Evidson Audio Sport W6 earphones with all impeccable features

This Women’s Day I got wonderful thing to review. Gradually, it is becoming my favorite as more I am using it the closer I am with this each and every aspect. If you are still ignorant of the fact that good earphone will make your life more wonderful then know from my personal experience. I cannot resist explaining about the most happening Evidson Audio Sport W6 Mic Earphone. The moment I have used it I have become big fan of it for my daily use… The new experience of using Evidson earphone in new way is incredible. The most appealing factor for me is its silicone made ear tips that give extra comfort to my ear even I use it for long hours.


pensitdownnWe should move to the next segment of the post and know about the wonderful features of Evidson Audio Sport W6 Earphone that will fill in the blanks of using the ordinary earphone so far.


Features of Evidson Audio Sport W6 with Mic Earphone


Effortless sound

Audio Sport W6 is attractive in look and spectacular in performance. It has set new level of experience in audio listening. The stupendous effect of the sound will surround within. The rhythmic sensuality will dissolve in your ear with the crisp of the each tune. It will reflect great accuracy of the bass so the right delivery of the tones will make an enthralling atmosphere and take you to the mesmerizing world.



W6 earphone is at its best in design. It has bizarre silicone made ear tips in different sizes which can fit to your ear flawlessly. From small, medium, large sizes and Bi-Flanze and Tri-Flanze ear tips are available in the box so you can use it as per your comfort. The specific curve design of the ear hook is extraordinarily comfortable to keep it in your ear and it will not come out due to its perfect fit. W6 earphone is impressively designed and the soft texture of the wire makes you feel light. The precise holes ensure the production of sound with good timing. The 3.5 mm gold plated jack takes no time in inserting inside with great fit and there is also integrated mic.


Noise Isolating feature

The curve design of the ear hook ensures the noise blocking so you will not be disturbed with the outside noise as your ear is entirely packed ear hook. This lead to the more connectivity with the music you are listening without any hassle. This user friendly device regulates your ear and contributes to provide it best in all manners, be it talking, listening to music or more.


Enhanced Audio Quality

Evidson Audio Sport W6 earphone delivers soothing sound quality with the command over high and low note of the tunes. The club music with its effective bass gives stability to the sound effect. You will feel out of the world in this earphone’s company.


Highly responsive Speaker System


Audio Sport W6 is having high note on its speaker, well that is also without buffering. The clarity of the sound is unmatched with the balanced bass of the speaker so this is complimentary option for the music enthusiast and for the telephonic conversation.




Evidson Audio Sport W6 earphone is compatible with various platforms such as Smartphones, tablets, laptop and others. You can enjoy the music unlimited.


Availability and Price

There are few colors available in the market of Evidson Audio Sport W6 with Mic earphones. My favorite is pink as it is so feminine and suits my persona. Black and white color is also available. As far as price is concerned, as per the quality of the device, Rs 1299 is reasonable and after using it you will realize value of your single penny invested in this. Do not keep yourself away from big deals shop now online.


Other Factors

  • Cord Length : 1.3 meter
  • Wired/Wireless : Wired
  • Key Features : 5 sets of ear tips
  • Mic : Yes
  • Box Contents : Earphones and 5 sets of silicone ear tips
  • Model : Audio Sport W6
  • Jack Diameter : 3.5 mm
  • Tangle Free Cord : Yes
  • Type1 : In Ear
  • Type2 : Wired
  • Type4 : With Mic
  • Type3 : Earphone




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  1. Awesome headphone nice Noise Isolating feature and Enhanced Audio Quality
    i think to buy.

    1. Thanks after reading my review if you would buy evidson headphone then it is great thing for me.

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