inherently warm, joyful and serene, spreading love, hope and inspiration. This festive season can be a celebration of our individualistic dreams and personalities, expressed through an experiential interior aesthetic with innovative minimal surfaces, luxurious textures, bold color palettes and artful formations.

A play of minimal maximalism with contrasting yet harmonious forms, and a touch of metallic shades adds a raw and intimate textural feel to the décor. The Metallic Romance Living Room Collection contrasts a plush, blush toned velvet sofa set with statement neo-modern chairs in burnt red and a nude micro pleated sofa. Assorted cushions in velvet, copper and antique gold adds a touch of glamour and snugness to the room. The varying volumes of the luxe center table, the grandeur of a silver toned mirror, the elegant geometric side table console and a lively indoor planter, adds to the play of colours, lines and indulgent metallic detailing, making for a stunning, powerful space.


Designs emphasizing on striking a delicate balance of intriguing textures, exclusive colour combinations, and imaginative forms hold an exquisite artistic flair, while looking minimal and modern. A play of bright colours, rich deep tones and subtle neutral shades, complemented with chic patterns like interpreted geometric linework, symbolic motifs and mixed futuristic art movements, adds warmth and grace to the home.

The Aureate Dining Set channels the magnificence of a marble table top with the allure of gold. The slick table, designed in neat edge detailing and contemporary golden textures, paired with reinterpreted Classical chairs in shades of black and gold make for an elegant combination. The chairs with subtle curves, plush upholstery and high gloss PU finishing create an interesting visual play by contrasting monochrome side chairs with rich gold patterned armchairs, making for a stunning dining experience.


Strong colours like blue and red, accented with tonal shades like lime and tangerine, or with luxe metallic fabric, make for a spirited décor. The Crimson Pleats Chair is a red hued chair in plush fabric and minimal wooden legs. It is a relaxed piece of furniture that radiates charm and romanticism. The soft edged, cleanly pleated backrest wraps a circular seat and a gold patterned cushion, adding a hint of modern retro to the room. The nimble detailing and indulgent textures make for a statement furniture adding fun and gravitas to the interiors.

Muted shades like blush, teal and lilac, create a gentle yet suave ambiance. The Peach Chaise embodies the cheeriness of the peach colour, adding a soft, artistic aesthetic to the interiors. The plush peach fabric is accentuated with a subtle tufted detailing, curved edges, complementary minimal PU finished legs and a cozy cushion with micro pleating details, channeling a dreamy and contemporary enthusiasm into the room. It can be paired with vivid forest or nature inspired colors and motifs in wallpapers, tiles and statement accessories to create a vibrant interior.

Modern adaptations of conventional festive décor, made in eco conscious materials, with imaginative etchings, carvings or inlays add an integrity to the interiors. Statement lighting in metallic and tonal hues or even semi-precious stones, add delicate light patterns, highlighting the space. Artisanal accessories such as ceramics, stoneware, pottery, Urulis and vases in assorted materials and shapes further enhance the existing décor by creating integrated sensorial experiences. A combination of fresh flowers, aroma diffusers and fragrant candles can also enhance the décor by adding a pleasing aroma to the house.

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